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Patchwork family

 Muse A comes from a small rich family of business business and nothing but business. Ever since their family's company  struck gold, the love just wasn't there anymore. They suffered years of their parents trying to squash their creativity and put them into the line of business, years of their so called "friends" and "lovers" being stolen from them by their bitchy pice of crap twin, years of raising their younger sibling  for their parents since they were too busy bathing in the money they made. And Muse A had enough of it. As soon as Muse A was able to, they moved out of their parents mansion outside of the city and into an apartment, were they worked their ass off in a small self made graphic design company (if you can call a single person a company). 

Muse B comes from a large family of hard workers and love. They've  always had money but not much due to the sheer size of their still growing  family. Their family never really liked the line of business so they never really started their own until Muse B was born. The family started a restaurant when Muse B was 5 years old, bringing in more money for them to live off of. Muse B was the 10th child   And a smart one at that. they got straight A's and And were at the top of their classes throughout their university years. Now thirty and living away from the family home with their own career.

One day Muse B needs a logo to put on a business card so they go to Muse A (the best graphic designer in town). They meet up at a local cafe and start to talk business, which soon leads to a conversation about something they have in common, which ends up in a talk about life. Hours later (which seemed like only minutes) they have to get out of the cafe because it's closing time, Muse B gives Muse A their contact information and they part ways for the night. 

The next day Muse A calls Muse B meaning to ask them something about the logo but it eventually turns into another conversation about random things, after a while Muse A tells Muse B to meet them at the cafe the next day so they can talk more. When they hang up Muse A realizes that they never got an answer for their question and scolds themselves about getting caught up. while Muse B only beams at the thought of meeting Muse A again (even though they saw each other only yesterday).

Pretty soon the meet ups get more and more frequent until they're meeting almost every weekend, in the same coffee shop, at the same table. They eventually trade personal numbers and addresses after one particular talk about Muse B's bitty, the logo long forgotten. 

Years later the two are basically inseparable. What happens when Muse A's family and past enemies start to butt into the picture? Will they hold strong and protect Muse B? Or will they crack under pressure and fail to save what matters most

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Patchwork family


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