Locked Framed


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Chapter 1


"G...Gordan... I don't feel so good." Enzo muttered, coughing up a dark maroon liquid, he stared at the arrow protruding straight through his chest. Gordan sat by his side watching Enzo as he suffered through the pain. "Gordan."

"Just stop talking... you need to keep your strength. The week isn't over for you." Gordan paused, watching Enzo start to fade. "Damn it Enzo, you've already used up all your vacation time, just stay conscious."

"They always talk about the light in the movies... I don't see one."

"That's good! It means you're doing fine. Just keep looking at me, I'm going to get you out of here." Gordan replied, reaching under Enzo to lift him up. Enzo stopped him, shaking his head."Come on, the first aid kit is just down the hall... I got a beacon that will call a rescue Huey to our location."

"You were a great mentor, while it... lasted..."

"That's it, I gave you the job without anyone else's input, I don't need yours!" Gordan muttered, lifting Enzo up and waddling over towards the first aid room, Gordan set Enzo down on a table. He moved to the first aid kit, but when he got back Enzo had already passed. "Enzo!"

Gordan instantly sat up in his bed, the sun shining right through the window. Gordan stared at the blank, spotless, white curtains. Sweat dripped from his face onto the red and yellow comforter above his legs. Gordan felt his chest heave as his heavy breaths went in and out following his dream. He continued his stare at the curtains, remembering each second of the dream, and the real event. Gordan then realized he had his pistol in one of his hands. He instantly set it onto his nightstand, sliding his legs from out of the covers and out over the side of the bed. He felt his muscles engage as he stood up, Gordan felt dazed as he stumbled towards the door, looking back to see the imprint his fiance, Riley, had left. Riley had already gotten out of bed, more than likely already being ready for the day. Gordan walked towards the bathroom, he glanced into the dark rooms of his house as he passed them, almost imagining that there were people inside of the rooms... each and every room that he passed made him snap in and out of reality. He felt his vision blur each time as he saw many of his co-workers get shot. Gordan then saw Enzo get shot by that arrow again, and he nearly collapsed onto the hallway table, he looked into the bathroom, realizing he had arrived at his destination. Gordan stumbled in, glancing back at his face, which made him look almost like a Sasquatch, his beard going out of control. Gordan rubbed his chin, trying to remember the last time he actually shaved. he quickly stripped and stepped into the bathtub. The jets coming from the shower head were cold. Though the house was a quite beautiful house. It's hot water was lacking. The refresh during the winter was once per week, during the summer it was once every three days, though this cold water was more-less rejuvenating for Gordan, his thoughts about Enzo's death and his previous co-workers fall faded from existence. Gordan quickly got out of the shower. The frosty air around him making him shiver as he moved towards the mirror, slipping into a pair of slacks and a dress shirt. Gordan quickly pulled out his electric razor, staring at the beard and quickly mowing down the strands of fur that covered his face. Gordan smirked at his anchor beard and mustache, he quickly set down his razor, moving towards the door and opening it. Looking out into the hall. His reactions instinctively moved his fist up as if someone was waiting for him. Empty. Gordan shook his head, rubbing his eyes as he walked towards the living room, he instantly stopped to see Riley sitting at the breakfast bar watching the TV that sat above the microwave. A simple late night talk show. Gordan walked towards her, embracing her from behind. Gordan watched as her facial expression changed to a flirty smile, then rested his head on her shoulder, slowly moving her side to side. She finally broke loose from his bear hug and spun around in the chair. Gordan watched as she was taken back by the facial hair change. She smirked and brushed a piece of hair off his chin. Her face moved from a smile to a straight line, Gordan saw her eyes shift to a more reflective shimmer, he took her hand as it touched his cheek, they were definitely cold, but relaxing nonetheless.

"I heard you call out his name again." Riley whispered, her looks of worry persisting as Gordan looked down at her feet. "It's not your fault... those evil men who came in and attacked are to blame. You did all that you could've done."

"I'm the one who convinced him to join, I'm the one who said 'Hey! You're doing a great work over there on your own! Why don't you come over and join us at The Wolves Stuidios!' What a fucking brilliant call by me." Gordan replied, his voice lowering. He felt his eyes try to water, but they refused to. "If I had been actually looking for the archer, I would've been able to save Enzo... I shouldn't have urged him so hard to join though, he'd still be doing his great work if I had just left him be."

"He did even greater works with you and The Wolves." Riley sighed, pulling Gordan's hand away from his cheek and massaging it. "Enzo was happy to have you has a mentor. He looked up to you. First thing he asked me when I interviewed him was what type of jokes you found funny."

