The Abused Luna


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A Truly Horrible Lunch

As the bell rang, I made my way over to the cafeteria, ignoring the crowd as I tried to not get trampled. " Hey, Nerd!" I looked over and saw the Queen Bee, Andrea leaning against the lockers. She handed me her all her homework and instructed," I want it done neatly and don't do it wrong or you will pay" before she sashayed away.

I groaned and continued to the cafeteria, trying to ignore the pain in my ribs from last night's beating. I walked forward and got in line, my thoughts wandered as I thought of how to escape tonight's beating. I grabbed my food and headed to a table in the back. I ate what I could and headed to my last class of the day.

After class was over, I walked home, dreading what I know was about to happen. I walked through the door silently but froze as I heard a laugh. I looked up to see my dad smirking evilly as he toyed with his belt. "Looks like the slut is finally back", he barked. "H H Hello Father", I stuttered.

He stormed over to me and threw me to the floor, kicking me viciously in the ribs. He grabbed me by my shirt and slammed me against the front door, smirking when he heard my yelp. He gave me a brief glance and headed to grab another beer, leaving me on the floor.


I crawled up the stairs, trying not to attract attention to myself and stepped into my room. I dropped my backpack on the floor and started to treat my wounds. I wrapped my ribs and stepped into the shower, wincing as the hot water touched my stomach. I came out and dressed in a pair of ripped up pajamas and plopped on my bed, trying to fall asleep.


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The New Student

I got up and looked at the clock beside me, and yelped when I saw the time. It was 8:30 and school began at 9:00. I headed to the bathroom and started to take a bath, crying out when the hot water touched my ribs. I came out and got dressed in my outfit for the day.

This is her outfit

Outfit of hipster woman Stock Photo - 25680803


After I got dressed I crept downstairs, trying to be silent so that my father wouldn’t wake. I got to the bottom of the stairs and crept towards the kitchen, taking a rare chance to eat.

“What are you doing?” I whirled around and saw my father standing there, arms crossed with a menacing grin on his face.

“I I was going to school”, I replied trying to look small. He looked at me and snarled , “Well you better get moving slut, or you’ll be late."WHAT ARE THE RULES?“, he said, spittle flying onto my face. “No friends. No boyfriends. No telling about what goes on at home.” I recited, hating every moment of this. I looked at my watch and saw that the time was 8:50. “F F Father, I shall be late for school and they will suspect something is up if I am always late”, I lied knowing full well that as long as there was a good lie to back up my story, no one cared or investigated.” Go to school slut, tonight you will pay for trying to eat.“, as he stepped aside, a wicked smirk on his face. I backed away and ran out the door, cursing as I saw how late I was. It was 8:58 and I had two minutes to get to school.

I got to school just as the bell rang and headed to my first class, Compass.

(Her Schedule:

1. Compass- In this class, you work on unfinished work or just read. Every student has first period compass. Every teacher is a compass teacher.

2. ELA




6. ART


8. P.E


I sat down in the back and worked on my homework that I was too exhausted to do last night. I jerked up as I heard the bell ring and went to ELA, my first real class of the day. I sat in the back corner as I doodled in the corners of my notebook ignoring the teacher.

My ears perked up as I heard the teacher say, ” Class, we have a new student, this is Jace and you are going to welcome him. I looked up and saw the most gorgeous blue eyes looking at me. His blonde hair looked so good, silently begging to be touched as he looked at me, assessing my appearance. I looked away but still heard when the teacher said, ” Jace, you will be sitting beside Jessica”.

‘Great, just flipping fantastic’ I thought, imagining spending the rest of the year trying to concentrate with him next to me.

I looked up again and saw Jace walking over to the desk next to mine and sitting on it. He stared at me for a moment, making me squirm uncomfortably in my seat. I looked away but still felt his gaze burning into my back and tried to focus on what the teacher was saying and taking notes.

I heard Jace sigh and start doing something with paper, as I sat there trying to ignore him but failing as I looked over to see him holding out a piece of paper to me. I looked over to see if the teacher was looking and grabbed the piece of paper which had Hello there Jennifer written on it. I picked up my pen and responded, Hello Jace attempting to be brief and passed it to him. From my peripheral vision, I saw him look at my my 2-word reply and look up at me, amusement clear in his eyes as he wrote something on it and handed it to me.

I look at what he wrote which was Favorite Color? I smiled a little and responded Purple. Yours? and gave it to him. He looked at it, smiled and wrote something and returned it to me. Green The bell rang as I stuffed the piece of paper in my pocket and headed to Math.

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Author Note

So, I will be starting something that might confuse you all.

If the last chapter was is Jennifer's POV, the next one will be in Jace's POV

Example, if you don't want to see Jace's POV of the new chapter, "The New Student?", you skip to chapter 5.

New characters

Hilary-Jennifer's best friend

John-Beta of the Moon Pack and Jace's best friend.

Upcoming: Hilary is John's mate


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A Horrible Night

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Jace's Background

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Jennifer's Background

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Jace's Background

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