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To my family, for not insisting that I get a ‘real’ job so that I can have time to write (even though most of the time they didn’t know what it is I was writing).


To my friends, for always asking when I’m going to publish. I’m published now.


To fan fiction writers, for the excruciating feels that kept me up most of the night; you made reading a joy again.

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     Taylor releases a shaky breath as Jacob thrusts deeply, languidly into him from behind. He’s on Jacob’s lap, holding himself up against Jacob’s thighs. There are four red marks across his chest from where Jacob’s nails dragged along his sensitive skin. He doesn’t feel the pain, though. He can only feel the sublime brush of Jacob’s thick length against his prostrate. He’s trying to be quiet and that effort only serves to intensify the sensation of the stretch of his body around Jacob as he sinks deeper. Jacob seems to be struggling as well. Taylor can feel him tightening his hold around his waist and muffling his moans against his back.

     Taylor shifts in Jacob’s lap causing Jacob to shudder violently beneath him. He does it again, rolling his hips to meet Jacob’s thrust and it has Jacob cussing softly, sinking his teeth into Taylor’s slick skin.  It’s almost too much – the grip on his waist is suffocating, the breath in his ear is smoldering. Without the usual song of whine and moan, everything is too loud: the wet slide of the thrust, the wild pulse in their veins, the harsh lash of hitched breath.

     They build a steady rhythm to Jacob’s punctuated hums but soon Taylor hangs his head down, loose hair falling where it isn’t plastered to his skin with sweat. He’s losing the arm strength holding him up; he’s losing the grinding rhythm of his hips against Jacob. He’s losing control of the pleasure coiling in his pelvis and Jacob hasn’t even touched his cock. He takes Jacob’s hand in his, stroking his cock lazily and soon enough he’s coming, spurting warm white cum in their hands.

     As the frenzy of sensation dulls, he starts to feel the pinch of the scratch marks across his chest and the bite marks on his shoulder. He can also feel the warmth of Jacob’s cum pool inside him and clenches twice to milk him dry. Taylor leans back against Jacob, spent and sated, enjoying the sloppy kisses being pressed on his neck. He turns to get some of those kisses on his lips, sharing a kiss that’s slow and measured

     Their bliss is interrupted by an irritated hiss from the sleeping bag next to them. “Fuck! Aren’t you guys done yet? No wonder no one wanted to share a tent with you guys. You’re such assholes.”

    Taylor's laugh is muted against the pillow as Jacob gently pushes him to lie down. Jacob’s chest is warm against his back, his lips soft against the shell of his ear. “Sorry,” Taylor says, covering the arms possessively wrapping around him with his own. He jabs Jacob in the ribs and Jacob, too, mutters a rather insincere apology.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

      “As in a real life penis?” Logan shrieks a little too loudly thanks to the alcohol buzzing in her veins. She’s doing one of those street interviews for that cable sex show where real life people explore their sexuality. Taeyeon doesn’t even try to hide the fact that she’s laughing at the look of disgust on her best friend’s face. “Don’t get me wrong,” Logan tells the interviewer. “I like dick…but just the dick.”

      “So is that how you get off?”

      “Yeah,” Logan continues, her volume getting louder. “I put on my favorite video, the one with the voluptuous red head riding one of those mechanical dildos, and just have at it.” She also admits to wanting to try one of those sometime since the women in those videos seem to cum so fucking hard.

      The interviewer chuckles at this or maybe at the odd look Taeyeon is giving Logan.  

“What about you, ma’am?”

      “Oh! It’s pussy all the way. Nothing beats a good pussy licking,” Taeyeon declares.

      “I haven’t had my pussy licked,” Logan confesses with a pout.

      “Really?” There is genuine shock in Taeyeon’s face. “We have to fix that -” and with an expression akin to scientific discovery, Taeyeon declares she’ll eat Logan’s pussy out.

      Logan looks genuinely touched and pulls Taeyeon in for a hug.  “You would do that for me?”

      “Girl, yes!”

      Logan doesn’t actually think Taeyeon will eat her pussy but they’re both drunk, Taeyeon more than Logan, and all this talk of silicone dicks and pussy licking is making her proper horny.


