The Mysterious Road Of Feelings


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Chapter 1


  Fear, it is a feeling that our minds developed to make sure we don’t do stupid things. When we were children, and we wanted to see how fires feel, of course we needed fear, but then we grow up, as we do not longer walk around with our toys, we do not have to let our mind play with fear.   This feeling will appear instantly when we are in a dangerous situation, we do not need it at every step and any decision we make.  I know few people stuck in some job they hate because they are frightened to move on, and some friends who are stacked in a relationship that they know is bad because they are scared to be alone or worse they are afraid what people will say. Funny enough, this feeling should be use as a defense mechanism to protect ourselves, to have a safe life. However, somehow our mind loves this one, because if we are not careful, this fear can change our lives, can make you stuck or depressed. I have mixed feelings about this feeling, I do not say you should have no fear and jump from a plane without a parachute, I, but I do believe you should not become your own prisoner. 

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Love, real or fairytales?

 We grow up with this idea about some feeling that we have to experience. It is put there in your mind and continually  being reminded by everyone around you that you have to experience it. If you have a certain age, and you are not "in love " they will try to fix you up, if that doesn't work, because you decide to step out of the box and be different, then the magic question comes: “what is wrong with you?"Going from the premises that this "je ne sais quoi" is not just pure manipulation or "a must" that someone decided to plant it on our minds, how do they know when is real if most people are looking so obsessive for it? How do they know when the obsession stops, and the love begins? We all know that when you what to see something you will eventually end up seeing it, even if is not there. How do you possibly know when you are in love when you focus your entire life looking for love? How does that obsession help you seeing through with clarity? Do not understand me wrong, please do not confuse being fully focused on future achievements with obsessive feeling.  You cannot set your mind to feel something, neither love, hate nor anger, if you force to feel it, you do not feel it; you  just imagine you do, a small trick your mind loves to play. Well, exception is if you're an actor, but again you're not feeling it; you're acting like it. Now, that, I hope I prove my point, I have to say what really drives me mad is those who say I love you, just because is poetic, or because they are  afraid to say: I find you attractive. I have an advice for all of you: man up!  If this incredible feeling does exist, don't force it, don't fake it, let it come in his own terms. If it is as strong as they say, probably is not for everyone, but again instead of fake such a strong feeling, better without. You can always keep this in mind:  what if  while you are so busy pretend "Your in Love" the real love just passed by you?!

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