Darkened Ghosts


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Dakota woke up to yelling among her cabin, She glanced down at Zac who was across the room, He was waking up too, Jason and Wade were the ones causing problems She heard Wade yell "WELL FUCK YOU AND YOUR LAPTOPS! I DIDN'T BREAK IT!", Brandon was sitting on his bed with mufflers on, And Enzo was somehow sleeping right through the loud yelling. Jason yelled right at wade with "I Don't CARE THAT YOU DON'T CARE! YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT!", Wade came right back with "IT ISN'T MY FAULT THAT YOU NEED SOMETHING TO MASTURBATE WITH!", Instantly Jason responded with "I HAVE NEVER LOOKED AT PORN ON THAT! YOU FUCKING IDIOT", Wade looked at the broken laptop and kicked it, Jason got angrier and seemed like he was reaching down for his gun that was under the pillow, Zac instantly sprang into action, Jumping up, and Yelling really loud "SHUT THE FUCK UP! SIT THE FUCK DOWN! OR GET THE FUCK OUT!" Zac walked out of the room, Enzo decided now was a good time to wake up, He raised himself and looked at everyone who was still in the room, He looked puzzled when he glanced over Jason and Wade looking angry at each other and then he said "Did I just sleep through another argument?", Dakota and Brandon both said "Yep.", Then Enzo said "Who stopped it?", Dakota decided to go the pronoun way and said "Him.", and Brandon said "The Leader of the squad.", Enzo sighed and said "Of course, He really gets angry when they fight.", Zac walked back in with food, He threw a packaged meal to Enzo, Brandon, and Dakota, and threw an apple at Wade and Jason. Zac sat down without a meal, and watched everyone wolf down their meals, then he looked at Wade and Jason and saw they were slowly eating their apples, Not taking their eyes off the other, acting like they were tearing a very tough piece of meat off of it's bones, and the meat was stuck and fatty. Zac sighed and said "We have a mission at eight, get ready, Insurrectionist have shipments, they are going to bring their arsenal. Bring your guns and your will to kill.", He glanced at Jason, Then wade "Not Your Anger and revenge for each other.", Wade and Jason both looked questioning to Zac, Zac took one glance at the team and said "Meet me at the Armory at seven forty, If you are late, You will not see lunch.", He walked off. Brandon Got up and left the room, Dakota decided to leave the room as well.


    Zac looked up when Dakota entered the room, She looked at him, then at her M4 which was laid beside Enzo's Heavy weapon, Wade's Sniper, Brandon's Shotgun, Veov, who was their pilot was sitting with his double Mosquito Pistols at his side, Zac had a Scar-L in his hands, and a P250 at his side, Dakota picked up Her M4, and pulled out a sig saucer, to protect her in close combat she grabbed a bayonet. Zac had a machete on his back. Jason walked in next and grabbed a m24 sniper rifle, and a butterfly Knife, Brandon walked in and grabbed his shotgun, and made sure his shotgun pistol was prepared. He didn't use knifes. Enzo walked in and pulled on his armor, and then grabbed the m139, which was his gun, and a large straight back knife, He never used his pistols so he didn't grab them. Wade was the last one to enter, he grabbed his Barrett and a Katana. Zac then said "Lets get loaded into the Pelican, We have a time frame to meet of eight." He got in the co-pilot's seat of the pelican, and Veov got in the pilot's seat. The pelican did a quick maverick flyby and the UNSC FOB, then flew towards the best drop zone for the op, Veov called back "I heard there was a fight... Don't you think you are being a little hard on them? They are only having fun." Zac shot back "Nah, We can't afford their fun, the leader of arcadia was shot by these bastards, we can't afford to mess around when the world is coming to an end." Zac glanced at the city "I sure wish we were on the frontlines fighting the covenant over fighting a bunch of idiotic humans, who don't understand what governments stand for." Veov started to take the pelican down, when he made a sudden jolt, an explosion erupted behind the pelican "RPGs! I am going to have to hot drop you guys! I can't land in these conditions! Prepare to drop." Zac stood up, the Pelican was hard to walk in when Veov was trying to dodge missiles. Zac entered the cabin and grabbed a leather handle "Alright Spartans! We are going for a hot drop! We got missiles and gun fire incoming, so expect a fight! See you soldiers down there!" Zac hit the emergency release on the pods, all the Spartans dropped but him, the cabin opened and Zac jumped out.

