Nightwatch: The Awakening


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Chapter 1

    "How long will you be gone?"

    "Hopefully only a week, but sometimes dad gets too involved in his business and decides to stay for longer." Zac said, holding MaKayla's hands reassuringly "I wont be gone for too long."

    "I'd hope so, I don't want to miss you for too long." MaKayla glanced at the airplane as Dakota walked inside "You'll bring me back a souvenir, yes?"

    "Many I'd hope, but the best one will take some time to find, if I find it, I'll most definitely bring you back a souvenir worthwhile." Zac said, smirking at MaKayla. "Perhaps I'll bring you back some Hvorost, or some Sbitten."

    "Sounds delicious." MaKayla said, kissing Zac on the cheek. She nodded to Zac's dad as he walked up, then turned around and started to walk away. "See ya later."

    "You know, if you need help finding 'the' souvenir for her... I can help you with that... I got your mother a souvenir from Russia that sold the bill between us." Zac's dad said, turning and walking towards the airstairs. "Better find your seat, or else Dakota will claim the best one."

    "Right." Zac said, following his dad up the airstairs. Zac turned towards the cabin, looking inside before walking down the aisle for the couch, he quickly laid out along it, Zac sat up as Dakota sat down across from him at the table. Zac sat across from her. "What game do you have this flight?"

    "Chess." Dakota replied, smirking as Zac frowned. "Way better than the poker we played on your eighteenth birthday, or the connect four championship we played with the crew the year prior."

    "I got nothing better to do." Zac said, feeling the plane start to taxi to the runway. "Of course the Chinese chess is a really fun version."

    "Sorry, I just got the original." Dakota replied setting the board, Zac examined it. "I assume I'll have to teach you?"

    "Better enforce what I know... This lesson is payback for me teaching you poker?"


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Chapter 2

    "Checkmate." Zac said, Dakota smiled yawning as she held up both of her hands, Zac knocked down her king, he smiled back. "Finally got a win under my belt."

    "What was that? Our hundredth game?" Dakota asked, standing up and stretching. "I'm going to hit the sack... enjoy the couch."

    "Well, you beat me ninety times, so you should get the couch."

    "Those were warmup rounds, that last round was the real thing." Dakota muttered, walking into the secondary bedroom and shutting the door. "Goodnight."

    "Goodnight." Zac muttered, watching the light go out in the bedroom, Zac turned towards the chess board, packing it up, he examined the black king, which was the one he played with for all of the games. Zac put it into the bag with the other pieces, then pulled out his laptop. Zac opened it and pulled up his chat with MaKayla, she sent him quite a few messages, some about life at home, others about random internet jokes, and one bidding Zac a good night. Zac smiled, yawning silently as he read each message. Zac stood up, shutting the screen and laying down on the coach, pulling the covers off of the backboard and over his torso, Zac quickly fell asleep.

    "Zac! Wake up!" Dakota said, rustling Zac's shoulder violently. Zac instantly sat up, Dakota pulled Zac to his feet, sitting him at his chair and buckling him in, Dakota started to move to her chair, when the plane started to bank, sending her flying into the wall. Dakota fell onto the couch, Zac tried to move towards her, but his dazed state kept him from removing the buckle, That was when Zac's dad grabbed Dakota and pulled her into her seat, buckling her. Zac noticed the blood trickling from a small wound on Dakota's shoulder, she was unconscious but seemingly alive. Zac glanced up at his dad, but with his cloudy vision he could barely see him.

    "Don't worry, Zac, we're going to be one hundred percent fine." Zac's dad assured Zac, Zac stared blankly back, unsure of what was going on. Zac's dad placed his hand on Zac's shoulder. "We were just in what the pilots think was a bird strike... they have the situation under con..."

    Zac never got to hear his dad finish the sentence, instantly the plane hit something solid. Zac looked past his dad at the cockpit as it started to flood, he turned to watch his dad plummet into the dark liquid that was flooding the cabin. Zac turned to see his laptop fall into the liquid, then watched the chess set fall too. Zac's mind finally kicked in, they had crashed into the ocean... sinking... the water would be cold... Freezing... sub-zero temperatures... Zac saw the water getting closer, still dazed enough not to be worried. He finally started to try to get out of his seat when the water engulfed Dakota, Zac pulled himself out of his seat, slowly climbing towards the end of the plane that was facing upwards. He grabbed a hold of the master bedroom doorway, that was when he heard a noise like a low groan start to erupt around him. He turned to watch the floor tear away from the other part of the plane, he fell back into the tail wall as the tail of the plane fell into the water. Zac felt water hit him, the cold finally hit him like a freight train, Zac was brought up into the open air. Then a wave pulled him under, Zac bobbed back up in the middle of a sea of darkness. He saw the only thing that didn't blend in, what was left of the front of the plane sink into the water. Zac felt the sinking effect pull him in, Zac took a deep breath before he was submerged again, seconds later resurfacing. Zac turned frantically, searching for Dakota, for his father, for a crewman. No one. Nobody. Not even the pilots. Zac felt his strength draining, then his body locked up, the cold causing his mind to drift. Zac felt his eyes shut. Then his mind faded into black.

