All of Our Yesterdays


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Chapter 1

You were brilliant
and you were beautiful
but you were never meant to be my forever,
my darling.

Our paradise was that summer.

We ran out to the soft sand and made love beneath the swirling stars
the ocean's tempo mimicking our quickening heartbeats
but it was not forever,
my love.

Sometimes I think I'll look up
and there you will be
coming down the street with that achingly slow smile
that drew me to you first
and then you'll turn aside and swing another girl up in your arms
like you used to hold me, all of our yesterdays
my heart.

I imagine you
hundreds of anywheres
for you were never a quiet soul,
my dear.

And I know you'll be thinking of me
in the way I ache for you
because we'll always harbor that love
in some secret corner of our hearts
for we ignited each other's brilliance
and we can only hope for that bonfire
our hearts composed,
my soul.

We were never forever people, you and I.

I think you knew that from the start.

We rode love like the tides
a brief burst of brilliant fury
subsiding to quiet
for we were meant to mold each other
into something more beautiful
more perfect
and broken
that someone else could better love,
my darling.

And when someone comes along who can love you like you deserve to be loved
I know you'll think of me
my love.

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