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Chapter 1

Dakota woke up to medical people around her, Nothing out of the ordinary for a hospital She was already cleared for duty, so she with her headaches went out of her way to get to the base, As soon as she walked in, Her headaches increased, Jason and Wade were both arguing, again. She sighed wondering if she could get away with shooting them both. Of course she didn't want to get court marshaled, so she decided to not shoot them here by the least. She then saw Zac standing in front of the comms relay device, attempting to turn it on. She walked over and said "I hope you realize The Comms have been jammed for the past month?", Zac then said "I got a signal, over there, I want to see what that signal is sending.", She looked over and saw the signal, Pretty big, UNSC destroyer big. She then unhatched the plate covering the power core. She looked at the system and said "Well, The battery is out. Do we have a secondary?", Zac smiled and said "Of Course,", then went to go get a battery. Moments later he placed the battery in it's slot, Then hit the power button, Of course Zac was never trained to operate a Comms without a mic, so he had a microphone on his ear, He instantly got into the conversation, Dakota moved over to check and see if any food was prepared, She was starving. She could only find granola bars, Obviously Wade, or Jason had eaten all of the other stuff. She sighed feeling like she could go on a couple hours without food she sat down in other room away from Wade and Jason, Who could hold an argument for at least three hours without another object/person stopping it. She then saw Zac enter the room looking a little bit anxious. He then explained why "We have a naval officer coming to inspect our forces, and see us in action, also we are getting a shipment of weapons, Food, and other stuff, The city is over populated so if they know we have food, We may be facing a riot.", Dakota then said "We only have the other Spartans, a small Special forces and tactics, and the pilot, who technically is a Spartan.", Zac nodded and said "I am not worried about the size, I am worried by the two annoying idiots on the base, If we can't get them working, Then who knows what will happen to the rest of us, Court Marshal?", Dakota nodded and said "Why don't you warn them, That if they blow this inspection for us, it is their head", Zac nodded and walked off, Dakota looked around the vacant room, nothing but the seat she was sitting in, and the one Zac had just left. She sighed, Wondering if she would have a better time being on a ship fighting the covenant, Than fighting off insurrection. She sat there wondering these things, When she heard a pelican land in the hangar, she could only assume it was the naval officer. She got up and walked to the hangar, in her full body armor, the others did the same, The naval Officer looked at them and smiled then said "I am Colonel Kuchili", the naval officer took off her helmet displaying that she was a girl. Enzo cracked a joke about how they got their first girl, so Dakota looked back and said "You guys realize I am a Woman Correct?", Enzo then responded with "Yeah, But you don't date other Spartans, or Date at all.", Dakota responded with "I doubt The Colonel would date you.", They snapped back to attention, The colonel had been speaking to Zac for a while, Who took in all of the information. He then said "Alright Spartans, Get in the Warthogs and ATVs, we are going to get the supplies that just came in.", Dakota was going to say something when Jason, who was thinking the same thing, said "Why don't we just airlift the supplies? We will have a riot on our hands if insurrectionists, or starving people get their information about this.", Everyone looked at him as if he was crazy, but Zac, and Dakota. Who both under stood what he was getting at. Dakota then spoke "Yeah, Nothing gets past Dalsarian, without his approval, which means he takes anything in the supplies. I wouldn't be surprised if he is already attempting to get the supplies.", This got the colonel looking worried but she then said "A lot of it could burn up in a pelican being shot down by a RPG.", Everyone just got in the warthog, Veov, who was listening closely then said to Zac and the Colonel "I don't have to go, Correct? Because I am mainly trained in piloting, and Hot pickups, I have never been in a real fight in a long time.", The colonel stared at him and said "What happened the last time you fought, Pilot?", The Spartan pilot then said "Well, It was back on Harvest, I was a spartan, with the Spartan laser, and My captain made a bad call, and I killed three Spartans, and ten civilians who were surrounded by covenant forces, I did take down the forces, But I was court marshaled. I then was moved here, and taught how to do things that made people survived, I have been shot at plenty of times by multiple RPGs, they are no problem, Ma'am", she nodded and said "You will be our EVAC, if this thing goes to hell, We will attempt to get to a tall building. and you will fly in and pick us up, any supplies will be burned, or taken with us. Food can stay, well most of it.", Veov nodded and walked into his pelican. Zac loaded up in the gunner seat of the warthog, and The colonel in the grenadier's seat. Dakota was driving, Then Jason and Brandon were in the supply truck, They would monitor the supplies, and Finally The last warthog had a Gauss