Princess Charming


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I made Princess Charming as a joke, not meaning for it to have a world of its own. It's a bit matured for teens at the same time I don't think it actually qualifies as erotic since I didn't really delve into the happenings in between the sheets.

I hope you, the reader would enjoy what I made as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Update: It's taking me too long to transfer the chapters here from my phone. The connector won't work so I have to retype it on my computer. I hope you all understand.

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Chapter 1

​The whole classroom buzzed with anticipation, they were about to start senior high school next year and representatives from each high schools from all over the cities were visiting. From small schools to those fancy ones, each made their way in front and invited the class to hop on board their school instead.

​A girl rested her head on her palms as she pretended to listen to those students in front, it didn't matter to her which school she'll end up in as long as all her friends are with her. Her table was already getting crowded with application forms from the previous high schools that came to visit, and of course, after their given thirty minutes, they'll also hand out application forms.

​"Hey... hey..." Someone was whispering behind her. "We need to talk."

​The girl diverted her gaze towards the voice and rolled her eyes, mouthing "later" before looking back in front. There's nothing in this world the girl would want other than getting out of the boring classroom.

​The school's representative started to hand out application forms to the students, talking a bit before moving on to the next student.


​The girl stood up, sighing as she stretched out her legs. She bent down to take the application forms that fell from her desk, mumbling to herself with so much boredom.

"Hey ugly, wanna hang out?"

​The girl spun around and gave the owner of the voice a bored look. "Hey Sam."

​"Don't Sam me, Joshua." Sam said. "Wanna hang out or what?"

​"Didn't you hear what those representatives said? We need to think about the future." Joshua said dryly. "Our high school could mean our future since it's the gateway to college."

​"Oh boo." Sam said. "It's just for a few minutes. Maxwell said he wanted to spice up our high school lives."

​"Oh boy, it makes me want to skip hanging out even more." Joshua said, unconsciously running her hand across her messy hair. "What is it about this time?"

​Sam shook her head. "I don't really know."

​"Fine." Joshua finally said after a couple of minutes of silence. "I guess it won't hurt me."


​Joshua and Sam walked hand in hand towards a café. Sam, of course was causing guys to follow their every move.

​"This is why I hate hanging out with you, Sam. Every guy in the vicinity looks thirsty whenever you're around." Joshua grumbled.

"Well it's not my fault I look hot as hell." Sam said, leaning her head against Joshua's shoulder.

​"You're modesty still strikes me." Joshua said sarcastically. "I wonder what it would be like if you were in love with yourself."

​"Don't sass me." Sam said, waving her free hand. "Hey honey beau."

​"Hey honey beau." A brown haired boy said. "You're both late, as usual."

​"Sam got stuck coz she saw her reflection again." Joshua said, letting go of Sam's arm and taking a seat. "What's with the whole 'make our high school lives fun' thing, Max?"

"I thought maybe we could spice up our lives. I mean not really the whole high school life, just the enrollment." Maxwell said. "Remember the coveted Xavier High School?"

"I heard they're finally stepping down their high standards, letting middle classes have a chance and whatnot." Sam said while looking at the menu on the table. "I think I'll order tacos."

"Well?" Joshua said tensely as if she already knew what was going to happen.

"Why not try to enroll there, Joshua?" Maxwell said, touching Joshua's arm. "I mean, give them the old, girl pretending to be a guy thing. It'll be funny!"

"And risk getting blacklisted from EVERY SCHOOL ON EARTH if I got caught?" Joshua said, her face getting flushed.

"Oh you won't get caught." Maxwell laughed. "We'll make sure you won't."

"Are you crazy?" Joshua said, trying not to raise her voice and cause a racket. "How? How can I not get caught?"

"I asked Jesse a favor." Maxwell said. "He's good. I mean his father knows all about prosthetics and all that good stuff."

For the first time that day, Joshua actually felt alive and elated. Something about the challenge made her want it. Sure she could get blacklisted from all the good schools in the city if she got caught, but what the hell? She didn't care, life's too boring for anyway.

Joshua feigned reluctance before nodding slowly. "You won't get me in trouble. Promise?"

"Wait!." Sam finally said. "Are you sure, honey beau?"

"I'm sure, honey beau." Maxwell said in his cutesy voice. "I mean, what could go wrong? Jesse's a master disguiser."

"Let's meet at home tomorrow, same time. At my house, mom's gonna be out talking to dad about which school I'll go. I'll tell her later I'm thinking of going to Phoenix just so I can get near Xavier tomorrow without arousing suspicion from her. "

"Good, good. Tell your mother you'll go to Xavier High's girl version." Maxwell said. "I haven't thought about it. Nice improvement to the plan."

"I know." Joshua smiled. "If you weren't gay, Max, I'd totally call you bae."

Maxwell feigned disgust. "Sam's the only girl who can pretend date me."

Joshua snickered and nodded. "Tomorrow, it all begins."

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Chapter 2

Joshua could hardly sleep that night, anticipating the whole thing and actually loving the whole thought of going in front of an all boys school roster. She tossed and turned, not being able to calm herself, at that point she's only slept for little over three hours. She kept getting up and checking herself in front of her full-length mirror, trying to imagine herself in prosthetics and men's clothes. After how many hours' worth of tossing and turning, she finally gave up and got out of bed, walking towards her bathroom to wash her face.