      When they get to Taeyeon's apartment, Taeyeon throws herself on the couch while Logan trudges her way to the kitchen in search for something to quench the desert storm raging in her throat. She grabs a 300 ml of Dasani water and gulps it down in one breath. The bottle slips from her fingers as she leans back against the island counter to catch her breath.

      Taeyeon is watching her; the way the light from the fridge casts dimly across Logan's body and she has to bite her lower lip to suppress the whine bubbling in her throat. She likes Logan – like a lot but she still hasn’t come up with a way to tell Logan about her less than platonic feelings. That was the point of the impromptu girls’ night. But then someone bought them shots and she forgot the words she’d rehearsed that afternoon; and then the cable sex show guy stopped them and she got horny imagining Logan getting off to female masturbation videos.

      Taeyeon gets up from the couch and saunters over to Logan who is now uncapping a second bottle of water. The click of her heels against the linoleum floor punctuates the silence of the room like a countdown to something. At first, Taeyeon just stands really close to Logan, watching the bob of her throat as she swallows. She looks up when Logan makes a noise, smiling slowly at the bottle waving in front of her. She opens her mouth and Logan carefully pours some water in. Still, some manages to spill over, running down the side of her face and neck. Logan laughs at her but there’s no sound coming from her mouth with Taeyeon suddenly everywhere, pressing against her, kissing her.

      "Sorry," Taeyeon says when she finally pulls away. She doesn't look sorry though as she gauges Logan's reaction. She doesn’t notice Logan's fingers curled into her dress until she feels two small but insistent tugs. She chuckles but is brought to an abrupt stop by Logan's lips pressing hard against hers. Taeyeon's arms wind across Logan's small waist and it’s like they’re melting into each other. This is the third time Taeyeon and Logan have casually made-out and Taeyeon still thrills at the ambience Logan creates with her little needy noises. 

      "Fuck," Taeyeon hisses, pulling away.

      Logan makes an approving sound as she leans forward and buries her face between Taeyeon's small  breasts.

      "Logan?" Taeyeon calls.

      "Hmm," Logan responds shakily. Her breath is still trying to match with the rise and fall of Taeyeon's chest.

      "Can I eat you out?"

      For a while there’s only the unsynchronized sound of their breathing and the hum of the refrigerator. Taeyeon takes Logan's face between her hands, sweeping aside strands of straight, black hair, and looks at her almost imploringly.

      "Please?" she adds, her alcohol laced breath fanning over Logan’s mouth.

      "I-" Logan hesitates. She really didn't think Taeyeon had been serious earlier. "We're both kind of drunk. I- I don't want you to regret anything." She says the last sentence looking down.

      Taeyeon tilts her face up so Logan is looking at her again. She tentatively licks the left corner of Logan's mouth. "I regret not doing this sooner," she breathes before plunging in for another deep kiss.

      Logan pulls away from the kiss, breathing hard. "Let me," she starts but then pauses to catch her breath.

      "We're going to have to work on your stamina," Taeyeon teases.

      Logan tries to growl at Taeyeon but it comes out sounding needy which only makes Taeyeon laugh.

      "Let me take a shower, first," Logan says sliding out from the cage Taeyeon has in her in.

      "Why?" Taeyeon asks, catching Logan's arm and pulling her back.

      "Because I smell," Logan returns coloring deeply.

      “That’s the best part,” Taeyeon smirks, pinning Logan against the island counter with one hand while the other slips up Logan's short skirt and grazes against Logan's crotch. "You're soaking."

      Logan's breath hitches when Taeyeon's finger pulls her underwear to the side and dips tentatively between her labia.

      A moan fills the small space between them and Taeyeon can't be sure it isn't hers.

      "I bet you taste so good," Taeyeon whispers so that they can hear the soppy noises of her exploration.

      She pulls her fingers out and Logan has to catch herself from falling forward.

      "Get on the floor," Taeyeon orders, and for emphasis pulls Logan down with her.

