Pros and cons of online dating


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Pros and cons of online Dating

Social networks, forums, adult dating sites – the Internet (theoretically) provides wide range of opportunities to find a partner, whether for a short flirtation or for a strong, serious relationship. In practice - only our expectations.

There are also scientific works that explore phenomenon of our days – online dating. It would seem that the virtual space opens lots of opportunities for those, who are looking for a partner.

So, getting on the Internet: pros and cons.

Pros: More than 40 million single people in the US have tried to find a couple on the Internet.

Cons: finding a partner in a huge virtual "crowd" can be a very debilitating thing.  

Pros: One of the five “love stories” begin online. There are many stories of successful online Dating.

Cons: People often lie about their age, income, marital status, weight, height, and so on.

Pros: the Internet significantly expands your circle of potential acquaintances, in search of a close soul, you are not limited to any geographical or social “framework” and also you can consult with to check the quality on your platform.

Cons: Virtual Dating for someone can turn into an end in itself, these people never go to real meetings, they think that there is a chance to find someone even better, even more beautiful.

Pros: The world of online dating is available to us 24/7.

Cons: for many, this search turns into a full-time job;

Pros: most Dating sites have compatibility programs that help you filter out those, not suitable for you.

Consoften clients of such sites indicate as criteria for selection such external parameters as area of residence, income.

The most suitable sums up to this article can make Julie Spira: “Combine search both in real life and in virtual space and you will be happy”

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