cannon, which wade was controlling, and Enzo was driving. There was a SWAT unit in the passenger's seat, They started to drive, Then Veov called The front warthog on the radio saying "Looks like insurrectionists have already started forming together in one place, SWAT monitoring is going crazy, We have at least 15 of special weapons and tactics at their meeting place monitoring the situation, They have plenty of guns, and warthogs, or transport warthogs, I would get in and out, Because they have nearly enough men to support twenty warthogs, that have eight seats.", The colonel then said "Roger, Thank You.", She then yelled out "We got to speed this up! Any Shortcuts?", Zac spoke out saying "there is the underground subway, It has been decommissioned But is the number one escape route for if Veov got shot down during an EVAC, We can fit the Supply truck down there, Dakota you know where to go correct?", Dakota responded with "Of Course.", They drove down into the subway, which was a straight line to the closest spot they could get to the docks, So Dakota set the speed to maximum the truck could go, which was one hundred miles an hour, and they sped down the tracks, Veov giving them sit reps on how many more warthogs were coming in, and that civilians were starting to appear at the scene, being armed with swords and other melee weapons that could harm a spartan squad. They finally breached into daylight, Instantly the colonel got out and opened the crates, Teams of UNSC soldiers appeared and loaded up the supply truck, then they got in the pelicans and lifted off, after closing the crates back up to trick the insurrectionists, They went back into the underground, then Veov said into the comms "They have just armed the exit with Proximity mines, Don't go through there, You will have to travel the road, Which is more dangerous, But has a higher chance of survival. The colonel was hesitant and said "Be prepared for EVAC, we might get shut down on the convoy,", Veov said "Affirmative, I am already on a building watching activity, The pelican is hidden.", The colonel smiled and said "He is one step ahead of me....", Zac responded with "You better believe it, He is always one step ahead of everyone.". They hit daylight, and a blockade, They were boxed in, The colonel then yelled "Someone grab the weapons labeled AE, another grab the one labeled Food!", They saw the building across from the pelican, and climbed on top of it, Instantly they were followed by angry mobs, The mobs could be heard trying to raid the truck, Then an explosion happened, Dakota glanced at the colonel who had a trigger in her hand, Their Supplied were gone. She then heard plasma fire and yelled "innies!", Wade and Jason both pulled out their rifles, Which were an SG130, and an AUG A3, and pinned down the stairs, Zac and Kuchili both made it to the top, Zac lit a flare and dropped it, Veov responded with "Too many RPG placements,", Zac then said "We have no backup able to get here within a ten minuet span, We have to hold off the innies for that long!", The colonel responded with "Alright." instantly pulling out a SMG, and standing at the top of the stairs, Zac Then pulled out his sniper and yelled to Wade "Take out those RPG placements!", Wade came up the stairs and handed off his AUG A3 for the Sniper, and started to shoot at the building Veov was on, Upon hearing an explosion Zac looked up to see a large hole in the building, Where an RPG placement had been. He turned and looked down into the alley ways, Seeing nothing he went onto the other side to check it, Brandon had taken wade's spot on the stairs with his shotgun, Dakota and Kuchili were looking down the side staircase on the other side of the building, and Enzo was Using an MG that Zac had setup with him and firing at the crowd, Kuchili then yelled to the Crowd "Whoever isn't an insurrectionist wont die if they leave.", None of them left, The SWAT had just arrived, But were blockaded by heavy insurrectionist fire, They retreated. Kuchili obviously worried then went to her comms and said "I need a team of ODSTs planted near my location, Heavy Insurrectionist and rioting happening, We nearly are losing the AE crate!, Instantly they saw flaming orbs fall into the atmosphere, Zac turned and said "We just need those RPGs down, Make sure they try to do that, also make sure they are weary of Veov." Kuchili nodded and said that into the comms. Instantly ODST snipers were shooting out RPG locations, Wade had taken out more than was left, so they were easier targets. The crowd started to flee at the sight of ODST being deployed on Arcadian Soil. Veov at the sign that there was little RPG movement, flew down, and landed on the roof still hovering, Zac and Kuchili grabbed the Food and AE crates and put them in the pelican, Then the Spartans were recalled to enter the pelican They flew off, The insurrectionists fleeing into the subway systems, and alleyways, ODSTs were picked up by pelicans and flown to the Spirit of fire, upon which was above the atmosphere. They landed at the HQ, and unloaded their food and AE supplies. Zac had to ask "What exactly is the AE crate?", once they were inside Kuchili smiled as she took off her helmet and said "The AE crate has Armor Enhancements, We are detecting the covenant getting closer to Arcadia, So we wanted to make sure you guys were ready." Zac nodded and looked into the crate to find shielding, strength, aiming, and speed enhancements