      Logan lands with an undignified oomph but she doesn't have time to register the slight pain because soon Taeyeon  is positioning herself between her legs, nudging forward so that Logan has to spread her legs further to accommodate her.

      “I don’t know what to do.” Logan says in a small voice.

      “You don’t do anything,” Taeyeon tells her, placing butterfly kisses on Logan’s thigh. “Well, maybe cum,” she adds as an afterthought. “You should definitely cum.”

      The kisses climb up Logan’s thigh and she tenses when Taeyeon’s nose bumps against her clitoris.

      “Relax,” Taeyeon coos. “It’s just like kissing.

      Logan doesn’t relax but Taeyeon knows that she will soon enough. She holds Logan’s underwear to one side as she runs the tip of her tongue over Logan’s labia. It parts slowly like a flower in slow motion bloom.

      “Jesus!” Logan cusses, a small tingle starting to pulse at her feet. It doesn’t feel like kissing. It’s much better. “Take this off,” she whispers, already wriggling out of her panty.

      With the offending article of clothing gone, Taeyeon settles back to dipping her tongue between the folds of major and minor labia then, in languid strokes, laps at the shy clit coaxing it out. Logan starts moaning; a quiet sound from her throat but Taeyeon wants more. Her tongue strokes become more insistent as she prepares Logan for what is to happen next.

      “Ah, fuck,” Logan shouts when Taeyeon starts sucking hard at her clit and the lazy fuzz in her veins suddenly blazes hot. She looks down and it’s a mistake because Taeyeon is looking up and it’s the hottest she’s ever seen.  Logan is teetering on the edge. Her muscles are clamping up, her toes are completely numb, and she swears she’s speaking in tongues.


      "What the fuck?" Taeyeon exclaims, sitting back on her hunches. She had felt Logan's orgasm coming but then it just disappeared. "Why did you just stop?" She turns her quizzical look from Logan's pussy to Logan's face.

      "I – I didn't. I thought I was going to pee in your face," Logan returns half ashamed, half annoyed. She pushes back against the floor creating distance between her and Taeyeon.

      "You weren’t going to pee in my face," Taeyeon grumbles, pulling Logan back closer by her legs. She isn’t sure that it wouldn’t have happened but she’s pretty pissed at being denied the fruits of her labor.

      Logan isn’t convinced; it felt different from her other orgasms, it felt like she wanted to pee although now the feeling’s gone. She tries to assure Taeyeon that it was fantastic, the best cunnilingus she’s ever had – “the only cunnilingus you’ve ever had,” Taeyeon points out grumpily.

      “True, but in all fairness, I didn’t know what to expect,” Logan pouts. “I honestly thought I was going to pee on you.”

      Taeyeon’s scowl softens.

      But Logan still feels bad so she offers to return the favor. A look she doesn’t understand crosses Taeyeon’s face.

      “Listen, it’s sweet that you’re offering but I’m horny as fuck and you’ve never done this before and I’m not really in the mood to teach you right now. Sorry.” She taps Logan’s foot in what Logan supposes is a comforting gesture.

      "Maybe another way," Logan offers shyly, bringing her knees to her chest.

      "What do you have mind?" Taeyeon asks making salacious eyebrow quirks.

      "Can you ride my pussy?" Logan asks carefully. Logan hadn’t known what tribbing was till the week before when she saw a video off of tumblr and realized she had done it before at a friend's house when she was eleven or twelve years old.  She doesn't really remember what it feels like but it must have been good because she had done it every day after school till the other girl moved away.

      "Yeah," Taeyeon replies, a little breathless at the prospect. Honestly, she’s a little taken back by how forward Logan (shy Logan with the weird laugh) is.  It’s always a game of innuendo between them and they’ve played it so long that each lip curl has its own meaning.

      Suddenly Taeyeon is nervous. She feels pressured into doing this right after failing to make Logan orgasm with oral –which kind of hurt her pride because she considers herself a champion at eating pussy. She immediately kisses Logan to hide her nervousness and build some confidence.

      “You should take this off,” Taeyeon grunts tugging at Logan’s tight cardigan.

