The School Of Magic


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Chapter one

The thick and heavy rain pounded off every surface it touched. The sky was black and there was not a single light in sight except the streetlights but they made no difference. It always rained in Oxford, it was after all in the United Kingdom which was known for it's dreadful. A woman was hurriedly walking down an alleyway somewhere in Oxford. She was wearing a midnight blue travelling cloak which had been fastened tightly. You would perhaps be able to hear the click of her heels if that were at all possible. Well it could be, if you had superhuman hearing. The woman reached the end of the alleyway and made a sharp right which took her on to a path leading to a small stone bridge that crossed a lake which was spitting water. The woman continued to walk for ten more minutes before turning down another heavily graffitied alleyway. At the end was a brick wall covered in ivy. You could make out writing that read. 'CAZZA WAS HEAR N HE RULZ' The woman tapped the wall with her finger and it suddenly began to crumble until there was a large archway.

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 Chapter one: letters: Maleficent escapes prison befriends all villains learn what the plan is.

Chapter two:

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