The Scarlet Scars


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Chapter one...

Jennifer sat peacefully on her bed next to her best friend Isla. Isla and Jennifer had been watching a scary film: scream. Isla was curled up under the duvet, terrified. 

"Isla come on it wasn't that scary."

"Well I think it was, there is something so real to it. Do you know what I mean?"

Jennifer turned her head and smirked.

"No I don't."

"Well it's just that this is about someone who kills off thei friends in revenge. I mean that can happen to anyone, you just snap and you kill all your friends."

Jennifer looked a bit concerned.

"You're overthinking this, Isla. It was just a film. Now come on we need to get ready for the party." 

Islas face lit up. 

"Oh, yes, the masquerade ball. I almost forgot, did you get your costume?"

"Yeah, I was finally able to pick one, I got it yesterday."

"Okay let's get ready."

McCulloch Boarding School were throwing a Masquearade Ball for charity. Every girl was looking forward to it. All the girls weren't aloud to drink any alcohol but none of them cared. They would probably all end up wasted. Jennifer Osborne and Isla McDermott were only planning to get a little bit tipsy, they didn't want headaches in the morning, well Isla didn't, Jennifer planned on drinking till she thought she was in China but Isla had begged her not to she Jennifer agreed.

A few hours later Jennifer came out from the bathroom and she was gorgeous. She wore a black and white mini dress. She also wore black heels and a black and white eye mask with feather coming from the top of it. Her blonde hair was straightened to her back and you could make out her brown eyes gleaming from behind the mask. 

"Oh my god." Isla said in awe.

Jennifer grinned. 

"I know, I'm beautiful." 

Isla wore a long,black, strapless dress. It had peacock feather designs in it. She didn't wear a mask because they made her face itch. Her red hair was pulled up.

Jennifer held out her hand. And Isla took it and Jennifer grinned. 

"Come on then."

They left the room and walked down the hall. Isla jumped out of her skin as a door swung open to her left. A few girls appeared. They were all giggling, maybe they had a bit to drink already. They stopped when they saw Jennifer and Isla. 

"Oh, sorry, didn't meant to startle you."

Jennifer smiled at the middle of the girls and said. 

"It's all right Scarlett, are you going to the ball right now?"

"Yes, we are, why?"

"Just be careful."

Scarlett stared wide eyed at Jennifer and the girl to her right stood forward.

"What's that that supposed to mean?"

"Eva, Eva, eva, stop trying to scare me because I will just make it worse for you."

Jennifer took off and Isla was almost jogging to keep up with her.

"What was all that about. What did you mean by that?"

"Don't worry about it, Isla."

"Well I am. Did you just threaten her."

Jennifer grabbed Islas wrists. 

"Look I was only joking, okay, so can you just drop it."

"Em, sure, sorry."

Jennifer let go of Islas wrist and walked away. Isla stared after and and followed.

"Jennifer, wait!" She yelled.

Jennifer began to run and she reached the grand staircase. Jennifer hurried down it. Isla ran too and tried to follow Jennifer but when she looked down the staircase, she was gone. 


Isla hurried down the stairs and ran into the main hall. The ball had already taken place. The lights were turned different colours and the music was playing. Everyone was dancing. Isla wanted to find Jennifer. Isla spotted her. She was standing nearby, watching the group of girls that scared us earlier. The girls were just standing there, they were all laughing and dancing. They girls were the most popular girls in our school. They're names were: Scarlett King, Eva Monteur. Angelique Lopez, and Juliet Montgomery. It's a bit strange how each of them are all from different parts of the world. Scarlett was born here, In Britain. Eva is French. Angelique is from Spain. And Juliet is from Hollywood. Scarlett is actually quite a nice person and she doesn't give you daggers every time they look at you unlike Eva who is the biggest bitch ever. She is a proper psycho and if you even touch her she tries to hit you. Once someone took her shoes and Eva knew about it so she shoved her down the stairs. Completely psycho. She is also a liar. She lies about everything. She seems completely nice to the teachers but everyone knows it's an act. Even her second name means 'liar' in French.

Angelique is a complete nut case. She is extremely pretty but she doesn't talk much and she can just stare out you for hours. 

Juliet is just the same as Scarlett, she is quite nice and will smile at you  whe pass her in the corridor. Jennifer is probably the only person who thinks they are all a joke. 