      Logan sits up to undo the buttons of her cardigan while Taeyeon pulls her layered chiffon dress up and over her head, messing her blunt bob. Logan sometimes envies that Taeyeon doesn’t have to wear uncomfortable underwire especially now as she struggles with the hooks of her bra.

      Finally, the cardigan comes off, followed by the bra and Logan sighs when Taeyeon cups her large breasts in her small hands, massaging gently. Logan does the same for Taeyeon activating her fat nipples. She experimentally twists at the left nipple and an embarrassingly needy sound leaves Taeyeon’s mouth. Taeyeon is momentarily stunned and then suddenly busies herself with positioning their legs. Logan leans back, propping herself up on her elbow so she can see their pussies touching and maybe also to get Taeyeon to make that sound again. But Taeyeon isn’t having any of it; she holds one of Logan’s legs against her, over the sensitive nipple.

      “It’s like they’re kissing,” Logan says, watching in awe as Taeyeon tentatively presses those lips together.

      Taeyeon looks up at Logan and smiles sweetly but then the smile turns dark just as she thrusts against Logan’s hard clit.

      “Shit!” Logan falls back. Her thighs seize and her fists close in a tight fist. There’s no way she could be coming this quickly but the smug look on Taeyeon’s face says otherwise.

      With every thrust, Logan’s pitch becomes higher as she moans Taeyeon’s name – “Tae, Tae, Tae” – till it ends in a silent scream. Taeyeon feels Logan’s orgasm in waves that leaves them both so wet that Taeyeon can even feel Logan dripping against her skin. It makes her feel vindicated.

      “Shit,” Taeyeon lowers herself to kiss Logan. “I think you squirted.”

      Logan’s just as amazed as Taeyeon. “It’s never happened before.” Her breath is still running away from her.

      “Is it ok if I finish?” Taeyeon asks shifting slightly off Logan’s sensitive clit onto her thigh.

      “Of course,” Logan breathes, bringing her hands to Taeyeon’s hips if only to reinforce her answer because she can’t feel her fingers. It happens sometimes – usually during really intense orgasms.

      Even though Taeyeon’s gotten off imagining Logan watching her, it still feels weird looking into each other’s eyes as she ruts against Logan’s right thigh. The weirdness, however, is soon overtaken by a familiar warmth building quickly at the base of her pelvis. Maybe too quickly if the quiver of her lip is any indication but it’s hard to stem the rising tide with the slapping, wet noises and the pungent smell of sex filling the air.

      “Logan,” Taeyeon whimpers, falling forward and bracing her arms on either side of Logan’s head. Her nipples are closer and Logan wastes no time in taking one of them between her teeth.

      “Oh, fuck!” Taeyeon cries out loud.

      Bingo! Logan mouths around Taeyeon’s breast then alternates between sucking and flicking the sensitive nub. The noises Taeyeon makes are eerily similar to the ones Logan made earlier – “Lo, Lo, Lo”. As the movement of her hips becomes faster, the tremor in her arms becomes violent.  She won’t be able to hold herself up for much longer.

      Taeyeon comes in a big way when Logan twists her nipple. Her moan is long and loud, and even after she’s collapsed on top of Logan, with Logan running her hand soothingly over her back, she lets out small whimpering sounds intermittently.

      They stay like this for ten minutes or so. Logan is just closing her eyes when Taeyeon laughs.

      “What’s so funny?” Logan turns her face to look at Taeyeon.

      “Nothing. That was just…” she sighs. “…amazing.”

      Logan hums in agreement.

      Taeyeon untangles herself from Logan’s long limbs. Logan protests the loss with whines and grabby hands.

      “Bed” Taeyeon simply says, successfully fending off Logan’s hands, and staggers into her bedroom.

      Moments later, Logan finds her face down, searching with her hands for the blanket. Logan steals it just as it’s within Taeyeon’s grasp and slides in between the un-made sheets.

      “Ass,” Logan hears Taeyeon’s muffled cuss but soon enough, slim arms wrap around her to pull her flush against a soft body. 

      “Let’s do this again,” Taeyeon mumbles against Logan’s nape.

      Logan hums in agreement before slipping into her subconscious.



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