The Secrets And Lies Of Maynord Manor


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Hello. My name is Hilary Taylor. Thank you for picking up my book. I have decided to share my story regarding Maynard Manor: Mental Asylum For The Crimanly Insane. I hope when you read this you will all understand that the world isn't at all a friendly place. There are monsters and demons here that live within people. The world is a dreadful place to be. I could be dead right now but I'm not. I am a survivor and I chose to live. Although what's the point. You know the funny thing about life is no matter how selfless you are, no matter how much of a decent person you are. No survives in the end.

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Chapter one.

I nervously shuffled towards my boss's door. I hadn't yet given in my report about gender equalities. There was going to be an article about it in the newspaper. I had been busy. Okay I wasn't, I forgot. But hopefully Mr. Sullivan will be understanding about it. He is quite a frightening man. But only when he is angered. 

I am a reporter. Quite a good one at that. But only on a rare occasion my mind is so clouded I forget. It wasn't like I hadn't started it, it was halfway done on my desk in my apartment.

I rapped the door with me knuckles.

"Come in." Mr. Sullivan called.

I opened the door and entered the office.

It was a large room which was painted grey and the floor had a deep red carpet. To the left side of the room was three large filing cabinets that were overflowing and to the right side of the room was three mahogany bookshelves. Right in front of me was a chair and it was facing a desk, there was a typewriter and more files on it. Mr. Sullivan sat with a cigar in his mouth on his telephone. He was obviously angry, he always mostly is. 

"I don't care that it was unintentional but all I am saying is that if the situation isn't handled by tomorrow evening then I will personally make sure that your affair appears on page one! Do you understand me?"

Mr. Sullivan smirked. "If course it will be, I am glad you could be cooperative , you have yourself a nice day now."

Mr. Sullivan hung up the phone and smiled broadly at me.

"Ah, Hilary, just the woman I wanted to see.''

I felt extremely uncomfortable, I didn't want to be the one to put Mr. Sullivan out of his unusual good mood.

"I'm terribly sorry sir but you see he thing is... I have been so wrapped up in something going home at home and I have left it halfway finished but I can promise you it by tomorrow."

Mr. Sullivan's smile disappeared and his brow creased.

"Now see here, Hilary. This is now your sixth report not in on time and I am still waiting on one, two now. I think that you have lost your touch. When you came here you were the most  enthusiastic little thing ever but now you are dull and zombie-like. I think that maybe I should let you go for a little while and you can leave with full pay. How about that?''

I sat there for a minute in silence. I was shocked.

"Don't sugar coat it for me mr. Sullivan. Am I being fired?"

Mr. Sullivan sighed.

"Yes, Hilary, you are."

I shook my head in disbelief. 

"I am the best thing to have happened to this place in a while and you know that."

"You were but as I said, years of work here has changed that."

I felt tears swell in my eyes. I felt like I had punched in the stomach with an iron fist. What was I going to do. I was twenty three years old and living in a little apartment.

"Is there anything I could do."

"I'm afraid not.'

"Please give me one more chance to prove I still have it in me and I will not disappoint you at all."

Jerry sighed again and looked up at me with pitiful eyes.

"There is a story I would like you to take a look at."

I gasped. "Oh of course mr Sullivan, anything."

"There have been several reports of Maynard manor."

"The asylum?"

"Exactly. We've had calls claiming that the patients there are treated with only so much cruelty and neglect one could imagine."

"And you'd like me to investigate."

"Yes. And I mean it Hilary, this is your last chance."

"I won't ruin it, sir. I promise."

"Good. Now leave me, I have a telephone to make."

I didn't need a telling twice I shot up and darted out of the office and into my own. 

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