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This  is about a young girl (called caitlin)  and her friend on a experience of a life time they have snuck into there school to find out what happens at night. these girls find a mysterious character who chases them around the school. they need to find out who this mystery person is so they can find out what to do with them. they get help from a teacher and an other student to help get rid of this spirit. Read  on to find out who the character is. 

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Chapter 1 what's going on?

It was around midnight, Katekyn  and I were under the tables in our classroom, scared out of our lives. We saw it! It was like a shadow of like a teacher. it chased us all through the school, the sports hall, the dinner hall, all of the class rooms. I think we lost it in one of the technology rooms.
I have seen that figure before somewhere, I think it was yesterday it followed me home, my sister saw it was on the streets and now in the school. what if its been following me. I have never seen something so terrifying.

Caitlin was terrified I told her to come with me to the hive with me. She was scared it would see us but I told her it was in the sports hall and if we snuck through the back room we'd get there quicker. So we did and we got there in 3 minuets I think it was in the room with us and didn't see or know we snuck out. Next time I'm gonna make sure we're more careful. "Caitlin?" asked Katelyn.                             
"yeah Katelyn" she said.                                                                                                                                                            "Did you notice anything strange about that technology room?"                                                                                           " no why?"                                                                                                                                                                                        "no reason". They looked at each other confused they heard a noise. it was Miss Berrysmith she didn't notice them at first and then she just walked out. They followed her out. she was meeting up with the mysterious character, she was talking to it as if she knew it, what if it was a she or a him? It had to be a she I just think it is the way she talked to it. we ran back into the hive we hid so miss berrysmith didn't see us. Mr Haslam walked past and looked confused as he only saw Miss berrysmith and a shadow so he quickly walked past looking at his feet. we whispered to him he saw us and came in. "sir do you know what's going on?" asked Caitlin.                                                                                "no I hoped you 2 could tell me what was going on." They looked at each other confused once again. Mr Haslam walked out asking what miss Berrysmith  what she had done  to her room it was a mess and asked if she wanted him to clean it and she replied with a yes. So he walked back in and whispered to us that he was gonna go through her draws and find out what is going on. so we waited until he came to where we were sat and told us about what happened last year when we were in year 7.    



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chapter 2 who's the shadow?

Miss Berrysmith came in and asked what Mr Haslam was doing so I gave him some rubbish I had in my pocket to him so he said he was picking up the rubbish from under the table. she walked of  and he tuck a sigh of relief and carried on talking to us. "last year a young boy called Dom Parkinson,"                                                                                                                 " oh I've heard of him he asked me out. "said Katelyn.                                                                                                              "well he pushed Mrs barrow out a window and that's her ghost.". we sat there in silence. I thought to myself what if we found a way to vanquish her. they knew that they needed to go see a professional , like my auntie. she's a medium. "ok." said Caitlin &Mr Haslam.

​So we were walking and then we saw Dom Parkinson so Katelyn shouted him "Dom hi."

​"oh Katelyn hi what are you doing here?"                   "we came to talk to you."​                                                        " Well it's nice to see you".  So we entered my aunts room and told her what had happened and she said the way to vanquish her was to summon her and confront her. Then my cousin came in on her phone,            "Abbie do you wanna come on an adventure with us."  "sure". They walked back to the school. Then Abbie took her phone out and shined her flashlight, whilst the others did the same. I was walking in the hive when both Abbie and I felt someone touching, but the others were ahead.




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