Isla hurried over to Jennifer trying to dodge everyone she passed. Someone grabbed her arm and twisted it. Isla spun around. There was someone there. They were wearing a plain long black dress and was wearing back platform heels. They were wearing an emerald green cloak and the hood was up. The person was also wearing a metal, riveted, joker mask. Isla tried to pull her arm away but she couldn't. The person was extremely strong. 

"Let...go...of me." Someone came from behind Isla and shoved the person holding her.

"What do you think your doing, creep!"

It was Jennifer.

The person let go of Isla and swung around and walked away. Jennifer turned towards Isla.

"Are you okay!"

"Yeah I think s..."

Isla had looked down at her wrist and it was bruised already. Jennidpfer gasped.

"Oh my god." She said looking back behind her shoulder.

"I can't even feel it, I'm fine."

"Come on let's go outside."

Jennifer took Isla's hand and led her to the double glass doors that led outside. The girls strolled over to the edge of the cliff and stared at the ocean. It was a beautiful scene. The moon was shining and the water was peaceful. Jennifer was fuming.

"Who even was that, why would they do it?"

"I don't know, but I'm fine."

"Are you sure because you know I'll go back in there and punch the little skank."

"Yes Jenny im fine."


Jennifer calmed a little and looked Isla in the eyes.

"Sorry about before I was just a little pissed."

"It's fine."

Jennifer smiled and turned her head a little and frowned. She opened her mouth and shouted.

"Oi, what do you want!?"

Isla turned too and it was the cloaked person in the jester mask. They just stood there. Jennifer let go of Islas hand and started for the person. 

"Jennifer, no!"

Jennifer shook of Isla and walked over to the cloaked figure. Isla hurried after her. Jennifer was face to face with her but the masked person was a little taller because of her heels. Jennifer pointed a finger into the jesters chest.

"If you ever hurt my friend again, I'll hurt you ten times worse. Do you understand me?"

The jester tilted her head a little but didn't say anything.

"Are you deaf or something, I just asked you question."

The jester stayed silent so Jennifer reached up and tried to take off the mask. The jester grabbed Jennifer's hand and whipped back her cloak taking something out of an inside pocket. It was a dagger. Jennifer grunted as she tried hard to pull away. The jester tool out the dagger and waved it in Jennifer's face. Isla was screaming furiously but Jennifer was laughing. 

"Put it down honey before you hurt yourself."

The jester pulled back her arm and plunged the dagger right into Jennifer's stomach.

"NO!" Isla screamed. 

Jennifer wasn't smiling anymore and she one hand on her stomach where there was a fountain of blood. And one hand was on the jesters shoulder for support. Jennifer turned around and began to walk away. The jester walked right past Isla and followed Jennifer. Isla was now crying and she ran back to the glass doors but they were locked. They curtains were pulled across so no one could see her and no one could hear her because the music was playing loudly. Isla pounded on the glass but no one came. She turned her head and looks at a horrible scene. Jennifer was screaming. She was lying on the grass and the jester was sitting on top of her plunging the dagger into her stomach. 

One,two,three...ten, Isla got to before she shut her eyes. Maybe the front doors were open Isla thought to herself. She ran around the side of the school and she was at the main front wooden doors. Isla pulled on the handle and they opened. Isla sighed with relief and ran inside. She went over to the main hall doors but they were locked too and no one on the inside seemed to notice. Isla turned and ran up the grand staircase. Isla was in the middle of the stairs when there was a scraping noise. Isla stopped and slowly turned around. The Jester was standing next to the door scraping her knife on the door. Isla stood for another second when the jester started running up the stairs. Isla screamed and turned around and there was a sudden pain in her back. Isla stopped and touched her back. The dagger was sticking out of it. Isla took the dagger out and she felt the blood rushing down her back. Isla stumbled further up the stairs and when she was at the top the jester grabbed her and turned her around. Isla was sobbing hard.


The jester plunged the dagger right into Islas forehead. 

Isla closed her eyes and the tears streamed down her cheeks. The jester pulled out the dagger and let go of Isla. Isla only saw darkness and she fell to the fell. She was dead within seconds.

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Chapter two ...

Scarlett King was shaken furiously awake by her best friend and roommate, Eva Monteur.

"What is it Eva?"

"Scarlett, you need to get up."


"Headmistress Anderson needs us in the Main Hall, now."


"The police are here."

Scarlett opened her eyes and looked at Eva who was staring uncomfortably at her feet. Eva was already dressed.

"Eva... Why are the police here?"

"Well I don't know if it's true but apparently there has been a... Murder."

Scarlett shot up.


"No one knows yet so hurry up and get dressed, quickly."

Scarlett felt quesy.


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