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"Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." - Arthur C. Clarke

    "When the world is pitted against odds that one country cannot defeat alone... The world has to come together, whether it be just for that event, or for the rest of eternity... One day the world wont be in the hands of heroes. Only the people on the sidelines. But in that same instance when the spectators are wondering if the world can stay normal, they are abducted into the realm of uncertainty, and the unknown. Then in that instance they understand that the front lines need them more than the sidelines, and they join the war to win."

    Zyprus and one hundred of his best men walked around to the hangar door, the island was shut tight, but one explosive could blow open the doors. Zyprus planted the bomb. Then the bomb exploded, the entire door fell into the ocean below. The one hundred and one Black Templars ran towards the T.S. Blockade. The only ship that was equipped to go into combat alone, and possibly come out on the other side with only scratches. Zyprus got into the captain's chair, the Shipboard AI activated, turning on all systems. The Templars got into their chairs. Zyprus set a picture of a baby girl on the arm rest of the captain's chair. Then the ship launched off for war. The ship sped along the atmosphere, no matter what side of the pacific ocean you were on, you could see the engine's flames as it went up into the upper atmosphere, and out into space. Zyprus checked the radar as the ship broke light speed. Going only eight minutes away, The ship stopped at Jupiter. The Lone Hamiltonian spacecraft grew closer, Then fighters were deployed from the ship. Zyprus turned to the Shipboard AI's holographic head, it was charging weapons. The Templars started to shoot down the incoming spacecrafts, Then Zyprus authorized the Qwerty Cannon, a large gun that could blow a hole through the moon. It hit the Hamiltonian spaceship, destroying it.

    "All hostile contacts destroyed... Scanning the solar system for other hostile crafts... Nothing detected... Qwerty cannon recharging... I would advise return to Earth so that the ship's cannons can recharge."

    "Are you sure that no ships have entered the solar system? Or are in the Solar system?"

    "Yes, Commadner."

    "Then what is that fleet that is inbound doing here?"

    "SIR! Multiple contacts just came out of light speed, at least fifteen Hamiltonian battle cruisers, like the ones we saw back in St Louis... One really big ship coming behind it... The big one is Hamiltonian technology."

    "We have the guns to handle them... Charge weapons!"

    "SIR! Another slip space rupture... This rupture corresponds with Skylar and Jenna's description of Bulwarkian technology!" The AI paused "They are coming at our side. We can't hope to fight both the Hamiltonian Fleet and Bulwarkian Fleet!"

    "Dammit!" Zyprus looked at the bridge crew who were looking at him for his call "We have to hold the line here... At least as long as it would take for Zac to recover and send the rest of the fleet."

    "Sir... My analysis on Zac's condition says that he wont recover in time."

    "Then we will die waiting." Zyprus looked around at the crew who were hesitant to charge weapons "CHARGE WEAPONS!"

    Instantly the crew started to charge weapons, as both fighters and laser cannons launched against the the Templar Blockade Ship.

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Chapter 1

    Zac heard Jenna's sobbing as he regained consciousness. He opened his eyes to the sound of a constant beep that lingered too long from a Electrocardiogram. Zac turned his head to see the Electrocardiogram having the heart rate reading of a straight line. Zac looked around, then saw the tracker was on the bed next to his body.

    "Why are you crying?"

    "H...How are you alive?" Jenna stared at Zac "The heart monitor thingy said that it detected no heart rate."

    "That is because the tracker fell out." Zac held up the tracker "What happened?"

    "First off, that is extremely cheap human technology, like get better methods of keeping the heart rate monitor on." Jenna stared at the machine, then punched her fist right through the machine's monitor Zac smiled "Skylar is outside, waiting for me to walk out... Zyprus took one hundred men and went out to destroy an incoming Hamiltonian scout ship, which I told him not to attack... Jamilia went to join the first contenders... Dennis is in the mission room working on that robotic suit... The Contenders are fairly warned... um... I think that is it."

    "Thanks for not giving an entire history lesson on what happened." Zac smiled putting his feet down on the floor. "It sounds like we have a job to do."

    "You are in no condition to walk."

    "Watch me." Zac stood up for a split second, then Jenna caught him as he fell "I may not be able to walk for now... but I need to reach the hangar. Please bring me there... for Zyprus's sake."

    "Fine." Jenna lifted off the ground and hovered our of the room. Skylar stood up. "He's actually alive!"

    "Wow... I heard the screaming of the Electrocardiogram, I thought he was dead."

    "Skylar, can you go to the Templar reserves, prepare all forces to go up into space."

    "Are you sure space is the best place for you?"

    "Maybe not for me... But Zyprus stands no chance without the rest of the fleet."

    "Alright, I'm already on my way."

    Zac watched Skylar fly down the hallway and down the stairs to the Templar reserves. Zac and Jenna floated down to the hangar door, Zac grabbed a hold of the railing, the computer scanned his eyes.

    "Password please."

    "Fuck." Zac stared at the screen "I must've got a concussion or something... I can't remember it."

    "What do you mean?"

    "I don't know what it could be." Zac  paused "I think this may prove the world's undoing... A stupid concussion... Jenna.. I"

    "Password accepted, Welcome Zac!"

    "How nice of you... The password was my name." Jenna landed Zac in a chair. "Alright we just need to wait for the... Never mind they are here."

    "Chief Petty officer Stan!" Zac called out, a Templar walked out "Get your men inside their proper ship, and get out there to help Commander Zyprus fend off Alien invaders."

    "Yes Sir!" CPO Stan turned to the Templar soldiers "All soldiers! Move to the ship that your CO assigned you! Make haste! We don't have an hour to get out there. Zyprus may have already have fallen. But we are needed for the world's sake!"

