The Pain Of Heartbreak


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I sat alone in the food court at the mall. People are probably staring and whispering, but I don't even notice. I hear chatter all around me, I'm not paying attention though. I keep replaying what just happened over and over again in my mind. Shock. Disbelief. Those words don't come close to what I was feeling. My heart was in so much pain. He had just broken up with me 3 weeks ago. Why on earth would he bring her to the mall I shop at. No, no, the better question is why would he bring her to my favorite store. Haley, Emma, and Jess were most likely still there talking to him. Either that or they were still there talking about me. I don't get it. My heart hurts. My eyes are probably swollen despite my attempts to use concealer to cover the evidence. I hadn't left my house in weeks and this is what happens when I finally muster up the courage to go out in public? We dated for three years, and it's like he doesn't even care. I guess it started a year earlier though at homecoming. But we will just start from the beginning. 
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