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 What gave you the idea for this particular story ? 

Well I was lying in bed and trying to think of another story idea as I am also currently working on five other novels and each one is completely irrelevant to my untitled one so far. So I was trying to think and I already knew that I wanted it to have a magic school, I was thinking so hard when I got the idea of Rosemary and Elizabeth's rivalry. I began to work from there and I had more ideas as I wrote on and now I've probably got most of it planned out.

Would ever consider writing a sequel ? 

Of course I would. I was convinced that I wouldn't before but the idea of a series has grown on me and now I am just covering the basics of the sequel of my untitled novel. 

What are genres of your other stories ?

I have a prehistoric one, a horror/thriller, a fantasy, another fantasy and another fantasy and another fantasy.

What author inspires you the most ? 

I'd say I'm mostly inspired by J.K Rowling because she was a single mother with hardly any money to her name before she had a single thought which she transformed into something much, much larger and now she has successfully published around nine books and there are eight movies based on them. She is a millionaire now and she is kindly enough to donate a lot of her money towards charity. So in a nutshell I think J.K Rowling is the most inspiring author in my own opinion.

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Chapter one...

As the rain fell down onto the dark street that was only lit by the barely working lamp-posts, a young woman appeared out of no where with a wish. She wearing a royal blue travelling cloak. She quickly raised her head and searched the damp street. She was quite alone. And she then set  along the path that led her towards a bridge that crossed a lake which was splattering water as the heavy rain hit it.The woman walked  for a short period of time when she eventually reached an overgrown hedge that had a few berries in it. The woman took a few of them, she felt that she would perhaps feel the need to use them for whatever reason. The woman raised her arm and put it into the depths of her cloak and she then brought it back out but with a long wand clutched in her hand. The woman had to check that there was definitely no one nearby that could see her. And she was still alone. The woman raised her right hand the one with the wand in it and muttered something that was not audible as the rain continued to crash down. But as soon as the words had left the woman's mouth the hedge began to retreat back into the ground until there was an archway for the woman's to cross. The woman stepped forward and began to walk again and distinctively heard the hedge regrow again. The woman was now walking down an a path but the woman could only see forward as the hedge towered over her at her left and right. The woman walked a few mkre minutes passed and by then the rain wasn't so heavy, but the woman raised her head and now saw what she was looking for. It was a handsome, black mansion that the woman could tell by theWindows had four floors to it. The woman had now entered a garden and the lime green grass spread out over the house and in the middle there was a fountain which had currently been turned off. The woma still continued forward until she reached the front door which was plain black and had a huge brass knocker on it. The woman raised her arm and grasped the knocker and knocked three times. Barely ten seconds had passed when the door opened to reaves like an old hunchbacked man who had small beady eyes and his hair was a cloudy grey.

'You?' He gasped raising an ancient looking finger at the woman who nodded. The old man beckoned in the woman who proceeded through the door and after the man had shut it the woman lowered the hood if her cloak. She was quite beautiful she had blonde hair which was in a tight bun and she had Bright gold eyes  which twinkled if you looked closely enough. She had high cheekbones and a slightly large nose. She opened her mouth and spoke with such beauty. 'I assume you know why I'm here?' The old man nodded and spoke in a harsh whisper. 'Would you like me to take your cloak ma'am?'

'Please' the woman replied as she shrugged off her cloak which was now drenched with water. She had been wearing a blue strapless dress which fell to her ankles and she wore blue high heeled shoes.The man limped over to her and took the cloak off her. He glared at her for a few moments then turned around and scurried off down the hall until he reached the end and turned a corner and he disappeared from sight. The woman looked around the entrance hall she was standing in. It was quite dark except from a lamp which flickered up ahead. There was a marble staircase at the centre of the room and the floor was made of stone and the walls where covered in life sized portraits which had people in them. The hunchbacked man returned and he was wheezing a little, he carried a lantern which was quite bright. 'If you'll follow me' the old man whispered. And the stared to descend the marble staircase. They both walked down halls which covered most of the stone floor. Deciding to try and make conversation the woman cleared her throat and said politely. 'I heard you and your wife recently had a child, congratulations. Quill was the name right?' The woman thought for a moment that the man never acknowledged what she had said as he never looked at her but he then nodded. The woman looked away from the hunchback. She was just going to be quiet now. They walked for a few more minutes and then the man gestured ahead where there was a black wooden door. When the woman reached it she placed her hand on the silver knob and she twisted it and the door swinged open. The woman was now in what looked like a large drawing room. There was a long table in the middle of the room. More portraits were plastered on the walls and at the end of the room the wall was completely covered in glass. The woman looked up to see a huge crystal chandelier which was placed right over the table. There was another woman standing at  the side of the room and the woman never even noticed her until she had cleared her throat. The other woman was wearing a long black dress which hid her feet completely. She had waist length black hair and her eyes were a bright green. Apart from the hair and eyes both woman looked quite similar. 'Good evening, Rosemary.' The one in black spoke. 'And to you too, Elizabeth.' Replied the one in blue both woman stared at each other for a few minutes before Elizabeth spoke. 'So why have you decided to visit me, sister?, I thought you wanted nothing more to do with me.'

