Knights vs. Mages


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Knights vs. Mages

There existed no clouds on the planet, Alpha. For 364 days in a year, the sun rose from 6:00 A.M. to 5:59 P.M. and then once it set, the moon rose from 6:00 P.M. to 5:59 A.M.

At the time the moon was present, the spiritual warriors of the knight’s past ancestors were summoned to aid them to outnumber the mage’s forces. Not only had the moon increased the knight’s offensive strength however, but it allowed them to summon their best spiritual medics to heal the fallen warriors from the battle when the sun was present.

At the time the sun’s light was present, the mage’s magical powers were significantly enhanced. This increased all their offensive magic as well as their healing magic—allowing them to quickly revive their fallen comrades from when the moon was present.

For nearly a full year’s time, a victor could not be decided. Every night, the knights would spend every hour tending to their wounded friends from the previous day while at the same time, attempting to execute an assault great enough for the mages to fall behind at reviving their fallen forces before their hours returned.

Progression was looking hopeless and discouragement was quickly plaguing throughout both armies. The war was slowly turning from the battle of the better strategists, to the battle of the better disciplined. Who would prevail?

With the end of the year nearly at hand, the mages were slowly gaining the upper hand. During night hours, because the knights had claimed superior numbers, they were able to take down more mages then the mages were able to take down knights during the hours of the sun’s light. However, the enhanced healing magic granted to the mages by the sun’s light allowed them to recover fallen warriors much faster than the knight’s top medics were able to at the time the moon was present.

This discouraged the knight’s resolve significantly. No matter how hard they fought every night, the mages were able to quickly revive all injures the following day.

“At last, the time is upon us!” said one of the mages as he studied the results of the current week’s battles. “With the knight’s forces greatly on edge, we shall gain full conquest over their land before the evening of the year’s end! Not even the moon can save them now!”

On the evening before the day of the year’s end, the knights fought at the peak of their ability, trying desperately to gain back stability, but the mages only laughed at their efforts as they counted down the hours of the moon before they’d take the knight’s land by noon the following day.

When the hours of the sun arrived, the mages were prepared to revive all warriors the knights had fought so valiantly to defeat, and victory for the mages was quickly looking imminent.

“Foolish knights!” chastised one the mages. You really believed your ancestor’s courage could overcome the might of our powers?! No matter how courageous they may be, that alone will never be enough to claim victory over a power that’s much greater than your own!”

As the mages charged recklessly into battle, eager for their long-awaited victory, the sky had suddenly blackened, shading all land as dark as the hours of night.

“What is this?!” the mage demanded to know as all warriors from both sides gazed into the sky.

By noon of the year’s end, the moon had risen in between the planet and the sun, shading its light from reaching the mages—and because the moon was present, the knights were able to fight at full strength with their ancestors for nearly twenty-four hours’ time.


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