"Knock Knock Jokes?"

"I don't remember what I told him, point is... he wanted to impress you. He wanted to be you." Riley shook her head slowly, thinking. "Just don't beat yourself up over it."

"I can't help it, Jason is still out there. Asshole thinks he doesn't have to answer for what he brought upon Enzo... and everyone else that died that night."

"Veov is doing everything he can, but the FEAR can't find everyone in one day... much less a man who has gone off the radar for over a month." Riley let go of Gordan's hand and leaned forwards, kissing Gordan on the lips. "Until then, just forget about the traitorous douche-bag, and think about something positive. Our wedding is coming up!"

"I suppose you're right. I just wish there was something I could do to speed up the process." Gordan said, his eyes lessening their focus on the wall as he stared past Riley at the wall. "Did you manage to reserve Michael's catering services for Friday?"

"Even better. I got Everest Eats." Riley's mouth letting a smirk loose as Gordan's eyes widened at the mention of the restaurant. "Exactly my response."

"I thought they were packed for the week!"

"Apparently they had an opening, and the people in line before us already scheduled a different catering service and we were the lucky couple who got it."

"That's great! Though we have to tell everyone the menu change, or else they're going to bring pasta salad or something to go with the spaghetti from Michael's."

"Did that too."

"Damn woman, you do everything around here."

"Not everything. Flowers, we need them as decorations. I'm partial t..."

"Freesias?" Gordan asked, watching Riley smile. "Your mother told me those were your favorites."

"Points for doing your homework."

"I've finally broke out of the negatives."

"It's all downhill from there."

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Chapter 2


"Jason, the device is almost ready to activate... all we need is that last shipment of cobalt and it should work better than expected!" Thomas exclaimed. Jason put his hand on the device, the cold steel casing instantly blurring as he removed his hand. Thomas made an annoyed sigh and quickly wiped the oil off the otherwise polished casing. "Don't make it dirty. She is a thing of beauty and should be treated as such."

"How do you know it's a woman? What if the device is a man?" Jason asked instantly, Thomas balled one of his hands into a fist. "It doesn't matter what gender it is. This isn't some ordinary device. It's pure energy. Can you imagine it? Enough energy to power the entire island of Britain one thousand times over!"

"If we could have even one day to reverse engineer the power core, then we could easily be in the energy business." Thomas said, giving a tablet with the statistics of the machine to Jason. "Five million, one hundred twenty nine thousand, five hundred thirty kilowatts just from this device, to power just half of the world we would need only twelve thousand of these bad boys."

"I told you already, it's alien, even if we could take it apart, we wouldn't be able to reverse engineer it for another century... maybe more." Jason replied, he quickly turned and walked out of the workshop, walking down a ramp and out onto the concrete. Jason moved at a brisk pace towards the main Valcoria office complex. He stopped as he reached the automatic door and hesitantly stared at the Valcoria logo. He felt a singular elegant hand lightly grab his shoulder, he turned to see Martha, his very own girlfriend appear next to him. "Hey."

"You do this every time. Just go in, it's an office complex. The Wolves office complex was less of an office and more of a studio. You'll survive walking in!"

"It just reminds me of what I did, to insure Valcoria's survival." Jason whispered, looking at the open doorway. He shook his head and walked in. "You'll be happy to know that they've almost finished the device. We'll be able to sustain all of Europe with energy. This could be the end of hunger, poverty, thirst, and a beacon of hope to those without it in all of Europe."

"Was it worth it?"

"Yes." Jason mumbled, blinking back tears, he wiped his eye, stopping a tear from rolling out. "It was... worth it."

"Then there is no turning back."

"There was no turning back nearly one month ago." Jason replied, at this he watched Martha turn and leave his side. He slowly walked towards his office. He twisted open the handle and walked in, on the way towards his desk he grabbed his bottle of gin and a glass cup. He sat down on his leather chair, pouring himself a glass. He instantly downed it and poured himself a new one, setting it aside and looking towards a picture of his mother and father posing for their tenth anniversary's photo. "It was worth it..." 

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Chapter 3


"Gordan! Great news!" Riley said, jumping down on the couch next to Gordan, who was staring at his laptop. "I postponed the wedding and canceled the catering reservation."

"You what?"

"The call has come in. They suspect we'll be in Britain for at least a week." Riley sounded, she put her arm over Gordan's shoulder. "Don't worry about the damn ceremony. It's nothing but a show for the world. In our minds we can be married if we want to be."

