The Watchers


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“Kyle! Skyler! Put that down!” I shrieked, scrambling off of the couch to pry the scissors from their sticky hands. Babysitting is awful , especially when it is for a pair of twin boys who are more akin to monsters than children. “I told you, no scissors.”

I ushered them back to the playroom, and handed them each a crayon. “Why don’t you keep drawing? I will make a snack. If you are good, you get cookies!”

Cherubic smiles lit their chubby faces, and they chirped, “We’ll be good!” in unison, then began scribbling on the piles of paper covering the floor. I’ll believe it when I see it. I thought to myself, as went to make lunch.

The sandwiches were almost done when the chatter and laughter from the two hellions went quiet.

Abrupt silence in a room with rambunctious children is always a sign of trouble.

Expecting the worst, I hurried to their room. They were still sprawled on the floor, industriously scribbling away. I sighed and went to finish making lunch.

I returned a few moments later with the food, and set it on the playroom table. “All right, guys, come and get it!”

They ignored me. Brats.

“Skyler, Kyle, it’s time for lunch. Let’s go wash up.” They continued to draw, and I walked over. “Boys?”

They had spread papers everywhere, so I reached down and picked one up. A single image was in the center; a crude sketch of an eye. I dropped to my knees and pawed through the papers; each one was covered in the same image. The eye.

Creepy. I tried to get their attention again. I reached out to take the crayon from Skyler. He didn’t look up, just growled low in his throat, slightly baring his teeth. I gulped and stood up. “I am calling your mother!”

The threat of tattling usually did the trick, but they continued to scribble, appearing more and more frantic. I was about to dial when the phone rang in my hand. “Hello?” I practically whimpered.

“It’s Diane, what are the boys doing? Are they okay?” Mrs. Jones was almost shouting, and I could hear panic in her voice.

“They’re… drawing. It’s like they can’t hear me. Skyler growled at me!” I was near tears. “Have they done this before?”

“I am on my way home. It’s everywhere. Children everywhere are drawing eyes. I don’t know what it means. I will be there soon. Be care-” the phone abruptly cut out.

I clutched the phone, and looked at the twins. They were drawing on the walls. Enormous eyes. The eyes were everywhere, now. Scattered across the room.

“Why are you doing this?” I whispered, not expecting an answer.

Kyle looked up from his work. “They are watching. They see everything.” He never stopped drawing, though he was staring at me. Through me.

“Who? Who is watching?” I cried, taking a step back.

He smiled. “You’ll see.”


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