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    Chloe Winters is expecting nothing new this summer. Actually, she's pretty sure everything will go according to her plans: working at the local coffee shop, reading romance novels, and daydreaming about her secret crush on Isaac Alden. And the last thing she expects to happen this summer is the return of Julian Valdez, her number one enemy.

    Julian Valdez has different plans. After finally returning to his hometown after two long years, he's determined to win the heart of the girl he loves, Chloe Winters. Nothing is going to stop him...except stubborn Chloe herself. But, Julian is ready to do whatever it takes to prove his worthiness to Chloe.
      A story of conflicting feelings, drama, and lots of love! ❤


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Chapter 1


The sun begins to sear my back. Sweat trickles down my neck, all the way to my back. It is almost like a burning sensation, consuming my back, bit by bit.

Today is the first day of summer break. Which is exactly why my skin is burning so easily, even though I applied numerous layers of sunscreen on my body, earlier this morning. It would take some time for my body to build resistance to the sun.

I roll over, smoothing out my sky blue beach towel. I put my romance novel to the side, but not before marking up to where I'd read. I start to loosen my arm and leg muscles and hear the soothing sounds of the beach. I close my eyes and attempt to relax, listening to the sound of seagulls and the crash of the waves, making me feel at home.

The moment of serenity was short lived. A mere minute, at the most. I soon hear the sound of my best friend, Tori, screeching at me, through the distance. I sigh, pick up my novel and wrap by body around my towel, and glance near the direction where I suspect her screaming was coming from.

I get up, and trudge towards Tori, savoring the feeling of my feet touching the moist sand. I look back at the trail of footprints I had left behind, and finally meet Tori.

"Chloe! Get over here, girl!" Tori hollers, even though I was only a few meters away from her. I wince at her shrill tone, but you can not just tone this girl down.

Victoria Pierce, nicknamed Tori was someone I was proud to call my best friend, mind her tendency to scream instead of talk. She was pretty, with deep brown hair and flawless complexion.

"What?" I reply back, rolling my eyes at her screaming antics.

"You don't know?"

"What don't I know, Tori?" I ask her, confused at what she could possibly be talking about.

Her eyes turn frantic, and a crazed look crosses her face. I'm pretty sure she's debating whether or not she should tell me about this "news".

"Julian Valdez is returning to town. Tomorrow."

I visibly gulp, ready to puke out my breakfast's contents, but I quickly stop myself. The look on Tori's face turns from shock to sympathy and pity for me. She takes my hands, and places them over hers.

"I'm so sorry, Chloe," she solemnly says, but all I can think about is the torment I'm about to face. I absentmindedly nod, barely even hearing her words.

Chloe bids me goodbye because I have to go to the coffee shop, for my shift. The walk to the coffee shop would have been nice as always, if I still wasn't freaking out.

Julian Valdez. He was coming back. He had been my greatest tormentor and archenemy since day one. He's embarrassed, humiliated, and infuriated me beyond limits.

I'm still not over the terrible news by the time I reach the local coffee shop. The Roasted Bean is only a few minutes- walking distance from the beach. I text Tori and tell her that I'll be around after my shift at the coffee shop located on the popular esplanade of Sunset Coast.

I stoop under a canopy of colorful flowers and open the door. I'm immediately welcomed by a blanket of warm air that envelopes me in the rich aroma of fresh coffee and baked goods. I step in and carefully close the door behind me.

Live plants are positioned around the room, their leaves casting shadows in the muted lighting. The dark blue ceiling appears low enough to touch, but not quite. Pine wood panels cover the bottom half of the walls. The tan color on the top half of the walls is a shade darker than the pine, tying the pine wood panels to the darker color of the ceiling. Various works of art hang on the wall. I feel as though I've stepped into the den of a country home. Overstuffed chairs in shades of green, blue and maroon are arranged into mini-living rooms with matching pine end tables and coffee tables. Sets of dining tables are set comfortably apart with padded forest green chairs. The blue carpet has maroon running through it, tying the whole color scheme together into a nice country setting. The ceiling fans are on, moving just enough to keep the aroma of coffee and baked goods circulating throughout the room. The front of the counter is open, revealing an array of delicious-looking baked goods arranged in wicker baskets.

I quickly walk up to the counter, and go in the back room and grab an apron.

"Well, you're early today, Chloe. Not like you to be on time!"

I grin up at Grayson, in spite of the bad news Tori had delivered. Grayson was the curly haired redhead who I've known for the past five years. I ruffle his hair, much to his dismay.Today, his auburn hair looks particularly striking, in contrast to his pale blue polo shirt.

"I didn't even know you had a shift today," I comment, as I quickly slip on my apron, which carried the logo "The Roasted Bean".