"Whenever we do the ceremony I want Everest Eats as the catering service still. If I find a different catering team at that wedding, I'll flip the table." Gordan said, he stood up, throwing on his sports coat. "We'll postpone the honeymoon reservation on the plane."

"You haven't reacted to the mission."

"It would be redundant to mention it." Gordan replied, throwing on a pair of aviators and walking with Riley towards a black van idling on their home's curb. Gordan quickly got into the back, shivering as he brushed his hand over the fabric. Riley sat next to him, slamming the door shut. The driver instantly shifted the gear and started driving. "Veov. I expected a briefing at the forward operating base."

"Sorry, the pigeons reported back later than they got the information. We have to move fast." Veov replied, he pulled off his shades. "All we know is that they're in Britain, and they have a very powerful energy surge coming from a building just off of their office building."

"Could it be a nuke?"

"Maybe something stronger." Riley said, reading the energy levels. "This would have to be the energy output of at least a TSAR Bomba."

"Exactly." Veov responded, letting the gravity of the situation set in. "Your team is already at the airport, we're moving there now, and we have the full support of MI6 and the special air service."

"Are we sending mail to their inbox?" Gordan asked, he nodded to Veov, who waited for the van to stop, then got out. "See you in a few days."

"Good luck agents!" Veov replied, closing the door and watching the van blast away.

"What is the worst case scenario we are looking at here?" Gordan asked, watching Riley's expression thinking "London gets destroyed?"

"That's a mid range chance... the higher chance is that all of Britain gets destroyed. If the device hasn't reached full power, we'd be lucky if it didn't blow out an entire hemisphere."

"Jason has done it again, hasn't he?" Gordan responded, putting his hand on his knee. "Any word what he did with Brandon, Joel and Kody?"

"All three are on site." The driver sounded, looking in the rear view mirror. "According to military intelligence, they are perfectly fine."

"Gordan, you absolutely need to get Dakota out of there. Let me worry about getting Joel and Brandon, and the team will handle the bomb." Riley glanced away from the window to see Gordan shake his head. "What?"

"I need you to promise me you'll find Dakota and extract her, Ry."

"You're not going against Jason on your own. Look what he did to Ryan!"

"Exactly." Gordan replied, he looked out the window. "I've watched every second of that fight to see what fighting style Jason abides by, and I've trained to counter every single one. I'm the only one capable to beat him."


"There's our esteemed captain!" Cameron called out from the top of the boarding steps, Gordan and Riley quickly jogged up the stairs to greet their teammate. "I'm sad to hear you've canceled the wedding."

"This is far more important for me and Gordan." Riley said, hugging Cameron, she stepped back and watched Gordan and Cameron shake hands. "The wedding will have to wait."

"The team are all inside. We'd better get going. Daniel is very anxious to get this bird into the air."

"I could feel his excitement from a mile away." Gordan replied, walking into the airplane. Cameron guided them to their room. "This is... Compact."

"It was the best room on the plane. I thought you two would prefer to sleep together."

"Very thoughtful, Cam." Riley replied, watching him walk towards the main cabin, where the team was. Riley set their luggage on the bed. "Go on ahead, I'll get us unpacked."

"You sure you're fine with this whole situation?"

"I thought about asking you that the entire car ride over."

"This is the moment I've waited for. Enzo will smile down on me when I have the body of Jason, whether or not he's alive is up to Jason."

"While Enzo would be going crazy that you aspire to make him happy, he'd also be horrified at the thought of you killing a former friend, even if they killed him." Riley sighed. She pushed Gordan towards the door. "Get your sorry ass into the main cabin and reunite with the team. I can't work as efficiently when I'm being watched."

"Gordan!" Bailey announced, getting up and hugging Gordan, who reluctantly gave a side hug back. "How long has it been?"

"Twenty nine days." Gordan replied, sitting down next to Cameron. "What have you been up to? I hear you and Bryan are together?"

"We sure are." Bryan said, sitting next to Bailey and handing a bottle of beer off to Gordan. "She's an acquired taste... So many different types of pasta."

"Shut up." Bailey responded sharply, jabbing Bryan in the stomach with a cackle "You should see him, he's begging for me to make spaghetti."

"I guess I'm glad. I got the better deal."

"Yeah, congrats on your kid." Allison said, patting Gordan on the back, he stared at her horrified. "What? Do I got something on my face?"

"It was his wedding, Alli. And it's canceled." Cameron said, she instantly looked down with a silent laugh. Everyone instantly burst into laughter. "The look on his face though!"

"I was just trying to figure out if her stomach had been getting bigger in the past week."

"Sorry to frighten you." 

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