Psychic Investigator


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  In the year 2035, a rare genetic anomaly was discovered. This anomaly caused parts of the brain to change, thus allowing the patients to see beyond our dimension of 3D. With this ability, according to testimony, this allowed patients to see the paranormal, in sense, allegedly allowing them to see ghosts and spirits. In this discovery, only certain scientific minds believe in the testimonies due to the non physical evidence that could prove and/or verify the possibility of the paranormal existence. However, a few of the minority believe, but most of them are placed in psych wards. The other portion of the minority do not voice their opinion. This abnormality, in very few people, has left them shunned to society as many have believed they were simply delusional even though there is evidence of their rare genetic makeup. 
   Now, in present day, Kira Underwood's life has just become a little bit more hectic then the usual; running from ghosts, demons, and not to mention Detective Zen Rudy.  
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