"Where's Elise?" I ask. Elise was the elderly owner of The Roasted Bean. Her back issues usually stopped her from coming, and she grew more and more incapable of working every summer. However, Elise was almost like a second mother to me, always taking care of me when she could.

"She called in sick," Grayson says solemnly.

It was a busy day at the coffee shop, which wasn't really unusual for such a lovely day. Sunset Coast was the perfect place for tourists to vacation on, providing them an opportunity to escape the city and relax on the beautiful beach.

It didn't take much time until I found myself back into routine, and doing what I had been doing for only the past three summers. I quickly zoned out, daydreaming about my massive crush on Isaac Alden.

Isaac Alden was the golden boy at our school and was loved by almost everyone. He had dreamy green eyes with dark brown hair. He was the same age as me, yet he had a charming smile and perfect manners.

"Good afternoon, may I please get a large iced cappuccino and a cinnamon scone?"

As if on cue, I shook myself out of my daze, and ask the customer to repeat his order, when I realized, standing before me was Isaac. I found myself momentarily dumbstruck, and I reprocessed his words, deciding I would sound stupid if I asked him to repeat himself.

"Oh, hey Isaac, is that you?" I asked, not sure if I was saying the right thing, but I didn't want to seem like an idiot for gaping at him.

"Chloe! How good to see you!" Isaac exclaimed, flashing me his thousand-watt smile. I think I melted a little after seeing that gorgeous smile.

I quickly begin to make his order. Once again, I zone out, while making the cappuccino. As soon as I'm done making the cappuccino, I grab a scone along with a napkin, and hand Isaac his order.

"That'll be seven fifty for the cappuccino and scone," I say.

"Here, you can keep the change," Isaac says, whilst handing me a twenty-dollar bill.

I raise my eyebrows and inform him, "Are you sure? That's twenty dollars."

He waves my comment away, looking at me as though I had said something extremely obvious, like I'm wearing shoes.

"Think of it as a tip for your excellent service, Chloe," he replies, flashing me a smile.

I nod, and place the bill inside the money jar. Nearby, I notice Grayson giving me an impressed look, as he made someone's order.

"Well, enjoy your coffee, Isaac," I say briskly, wanting to end the conversation before I make an idiot out of myself.

"Bye, Chloe! I'll see you around," he waves at me, bidding me goodbye.

As soon as Isaac leaves, I hear Grayson singing, "Someone has a crush on Isaac!"

I roll my eyes, and get back to work. The rest of my shift passes by quickly, nothing interesting occurring. As soon as my shift is over, I quickly take out my apron, and leave the coffee shop. I head over to Tori's house, texting her that I'll be coming soon.

I walk down the esplanade, which was nice as always. The streets of Sunset Coast were so familiar, and each corner held a bunch of memories. This town had been my home, well, forever, and I was born and raised here, accustomed to the dynamics of this small town.

Tori's house was near the center of town, in one of the nicer neighborhoods of Sunset Coast. I headed straight to her house, and Tori's mother, Emma opened the door for me. Emma was a very nice lady, and was always very kind to me.

"Hey, sweetie. Tori is waiting for you upstairs".

After greeting Tori's younger sister, Olivia, I climbed the stairs and walked into Tori's room. As usual, Tori had began her busy chatter before I even had the chance to lock the door behind me.


Hey guys! So this is my first chapter, and I hope you like it!

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Chapter 2

I find myself in the most "blue" room in the entire world. Light blue covered every visible surface of Tori's room, making my bedroom seem like a rainbow, in contrast.

Perched in the middle of her bed, was Tori herself. Tori had changed into a singlet and sweatpants. Her hair was out of its ponytail, the luscious locks cascading down her shoulders, to the small of her back. She gave me a quirky wave and beckoned me to join on her plush bedspread. I came over, and sat on the bed, getting comfortable.

"So, I was at the Roasted Bean when I saw him," I say excitedly.

"You saw Julian? I thought he was coming back tomorrow? Did he do anything to you?" Tori interrogated me.

"What the heck, no! I would die if I saw him again. I'm talking about Isaac," I reply, a bit annoyed, that she thought I would be excited at seeing Julian. I rolled my eyes.

I tell Tori about my encounter with Isaac.

"Oh. Isaac. You know I don't like him. He's just too perfect. You know, there's something peculiar about him. " Tori says.

"Whatever. He has a girlfriend, Sophia," I sigh, feeling internally rejected. Sophie was an especially pretty girl, and many guys crushed on her. The only problem was, Sophie was a b!tch on the inside.

Sophie had an Amazonian figure, which sat well on her wafer-thin body. Her complexion was impeccable, and she had glossy skin. Her hair was nougat brown and spools of it plunged around her photogenic face. She had Eden-green eyes, that were like two beryl-green jewels melted into the snow. Her pencil-thin eyebrows eased down on her velvety eyelashes.

