A Year Ago

I thought they were joking when they said that a broken heart never truly heals straight again. But it's been a year. And my foolish heart keeps insisting on tearing itself back open, for her. Another late night drabble, on loss.

The Matchmaker

A matchmaker is a curious case. He exists to match like to like, sparking love between two hesitant souls. But I never expected that pain to claim me too. Or to want to match my own hesitant heart to another's.


Catarina is a curiosity among polite society: a skilled assassin currently on loan from the Company to the Director, she views her targets with an indifference akin to callousness. Cat could care less who she kills, as long as it occupies her uncommonly restless mind--something the Company couldn't quite break her of. Yet as her...

The Chicago Experiment

A quick note from the author: I've never been that interested in the Divergent series, but a friend recently brought up a intriguing topic that relates to the series, and I went from there. I've always wondered what the Chicago Experiment looked like from outside the city. What the world thought of playing god with humanity's genes. So...


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Augmented Reality

Dexatol Brin has lived in the Fringe her entire life just waiting for a chance to get her Augment, a microchip that could change her life and her family's. When her name is finally called, she has no idea of the danger she's in. A virus gets released into the grid, and it's hopping microchips and killing the Core-folk. Can Dex figure...