'I think you know why I'm here tonight,sister' said Rosemary in a soft tone 'I'm here to try and persuade you not to take over this land.' 

'I'm sure I have no idea what your talking about.'

'Please sister don't lie, rumours have been flying that you have indeed conceived a plan to try and rule the human world.'

Elizabeth smiled a little and slowly walked across the room until she was face to face with her sister and whispered. 'Why on earth would you care?, you were after all the one who sent me here in exile'

Rosemary had been expecting to hear this excuse.' I know that, sister and you know why you are here, because you had succumbed to the darkness. I assume you are aware of the tale of how we got our family curse?' Elizabeth nodded but Rosemary continued. 'Many centuries ago a young woman by the name of Winifred Sanderson she discovered an emerald one day when she had decided to go a swim in the lake in this very town with her friends. She picked up the emerald and admired it and as she turned the jewell thrice in her hand she was dragged into a portal which took her off to another realm. She landed in the sea and she had been rescued by a pirate by the name of Jalem. Winnifred soon discovered that she had been taken to a place called Chrisolm. Winnifred explored the land and soon came upon a house in the woods which looked neglected and abandoned.Naturally she wanted to take refuge in it. Winnifred entered the house and looked around and she had not been expecting an old  blind witch to starting screaming at Winnifred. The witch  was angry at Winifred for trying to ''steal'' her home. The witch considered killing Winifred but decided not to instead she hexed Winifred who instantly became a witch too. Winifred lived with the witch as a slave for a few years but what the witch didn't realise was that Winifred was getting more powerful, more powerful than the blind witch herself. The blind witch had to kill her servant and attempted it and both of them were in a duel which resulted in the witches death and Winifred claimed the blind witches wand. And this wand is rumoured to be the most powerful one of all time. Winifred instantly became feared among the town residents. She had appeared at a town meeting and killed the mayor and claimed that spot. She took over the whole of fairytale land and she was believed invincible. But there was still one person that knew that Winifred had one weakness, power, she had told this to none other than the blind witch herself. She had write a letter which explained how the witch had feared that Winifred was getting more powerful and it explained how Winifred's weakness was power. She had always been eager to learn about magic and she never cared how dangerous it was really was. The letter was found by two children who happened to find the letter in the witches deserted house in the woods. The children returned to town and immediatly sought one person. This person has no name but she claimed that she could definitely kill Winifred. So she and the town decided that she was going to try and lure Winifred in to the town square where there was apparently a magical creature that no one recognised. The plan worked Winifred was curious and she and the nameless lady travelled to the town square where Winifred was ambushed. Winifred was wandless and defenceless and she was tied at a post in the middle of the square. She screamed empty threats to the townsfolk who all crowded around her and the nameless lady walked over to her and placed wood all around Winifred. She then got out a math and kit the wood which burst into flames. The flames became frozen and they disappeared and Winifred was limp as she had clearly passed out but she then began to twitch and she started screaming and when she opened her eyes again they were nothing but pure whiteness. She then spoke in a voice quite unlike her own. She pointed at the nameless lady who stood in front of her quite transfixed and Winifred said that every descendant of the nameless lady's family will wait until the day they turn eighteen and if their hearts are pure they will become good decent witches but if their hearts are actually full of anger revenge and evil, then they will become the darkest witches anyone has ever seen before. Then Winifred's eyes became her normal brown and her voice became normal again. She was not aware that she had just cursed generations of children. The flames reappeared and Winifred was burned to death. The nameless lady soon became famous for the defeat of Winifred. She soon married a man who she had worked with in a tavern, and the nameless lady soon became pregnant. Out of all the emotions she felt she only felt fear, fear for the curse. The nameless lady was scared that the curse would be true so she and her husband moved away and they moved to an island. The nameless lady soon had her baby and the day she turned eighteen, the daughter became a witch but a good one and this went on for centuries and then you were born and when you turned eighteen you changed your hair went from blonde to black and you weren't as nice to people as were before and you were the first evil witch in our family Elizabeth.' Elizabeth looked quite shocked.

'You think I'm evil?!

Rosemary couldn't help but feel sorry for the fact that Elizabeth's eyes had suddenly began swimming with tears.

'Of course not, sister.' Rosemary said in a reassuring voice.' Although I know that you didn't become a good one like me either.'

