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I just got this idea from one of the million fanfictions I've read, it's not by any means original. I've been inspired by those writers, so  I decided to make one of my own. Feel free to suggest K-Idols to me, and I'll try and make a one shot thing for you.

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Elevator Fangirl

Ellen huffed as she tried to see what's in front of her. She was holding more than a couple of paper bags filled to the brim mostly with food, for her friend who was staying at a hotel. They've argued back and forth about her friend staying in a hotel instead of staying with her and her boyfriend. Who does that? It's not like her boyfriend's a tool, they get along pretty well. She wanted to mumble, but stopped herself from doing so on the thought that someone might think she's crazy. All she wanted to do was to put the heavy bags down and chill with Michelle.

Little by little, she put her foot carefully forward towards the elevator until she felt something on one of the paper bags and felt it push her roughly. "Hey! You're not allowed here!"

The force was too much that she nearly dropped the bags she was holding, she felt her temper rise as she tried to wrestle with the unstable bunch she was holding, she carefully peeped at the edge of the pile. "Look here tall and grumpy, that's an elevator! Last time I checked everyone's allowed in there! Now move aside and let me through!"

"Look here, short and ugly. You're not supposed to be here. There are other elevators in the building, feel free to take one of them. Just not this one." The grumpy sounding man explained. "I'm not being a mean person, I'm just doing my job."

Ellen felt someone walk past her, leaving a trail of sweet scent. "Uh sir miss... you're not allowed there. Wouldn't want mister grumps to push you too."

She heard a man laughing, she could've sworn she knows who the owner of the voice is. "It's an elevator, last time I checked, everyone's allowed." She heard an all too familiar voice say with amusement.

"I'm just doing my job, Mister Wang."

The name sounded familiar to her ears, coupled with that deep voice that she's sure belongs to a singer. Then again, there are a lot of Mister Wangs on earth.

"I know, but she looks like she's about to fall down from the weight of what she's holding." She felt a smooth hand hold her elbow and firmly guide her somewhere. "I'll do all the explaining in case something comes up."

She could almost imagine the grumpy man trying to explain the protocol to the smooth sounding "Mister Wang" while they both make their way into the elevator. She gave out a nervous laugh, not knowing what to tell the gentleman who just saved her from walking around like a headless chicken while she looked for another elevator. "If you could help me out, please. I'm going to the 18th floor."

"Sure." She heard the man say casually.

An awkward silence followed their brief exchange of words.

Ellen's heart shot through her neck as she felt one of the bags slipping down her arm, she didn't know whether she should yell at "Mister Wang" to help her or turn around and try to brace the falling bag using the bar on the side of the elevator. She winced, waiting for the bag to fall and hit her square on her toes. Nothing happened. She opened one eye, wondering there was no pain.

"I have a good news and a bad news for you Miss." She heard "Mister Wang" say.

"You caught the bag?" She forced herself to ask. "So what's the other one?"

"Your bag's too damaged, you might have to put what's inside in another paper bag." He said and followed up with. "And the elevator's stuck, that too. Seeing as we're probably going to be stuck her for a while, want me to help you put all those bags down?"

"Might as well." Ellen's arms felt like spaghetti at that point. It seemed like her whole day was going to be a bust. Little by little, the stranger took the bags and laid them on the floor near her feet. Only two were left when she decided it was enough for her to put down on her own. "By the way, thank you for-"

Her sentence was cut short when she finally saw who he was, her inner fan girl woke up as she looked at his smooth and pale face. Jackson of GOT7. And just like that, her brain decided to forget how to speak in coherent English. "I, yeah." Was all she could muster anymore.

"You're welcome." He motioned towards the two remaining bags.

"It fine." She cringed, hating the fact that the simple formation of words seemed alien to her fan girling brain. "Okay."

He looked confused for a while, before nodding. His brain probably pieced it together for her sake. "All in a day's work."

She laughed nervously, dark skinned people like her normally didn't blush, but right then she knew she was in fact blushing. "Yeah."

"You seem awkward all of a sudden, you were one hell of a woman when you were arguing with my bodyguard." He was looking at her with one perfectly sculpted brow up.

"Oh, yeah. That, yeah." She wanted to cry out of frustration, she really wanted to tell him something, but she couldn't find the right words to say.

He let out a chuckle, he's probably used to having people forget how to speak around him.

She looked at him with embarrassment, his face on screen doesn't do him justice. It's almost like an insult, he's so beautiful you'd think an angel came down to shower your undeserving eyes with their beauty. "So beauty."

"What?" He looked confused.

"I was... is my brother is fan for you." She wished the floor would cave beneath her and make her fall to her death, really? Is my brother is fan for you? And you'd think her top marks on the proficiency test before entering Canada would save her sweet buns, no, seeing such perfection turned her brain to mush.

"Oh, thank you." 

The whole room shook a bit and the elevator once again began its slow ascend.

She sighed with relief, finally they'll be on their merry way.

He laughed. "Too awkward?"

She smiled and nodded. That was the only thing she could do, she didn't want to risk sounding more and more stupid in front of her brother's bias.

He looked up. "Well this is where I'll get off. Thanks for the conversation." He gave her shoulder a pat and went out.

That's when she finally snapped back to earth, she wanted to tear her hair from her head that very moment. She just spent how many minutes with him, and she ignored him half the time. And now, she remembered what she really wanted to ask, all she wanted is to ask him for his autograph.

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