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Chapter 3

    Zac felt his mind flicker to life first, then he heard the squawk of a seagull overhead, Zac tightened his fist around warm, grainy sand. He opened his eyes, lifting his head up to see a forest in front of him. Zac tried to stand up. His legs were too weak. He rolled over to his back, looking up at the clear blue sky. Seagulls patrolled around him, Zac finally found his legs' strength. He slowly used his abdominal muscles to lift his back up off of the sand, some of the sand stuck to his still drenched shirt. Zac looked out onto the waters, the water was a bright blue, brilliantly lit up by the sun. Zac slowly got to his feet, looking up to see the sun had just reached the first quarter of it's turn on the pacific ocean. Zac looked down at the sand, scanning the beach for any sign of the plane, of Dakota, of his father, of anyone who could help him. Nothing. Alone. Isolated. Deserted. Zac then spotted something he recognized. The chess board! Zac marched towards it, the sand crunching down against his body weight as he laid out each step, Zac felt the sand go in between his toes as his bare feet stung from the hot sands of the beach. Zac picked up the fairly dry board. He examined it, the box had been drenched, but as he opened the interior, the board and the pieces were just fine. Zac looked at the black king, then looked among the white pieces. Dakota could still be out there. His dad could still be out there. They could land at the island any moment. Hungry. Thirsty. Tired. Worn. Zac turned towards the trees. He'd read a book on surviving on a deserted island as a young boy. It inspired him to learn archery. Zac walked towards a tree, rubbing his hand against it as he examined the trunk. Zac glanced back at the beach. He needed to build a base camp. Basic shelter. A way to get food. A way to clear the ocean water of the salt and pollution. A place where he could construct his raft to return home. With three seats. One for him. One for his father. One for Dakota. Zac smiled, turning towards the tree. He quickly marched into the forest. Grabbing a rather large stone, and then another. He brought them back to the beach, he quickly scanned his surroundings, finding a good sized stick. He quickly brought it over. If he banged the rocks together, he could make a primitive axe head, then he'd just need vines and a stick to make the rest of the axe. He had seen several action heroes do this in the movies. Zac quickly smashed the rocks against each other, making a light chisel into the rocks. Zac quickly smashed them against each other again, then again, then once more, another time, a sixth time, a seventh time, the rock was taking shape, another time, it was flatter now, one more time for the clean up. Zac smiled at the product, a disc-like shape, but one edge was flat, the other was a makeshift wedge. Zac picked up his stick, and grabbed a large vine. He quickly tightened the stick to the primitive axe head, he examined the axe. That went well. Zac walked towards the tree he had examined. Looking it up and down. A bird might be using this for a home. Zac would need to commandeer the nest in that case. Zac swung at the tree, making a light dent. Zac examined the axe head. That was supposed to go further into the tree. He'd be there all day. It clicked. The axe was dull! Zac turned, finding a large rock. He had seen several swordsmen in movies sharpen swords and axes, he just needed to slide the rock against the wedge. Zac quickly swiped the rock, he saw the axe finally taking a much more sophisticated shape, he continued. By the time he had finished the sun was beading straight down on his head. Zac stood up, sizing up the tree. Zac quickly swung at the tree, the axe went into the tree like a butter knife through warm butter, Zac pulled back and swung again. The tree was old enough to be taken in a couple of swings. It fell to the ground. Zac examined his work, then started to tear the branches from the trunk of the tree with his axe. After he had finished with that, Zac examined his axe. It was torn to shreds. The axe couldn't cut down another tree, much less a stick of bamboo or a creek reed. Zac cast it aside, scanning the tree he had just chopped. What would Bear Grylls do? Zac had a light-bulb light up above his head as he lifted the largest branch, examining the palm leaves. He didn't need a furnished house, just something that could house three adults. Zac began work, making a small tent-like structure on the beach. Zac sat down under the leaves, which caste a cool shadow after a hard day's work. Zac looked up to see the sun at the afternoon area of it's rotation. Zac sighed, getting up and walking towards the way he was going to hunt any game right now. Zac returned, sitting on the beach grabbing seashells. He had seen this done by Bear Grylls on Man Vs Wild before. A hermit crab would have enough protein to keep him going. After Zac found and ate ten, he got up, walking towards the woods and grabbing a few rocks. Bringing them back to the camp and setting them in a circle, quickly putting logs inside the circle. Zac took a small stick and started to roll it into his hands... After about ten minutes without a spark Zac gave up. He stared at the rocks. The sun was about to go down, and he couldn't like a fire. Zac put his hands on his legs. He felt something in his pocket. Zac pulled it out. His cellphone! Cellphones have lithium batteries! They react to water! Zac quickly put his phone against one of the rocks and smashed it. He pulled out the battery, putting the rest of the phone aside, he smashed the battery in the center of the wood, the lithium oozing out. Zac then rushed to the water, putting his hand into the water, he rushed back and flicked a few drops onto the battery, which erupted into flames. Zac glanced up to watch the sunset. He bowed his head.

    "Dakota, Dad. Wherever you two are, I hope you're having it better than me." Zac sighed, turning to his left. "I hope this is east... MaKayla. I'll be home soon, baby, I hope you know what happened, and I hope you are using your money to search for me."

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