Explore an endless library of emerging books.

Authors use Tablo to create and publish books. Readers use Tablo to find new and exciting things to read. There are dozens of genres and millions of words published weekly, and you might just uncover a future bestseller.

You'll never be without something good to read.

Tablo Reader for iPhone & Android packs a world of new books into your pocket. This means you can dive into a Romantic Fiction novel or a Sci-Fi Thriller on your daily commute, and never have to worry about creasing the page.

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Create and publish your own books.

You'll love how easy it is to create and publish a book with Tablo. Just drop in a document and we'll magically make the book for you, or write one in the browser using our beautiful 'Writing Room'. Lots of authors use Tablo to connect with readers. Readers can follow your profile to stay in touch with your work.

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Understand how readers are reading your books.

With Tablo Scholar you'll gain insights into the way people are reading your books. You'll learn more than ever about the demographic of your key readers, see how they're engaging with each chapter of your book, and harness these insights to become an even better author.

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Connect with likeminded writers and readers.

'Groups' are mini-communities where you can connect with likeminded people. They're created and run by Tablo users and they can be about anything. There are Groups for genres, demographics, festivals, book clubs and more. Here are some cool ones...

Publish your work to bookstores, for free.

When your book is finished, you can publish it to Amazon and the iBooks Store. It's incredibly easy - you can publish with just one click. Tablo packages up eBook files, assigns an ISBN, publishes your work, distributes royalties and more. It's free, and Tablo only seeks a 20% commission on the sale price of your book.

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