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Chapter 2

Dakota woke up to Kuchili tapping her on the shoulder, She instantly got up and said "What is it?" in a whisper voice. Kuchili responded with "I got something for you.... Follow me.", Dakota got up and followed the colonel out the door, She walked to the AE crate and pulled out a small card with a round end on one side and a straight end on another, she glanced at it then said "What is it?", Kuchili responded with "This here, Is an A.I. disc, Filled with the third best A.I. unit in the world, made from the old third best, which was mine,", The disc end of the card flickered on, and a holographic woman appeared Kuchili then said "Your new A.I. Friend, Xiomara, Since you were the only female on the base, I thought you could use a feminine friend, So I got Xiomara's pre-A.I. which was going into rampancy, to create two, now You have an A.I. to talk to, The AI unit is almost 100% human, so it has feelings, all it is missing is feeling for physical hurts.", Xiomara looked at Dakota, who looked back at her, Then moved to look at Kuchili, She then said "Why do I get the A.I. Unit? Shouldn't you give it to the Leader? or someone who might need it? I am just an Engineer, and the one who enters first.", Kuchili then said "I found that you have the highest kill-injury ratio ever which is very bad, because K-I ratios are used when someone has come back from ten missions injured in a ROW!", She paused to take a breath then said "And The A.I. has chosen you to be her carrier.", She then threw Dakota one of the enhancements, Dakota then asked "What is this", Then surprisingly Kuchili left, and Xiomara said "That is a Strength Enhancement.". Dakota shrugged and walked back to bed, shutting off Xiomara.

