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Travhen was thrown out of their tiny town. Following an elf on their wanderings and a journey of self-discovery, this story is guaranteed to be just as ridiculous as it sounds.

Escape from the Spotlight

Doran Titus doesn't like being the center of attention. He would much rather be caring for the animals at his family's sanctuary. When he barely survives an accident, Doran becomes the focus of a nosy reporter, a wealthy magnate, and a classmate hoping to springboard off Doran’s brush with death to ascend to class presidency. The...

Book 1- Man with Many Faces

First book of the series. When his allies were poisoned and brainwashed by his enemy, demon Morphus, Sabgyn Finnerman thought that life couldn't get worse than that. Turns out he was wrong, it could get much, much worse. When he finds himself possessed by countless spirits of the dead, he has only one thing he needs to do- infiltrate...

The Antidote

When eighteen-year-old Mia survives a mass shooting at her high school she is left traumatised and confused. The shooter is her best friend. She attends college where she is the only witness to the murder of a man, who unknown to her, is working for a secret organisation to produce a genetically modified virus. As he dies he transfers...

Tales of The Realm

Two children share memories of their lives, and in doing so open the door to a dark but beautiful realm. In this land imagination becomes reality, dreams become possibilities, and the dark recesses of their souls become the most frightening of enemies. Three stories spanning more than thirty years, Tales of The Realm follows the...


A life short-lived does not include the following: Fast cars, sunshine, grape juice, and red eyes. But both living and dying include the tall one with the black eyes, following you from among the trees.