She was beautiful. Something I was not. I was just regular, plain, ugly. Kill me already.

Sophie and Isaac were the "perfect" couple. The kind that were most likely to be voted "Prom King" and "Prom Queen." They were the kind of couple that would eventually marry each other, being together since the very beginning, as high school sweethearts.

"Oh Chloe, don't be sad. He'll break up with Sophia once he realizes what a b!tch she is," Tori replies, in an attempt to comfort me.

Well, too bad Sophia only had her claws out when Isaac wasn't around. She was the perfect girlfriend whenever Isaac was there.

"I guess. Let's just stop talking about her."

"So, I was going to the grocery store earlier this morning, when I saw this boy! He was so adorable, oh my God Chloe. Even you would have thought he was cute!" Tori began.

Tori was probably one step away from setting herself up with this boy. That was the thing about Tori, she was a big believer in love and happily-ever afters. She was obsessed with love and Prince Charmings.

"Oh really?" I question, grinning at the prospect of Tori swooning as she met this guy.

Tori waved me off, dismissing my question, "I'm serious, Chloe! Even you would have found him cute. And you hate guys, well, except Isaac."

"I don't hate guys. They're just...." I trail off, attempting to convince her.

"Whatever," she huffed. "Anyways, he was a redhead! His hair was so curly and adorable!"

"Oh no," I suddenly put the pieces together. It wasn't too unbelievable that this could be Grayson, given the small size of Sunset Coast.

"You know him?" Tori was practically squealing with joy now. "You can set me up with him Chloe!!"

"Blue eyes?" I ask, without half as much zeal. She nodded her head vigorously.

"Was he wearing a sky blue polo?" Her head bobbled madly.

I nod, in return. "Yep, I know him. I work with him at the Roasted Bean. He's Grayson."

Cue Tori's jumping fit, as she bounced up and down her bed in joy. I rolled my eyes.

"Well," she said, wiggling her eyebrows. "You've got to set me up with Grayson now! Embrace your role as matchmaker!"

I sighed regretfully, but even I had to admit I was looking forward to seeing them meet.

"Tag along with me on my next shift, Tori. If Grayson is there, I can introduce you to him."

"You're the best, Chlo!" Tori rubbed her hands together in a way I knew meant she had come up with a dreadful idea.

I smiled at her, how could I not admire her sense of curiosity and adventure? Between Julian's return to town and Tori's and Grayson's impending relationship, this summer was bound to be interesting, to say the least.


"Chlo, sweetie, I heard that Julian and his family are arriving tomorrow," my dad says, as my mother, older brother, and I sit around the dining table for dinner.

Yeah dad. If he was here right now, God knows I wouldn't be here in one piece.

"Oh? He is? I didn't know that, Dad," I reply innocently, disguising my sarcasm, as I brutally stab my food. Next to me, my older brother, Alex, snorts at me. I glare at him, before facing my father again.

My mother snorts in disbelief, then chuckles, "You and Julian were always so adorable. Who knows? Maybe he'll still be into you, even after two years."

I choke on my food as my mother reminisces the adorable memories, as I try to understand what part of my misery could come off as adorable.

Oh, I wonder. Maybe that time Julian told everyone my crush in the seventh grade. How about when he threw me off my bicycle when I was only eight years old. Yep, sounds adorable, right mom?

"I wish he just left me alone," I grumble.

"Now, Chloe, you have to be on your best behavior when Julian is around. After all, your mom and I are best friends with Julian's parents," Dad lectures me.

I finish up my dinner, and go upstairs to my room. I open up my laptop and video chat with my friends, Alyssa and Maddie. After talking to them for an hour or so, I go on Facebook, looking at my friend's new posts, and casually stalking Isaac's profile, because who doesn't  stalk their crush? (a/n: sorry, had to!)

About thirty minutes into my Facebook stalking, I realize that I've got a private message, and from none other than Julian Valdez. I gasp, and I finally realize the full extent of this situation.

Julian was coming back. To make my life hell again. I was so undeniably screwed.

I open the message and resisted the urge to throw up on my laptop.

'I'm coming home tomorrow, sweetheart. Don't think about me too much.'

Oh, what the fūck. Who does this boy think he is?

I begin typing up a reply, and then sassily click the 'enter' button.

'Screw you Julian'

I grin evilly, even though I'm sure I'll regret sending that message. I shut my laptop, before tossing it aside.

Reuniting with Julian was going to be interesting.


Hey guys! 

So, this is my second chapter and I hope you like it! Sorry there's no Julian in this chapter, but I promise he'll be there in the next chapter! ☺

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