Dakota woke again to Zac, and the others finally getting up, She heard Xiomara's 'young' A.I. voice saying "Good morning.", only to her. She looked at the armor enhancement she had and decided to try it out, She went down to the armory and got in her armor, Then plugged in Xiomara, Finally plugging in the Strength Enhancement, Her Armor Locked up. She froze for a second, Her armor going under power maintenance. Zac came in to get armored up and saw her armor flashing colors, He walked over and said "Dakota, What are you doing?", Dakota couldn't respond through the microphone because it was off because of power, She finally went out of Power Maintenance, and she fell over, catching herself, She then got up, Zac still watching her, She finally said "I got an A.I. unit, and An armor Enhancement.", Zac nodded and said "Nice. Wade and Jason were fighting over the aiming assist. Brandon is really wanting the Shielding Enhancement. Enzo wants an Arc Thrower enhancement, so he can throw grenades better. I personally, Don't give a shit about what I get.", He paused and then said "Say, Which one did you get?', Dakota felt like joking around so she then said "Wanna arm wrestle?", Zac instantly realized and he said "Strength, it suits you.", He put on the helmet to his armor, Then walked off, Dakota felt like she really really wanted to smash something to test the strength, Xiomara realized this and said "I hope you have a rock, or a training center, where you can punch in a wall or something.", She saw Zac and Kuchili both talking about Armor Enhancements, she only heard Zac say "I don't care what I get, Give the team what they want before me, I feel like they all don't matter.", Kuchili nodded and said "Fair enough.", Zac left the room, Dakota went to the training room, where Jason and Wade had taken up as a fighting room, She looked at them as she walked over to the best wall that could be hit, She then stood in front of it Xiomara then said "You may hit when ready, Because It is ready.", Dakota drew back her fist, and hit the wall, making a large hole in the wall, She smiled then pulled the fist out. She looked behind her at Wade and Jason, Who stopped fighting and looked up at her She waved as a response, They both left the area, obviously scared of her being so annoyed she would smack them into next week.

Dakota looked over at the vacant room, and decided this time to leave it. She walked around and saw Brandon testing his shielding ability, and Enzo testing his Arc thrower, with some rocks. She walked right in on Wade and Jason both leaving with their new enhancements, She looked at Zac who was staring at the speed enhancement, Then said "What is the matter?", Zac looked up and said "Oh, Nothing, I never felt like much of a slow runner, This will probably  feel more worth it when it is needed most.", Dakota nodded and said "Strength is probably what I need more than anything, I am not sure about Wade getting Aim assist, and Jason getting Cloaking.", Zac laughed and said "Yea, Both will have to be watched more, Wade's aim assist will be annoying the first few times, Hopefully he hits Brandon with his shielding.", Then Kuchili came up behind them and said "Well, I hope you people enjoy the new stuff I gave you, Of course the other crates were of importance to me, Like local files, and import files. So I got demoted and I am stuck here for the time being.", Zac looked at her and said "You got demoted? For saving the most important piece in the entire area? That is like.... Saving your crew from the covenant and not the ship from the covenant!", Kuchili nodded and said "Well, I sort of enjoy it here, I will find a way to get a job with the air teams, Already ONI has scouts attempting to get me because of this demotion, I could join them, They promised to promote me back to colonel." Zac nodded then said "Well, Dakota we are going to do a arena battle to face everyone with their enhancements, You up for it?", Dakota nodded. She walked into their 'arena' and watched the others who were holding their armor enhancements near them standing getting their special training weapons, Dakota heard Xiomara laugh with "I hope they put their Enhancements on, or they will all be down before the match starts.", Dakota's Visor then did a power scan on every armor in the room, She heard Xiomara then laugh with "Wade's armor is significantly low, If anything, he will blame Jason for sabotage.", Dakota laughed with that, then said "My armor is doing good on power?", Xiomara nodded and went away from her visor HUD. She heard Veov start the match, and everyone put on their armor enhancements, Dakota went out of her battle stance and said "Dakota wins! You fools, Your armor has to download it first.", She saw everyone fall over, and she burst out laughing, everyone else obviously angry. Veov started to laugh, Then stopped realizing that Wade was aiming his gun at him. Veov started the second round bell, Everyone instantly charged Dakota, obviously angry, Dakota felt Wade hit her in the head, She checked armor support systems, her strength had given her shielding, She then hit Brandon, who went flying back into a wall, he was down for the round. She then saw Zac running up to her, She dodged and tripped him, Sending him down, Enzo tossed a training grenade, which Dakota picked up and chucked back in a straight line, Putting hard paint on Enzo locking his armor up. Jason had hit one of her power cells on her armor, She felt the strength start to go away, She kicked behind her, hitting Jason in the leg, She then turned around and punched him in the face. She looked at Wade who had been shooting at her the entire time and said "Your power is way to low... I wouldn't use your armor enhancement without checking that next time.", Wade fell over, His armor failing in power. She laughed and said "Strength for the win." and walked off. Dakota and Xiomara both bragged about it.


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