It's a single home to write & discover great stories.

We love discovering great stories. Even as the publishing industry evolves, the way we connect with a great story remains unchanged. With Tablo, we wanted to create a home that revives some of the simple joys of publishing. Tablo is nothing more than a place for writers to write, for readers to read, and for each to discover one another.

A complete experience for authors, from writing drafts to editing services & publishing to bookstores.

We've worked hard to create a complete experience for authors. You can publish progressively on Tablo to seek feedback and build an audience. As your story grows you can even use Tablo to connect with designers, professional editors, and publish your completed book to stores. It's a workflow that we hope can turn aspiring writers with an idea into published authors with a loyal readership.

A reading and discovery experience that's crafted by people, not computers.

The best recommendations rarely come from computers; they come from the people who know us. That's why Tablo learns what you like to read, but then real people help to curate and surface the best stories. Tablo is full of Groups, curated collections and editor's picks. You'll see stories that you already know and love alongside the work of aspiring writers from all corners of the world.


There's nothing radically new about Tablo. It's just a revival of the simplest elements of publishing that we already know and love. Authors in over 150 countries are already publishing on Tablo, giving light to talented writers who never previously had a home. There's an endless world to discover. It's everything you love about writing and reading in one place.