Elizabeth blinked back her tears as she whispered. 'I've heard the story before but it's different the way you tell it, it's just that we had been so close when we were children but the moment I turned eighteen mother and father besides themselves with fear decided to lock me up in the dungeons and not only when I was able to control my powers and break out I discover that our parents had died and you had become eighteen and you were not evil but pure. Then I also found out that mother had left you something in her will, and that was the the wand in your story the most powerful wand of all time. Of course this enraged me, I was the oldest and you got the wand so began to look for you and sought to kill you. And I find you in your palace that you had conjured for yourself. And when we meet I did have second thoughts on killing you but I see the wand in your hand and remind myself that I need it to become the greatest witch. So we then duel and I am ashamed to say that I lost and you won. You of course couldn't bring yourself to kill em or have me killed so instead you Spanish me to the land that no magic exists. You made me this home and you gave me my wand back hoping that I would no longer use it for my own personal gain. I became depressedm I felt guilty about what I had done and I realise that I was evil. If I had won that duel I would definitely killed you, and I realised that I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I had. I needed a servant so I travelled for a while looking for someone who would truly devote themselves to me and it was when I was in Paris and I decided to visit Notre Dame and that's when I met this oath' Elizabeth pointed at the hunchback who was sulking in the corner of the room. 'and he's been looking after me ever since I have to admit he is a good servant although he has become quite old. He isn't magical like us,we do not age but he does and I fear that I think that I will probably have to begin to look for another servant.'  Rosemary's golden eyes met Elizabeth's green ones and Rosemary said in her softest voice. 'Please don't do this, I know what your planning.' Elizabeth gazed at Rosemary and then she just snorted. 'Why do you care what my plans are,sis, if you were smart enough you would have sent me somewhere different than here.'

'I was a fool, I should have foreseen-'

'Yes you should have now you are going to have to pay the price for your idiocy.' Rosemary glared at her sister and turned around to face the wooden door. 

'Your leaving?'

Rosemary turned around and laughed.

'Oh yes I'm leaving, I think I know a lost cause when I see one. I do find it a shame that you can't fight against the darkness but you still insist on ruling over the human world. But be warned I shall attempt to do everything in my power to stop you.'

Elizabeth's laughter echoed across the room.

'You stop me, i would like to see you try. There's just another thing, why do you care what happens to the humans so much?'

'I feel that because you possess magical blood and they don't isn't quite fair that your going to be fighting against them, but I will be fighting for them and I am not afraid to fight you sister.'

Elizabeth looked taken aback as she walked over to Rosemary.

'I see that you have chosen your side sister.'

'And I you.'

Elizabeth glared at Rosemary and she cupped her hands around her face.

'So this is it then, you have chosen to act as the humans fairy godmother then.'

'Yes.' Replied Rosemary.

Elizabeth took her hands away from Rosemary's face and began to walk backwards away from Rosemary.

'I'm disappointed in you, sister, I hope one day you come to your senses but until then the battle has just begun.'

'Indeed it has, sister. Now if you don't mind I really have to get back to my school.'

'Oh yes your precious school were you teach your students how to be pure and gallant and brave.'

'Yes that's the one, you know I think maybe you should apply to it because your neither of those things.'

Elizabeth whipped around again and began to scream.


Rosemary smiled and turned around to open the door when a jet of blue light narrowly missed Rosemary's head and hit the door, blasting it to smithereens. Rosemary took out her wand and bellowed 'SPIRIATO.' The spell hit at Elizabeth directly in the chest and Elizabeth was blasted from the ground and she flew into the air and she landed in the crystal chandelier which suddenly cracked and began to fall. Peices of crystal went flying in all directions, a peice gashed Rosemary's cheek which she healed instantly with a wave of her wand.

Elizabeth was stirring in the wreckage and she began to moan and Rosemary knelt down beside her.

'Sister I truly am sorry, I didn't come here for I fight but you brought this on yourself.'

Elizabeth focuses her eyes on Rosemary but remained silent. Rosemary got to her feet, clicked her fingers and her cloak came zooming through the place where a door should be. The hunchback servant had began screaming in angriness about having to clean the mess. 

'I regret it.' Rosemary said and she turned on her heels and left the room. She continued down the dark hallways and Rosemary noticed that the portraits were moving inside their frames and were bellowing insults after Rosemary. She began to go down the marble staircase nut before she could reach the entrance door Rosemary took out her wand and as she waved it she said 'Recludo.' And the door swang open and Rosemary went through it. She walked down the alley and when she reached the blocked exit she said with a flick of her wand 'Novato.'

The hedge sank back into the ground and Rosemary continued forwards and as soon as she was in the damp street she spun around and disappeared into thin air with a whoosh.

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Chapter two...

 Rosemary appeared in an office which was plastered with portraits of witches who used to be the schools most successful students. The floors were carpeted and they were a deep red. The walls were white with decorations on them such as moons and stars and their was even little incantations in several places. Rosemary was pacing the office and thinking deeply to herself. She had not thought that the nights events would end as they had. Rosemary never really intended to hurt Rosemary's feelings or make fun of her or blast her into a chandelier she had travelled there to try to reason with Elizabeth. Dread fills Rosemary. Elizabeth wouldn't possibly care what Rosemary had to say she was most definitely enraged by what happened and she is now possibly trying to think on how she is exactly going to kill her.

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Chapter three...

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Chapter four...

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Chapter five...

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Chapter six...

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