    --Change Scene

    Zyprus felt another bolt hit the life support systems.

    "Sir! We cannot take another hit."

    "Sir! They are hailing us!"

    "Answer their hails!" Zyprus stood up to look at the monitor "Nick! Tell all soldiers to get to the escape pods, Only the bridge crew will remain!"

    "Yes sir!"

    "Ah, you are the pesky humans that destroyed the last assault on Earth... Valiant effort on stopping our attack waves, but one ship wont stop the Galaxy Conquest Union fleet!"

    "Unless they have the calvary!"

    "Who the hell just said that?" Zyprus turned towards the communications monitor. "I need answers!"

    "Another Bulwarkian fleet has just arrived."

    "We are not with these Bulwarkians. We are rebels. Here to help the contenders of Earth!"

    "Faith, I should've known you would get involved."

    "Sir, The rebels are the only ones on the line now!"

    "Rebellion fleet... Faith,  our ship is heavily damaged, we will retreat from the ship and detonate the reactor, which should damage the ships surrounding us."

    "Roger, Thanks for the heads up!"

    "Sir, Are we detonating the reactor?"

    "We have no other way."

    "The reactor is ready for detonation!"

    "Everyone! Get to the escape pods, get off this ship! I'll detonate the reactor."

    Zyprus waited fifteen minutes, until the shipboard AI confirmed everyone was off.

    "Blockade AI... Hail the Galaxy Conquest Union!"

    "They are on the line."

    "You fool, we will strike down those pods before they can escape back to Earth."

    "No you wont." Zyprus smiled at the image "You'll be dead."

    "What are you doing, Boy?"

    "I am not a boy." Zyprus pressed the button "I am Commander Zyprus, Maybe your friends that invaded Earth Last time told you of me. I served with the Templar and Impossible Woman!"


    "A worthy sacrifice" Zyprus removed his finger from the button, fire erupted around the bridge, then Zyprus felt cold. "What the hell?"

    "You are one crazy mother fucker." A woman stood up and walked down "General Faith, leader of the Bulwarkian Democracy, Or the Bulwarkian Rebellion."

    "What just happened?"

    "We teleported you onto our ship." Faith turned towards the windows "Your plan worked on about five ships, forty five remain."

    "General! They are turning for an attack run on us!"

    "Charge weapons! Prepare to take down as many ships as possible?"

    "Are you suited to fight them?"

    "This fleet can take down at least two thirds of their fleet... The rest is up to the Planetary Contenders of Earth."

    "Wrong, We can stop them here."

    "Who the hell was that?"

    "Chief Petty Officer Stan, Templar's Fleet. The Templar may not be on board, but his spirits are with us. We will provide the ample support that will destroy this fleet."

    "Ma'am! The capital cruiser is headed towards Earth, They are pushing through!"

    "Follow them!" Faith turned towards her communications operator "Tell the rest of the fleet to stay put."

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Chapter 2

    Zac and Jenna sat in their bedroom, Jenna was holding onto a solar system monitor from the Templar arsenal.

    "Zyprus's ship just went out." Jenna paused "Along with five Hamiltonian ships."

    "What?" Zac looked at the monitor "He's Dead?"

    "I don't know." Jenna paused "Two ships just broke off, The capital ship and another ship that isn't Bulwarkian or Hamiltonian."

    "We have to move." Zac stood up and staggered while he walked. He bumped into the frame of the door. "Alert the Chaplain Brigade... We have to prepare for planetary battle!"

    -- Change Scene

    "Director! We have satellites going off like crazy! Two aliens ships are entering our atmosphere!"

    "Fuck!" Joel turned towards the officer in charge of monitoring atmosphere proximity detectors "I picked the wrong day to stop drinking."

    Everyone watched as Director Joel poured himself a cup of whiskey

    "Alright! Recall all agents, find where they are going to land, and send every agent to that city... Hell! Alert the President and the UN!"

    "We are already on it!"

    "God dammit where is Steve when we need him."

    "Right here, Director!" A monitor came up with Steve driving a Humvee down a road towards the city "Saturn alerted us that the alien ship was going to land in Austin Texas! The contenders are on their way, I called to ask if we could get some support from PAND."

    "We are deploying every agent in the arsenal to Austin right now. Hold the line, we will be there soon." Joel sighed as the monitor went out, he turned to a group of advisors "What are our options?"

    "Nuclear Missiles?"

    "No, it is too close to a civilian population."

    "And it didn't work in independence day." A female agent pointed out as she walked by "Sorry, I'll get back to work."

    "Any other options?"

    "We don't have any sir... The Templar promised he was prepared for this."

    "Where the hell is he?"

    "Injured." A woman in armor appeared "The name is Queen Vienna, Valkyrie Queen, My forces will help you..."

    "Well, it may not be enough... These aliens are coming in with a rather large ship, we can't get a reading on it."

    "Director! One of the ships just crashed down!" Steve was back on the phone "The Entire city is covered in rubble... We have Lightning Bolt on the scene looking for survivors!"

    "Now can we nuke the ship?"

    "No." Joel turned towards his advisors "These are advanced aliens, don't you think a nuclear explosive wouldn't hurt them?"

    "Sir! We have multiple more ships entering the atmosphere, One is above London, another is above DC, and a third is above Kansas City!"


    "Alright." Joel turned to his phone operator "Tell Kansas City to evacuate. A warhead is being primed to hit the ship there."

    "Yes, Sir."

    "It is the god damn end of the world." Joel stared at the monitor as several large blips appeared on the map of the world "And I am the one leading the attempts to stop it."

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