across lifetimes.


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Chapter 1

Those idiotic blue eyes.

Fathomless, you know. He captured so many in those depths. Not that they resisted.

Personal magnetism, they call it. A way of explaining the indefinable allure a few possess, and many covet. Perhaps it was because I avoided him that he ran after me himself. How can you love someone you've barely met? Perhaps it was because we knew each other far too well.

We existed in separate spheres, he and I. Lifetimes packed into the everyday rhythms of struggling to keep afloat in a corporate ocean. All the times we would just barely, never meet.

He was the sun to a sea of weakly reflective moons. The one time I agreed to meet with him, it was the heads swiveling to the café door that announced his arrival, a collective yearning that we could never burn quite as brightly as he.

How could one blame him? A comet—fascinatingly brilliant in an inky sky, oxygen to half-starved lungs. They revolved, wondering planets caught in an effortless gravitation field, seeking those eyes so many had tried to drown themselves in.

It would have been easier if he intentionally broke hearts, cheerfully stamping on bared souls, instead of carefully weighing them as he did. Girls hung off his arms, men offered their shy overtures. Yet he carefully stepped around offered hearts and hungry eyes. To meet my eyes across a room of people less important than him.

Each time I left, I wondered, hopelessly, if this was the last time we would meet. For I too was caught in that inexorable pull he exuded, though I wrenched myself away every time. For we were hurricane and puddle, inferno and pebble. Elemental opposites built to consume each other.

He swore to chase me across the lifetimes we encountered.

He forgot that in the first one I walked away.

True devotion is an ugly thing. When humanity has something to prize and strive for, it neglects all else.

Those damn blue eyes.

Someday he will realise how to be perfectly happy without me. We're two old fools, travelling time in an effort to escape mutual combustion. Timeless simpletons, taught to look young by those age hasn't touched in centuries. Sometimes I wish I could give it all up. The relocating, the lies, the drive to survive.


Even in the lifetimes he doesn't exist, I am always in love with him.

And yet, he keeps pursuing me. Across galaxies, planets, oceans of time and millions of miles. Someone I can never quite touch. And never quite meet.

He knows the repercussions We could create.

But he keeps loving, when I can't love him.

Damn those eyes.

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Note to the Reader: Inspiration

Usually I leave off any sort of commentary on my stories. I'd rather that you as a reader are allowed to extrapolate. But there are a few quotes I used as inspiration this time that would be sadly plagiarised if I didn't include them here. :P

Song inspiration: 'Love Love Love' by Of Monsters and Men

Written inspiration: '25 Lives' by the fabulous poet tongari over on

Thanks for reading lovelies <3

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