She paced her room, not knowing whether she should go out and fix breakfast or just continue to think about what was going to happen inside her room hours later. She knew her mother's going to be gone for the whole day, talking to her father and making arrangements with him a.k.a. if she's going to live with her mother or with her annoying father. Living with her father, if he's all by himself didn't really bother her that much, it's living with him and that girl that's going to be a pain in her life.

"I can hear you pacing in your room, young lady." Her mother called out. "Either you're worried I'll ship you to Richard and Elly or you did something in school again."

At that point, hiding was out of the picture, Joshua casually walked out of her bedroom and entered her mother's, smiling, she sat beside her mother. "I'm not worried, I know it'll have to be the end of the world before you give me to him."

Joshua's mother sighed, they both know pretty well how it's going to end. "Ah well, if your dad wants you with him."

"I would rather go to gran's house instead." Joshua stuck her tongue out of disgust. "He's a lying cheater, mom."

"Honey, both your grand parents on both sides are dead." Her mother stated simply, trying to stop herself from shivering.

"That's the whole point." Joshua said, leaning on her mother's shoulder. "I'll never forgive him for what he did."

Joshua's mother pursed her lips at what her daughter said. "But you forgave me."

Joshua was quiet for a while, not sure why she forgave her mother but not her father. "I don't know... What you did... it was different somehow. I knew about it, and you didn't try to play it off."

Her mother stood up, kneeling in front of her daughter as if asking for forgiveness. "What I did was wrong, and although I'm thankful you forgave me... but I think it's unfair that you refuse to even talk to your dad."

"Well he's the one who got my best friend pregnant, not you. For crying out loud mom, she was 15! I don't even know why he's not locked up for statutory rape." Joshua was trying hard to make sense of what her mother was telling her. It's like her mother wanted to get back with him. "Look, mom, you've been talking to him a lot lately. Please don't tell me you're taking him back."

Her mother laughed. "Of course not, sweetheart. You're father's with a lovely woman who makes him happy."

"Until he finds another underage girl he can spoon." Joshua said bitterly.

"Enough about your father. Have you decided where you want to go?"

"High school? Yeah, I guess." Joshua could feel her heart beat faster, if it works, what then? It's only going to be a one-time prank. "I was thinking of going to Phoenix, give the whole all girls thing a try."

"It's expensive." Her mother said.

"Dad can pay for it. I mean, come on mom, it's still my education." Joshua gave her mother a sly smile.

"Fine, I'll tell him." Joshua's mother finally stood up. "Best be ready, he said to meet him at 9, and it's already 7."


Joshua ran her hand repeatedly across her hair, watching her friends argue whether or not they should cut her hair short. "It's only going to happen for a day, please don't cut my hair."

"It's just hair, Joshua, it'll grow back." Maxwell argued. "It'll blow your cover if you have long hair."

"But it's MY hair, Max!" Joshua yelled. "How would you like it if I trimmed your chest hair or something."

Maxwell looked at Joshua like he wanted to hit her, realizing it to be a bad move, he simply shrugged. "I won't mind, like I said, it's just hair."

Sam was furious over the thought of cutting Joshua's hair, "Hair is a woman's crowning glory, honey beau, you can't expect her to be fine with it. And in all honestly, even I'm not okay with it."

"That's the whole point, honey beau, she won't pass as a boy if she has long hair."

Joshua sighed, running her fingers across her hair for the last time. "At least let me take a picture before you guys chop it off."

"Yes! I'll take a picture of you, then we'll start lopping it off." Maxwell said elatedly. "Thank yo so much!"

Joshua smiled at the very angry and slightly destructive Sam. "It'll grow back anyway, and it's too hot for me now that it's too long."


"It's not so bad." Joshua looked at herself in the mirror. "I actually look good with short spiky hair."

"It's a good thing you're the type of woman who doesn't groom eyebrows, otherwise we'd be in trouble." Sam laughed.

"Guys groom their eyebrows too, just so you know." Maxwell said, pointing at his well maintained eyebrows. "By the way, Jesse said he might be a little late, he said he has to drop by Ben's house to get his payment."

"About time." Joshua said, not able to pry her eyes from her own reflection. "It took me how many days of snooping around before I got the information he needed."

"And it'll all be worth it once he pays." Sam said, running her fingers down Joshua's hair. "Who knew trading information about our fellow students to teachers would pay us big bucks?"

"It feels a bit awful sometimes." Maxwell walked over to Joshua who was still engrossed by her own reflection. "Time's up princess charming, Jesse's here."

Joshua spun around, touching her hair. "Hey Jesse, got the payment from Ben boy?"

"That ass for a teacher nearly ran me over." Jesse fumed. "But yeah, he gave me the money. Someone's not gonna graduate this year."

"Or ever." Joshua motioned to the closet. "I don't have guy clothes though."

Jesse held out a paper bag. "Thought about it. By the way, it looks good on you, the short hair I mean."

"She's a dream boat, isn't she?" Sam cooed.

"How am I supposed to hide it from my mom if I'm going to Xavier tomorrow?" Joshua said, realizing the hole in their plan.

"I got it all on lock, baby girl." Jesse said. "You can stay at my place for the time being."

"Well it's all planned out." Joshua said. "No more slip ups? No more additional information that could make or break it?"

Sam smiled knowingly. "None whatsoever."

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