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I wanted to write something that's not in my usual lane. Something that'll help me expand my skills. Hopefully it'll end up the way I wanted it to.

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Chapter 1

Logging on her favorite website, Laina plopped a leg up her cozy chair and started her weekend hobby. Humming to herself as she took one online quiz after another... from "what type of horse are you?" to "when will you meet your soulmate?", she took them all. She's not delusional, she knew that those things were meant for fun and just to pass the time by. And pass the time by, it did. It's been her favorite thing to do after a long day of working.

With a light smile on her lips, she scrolled through some of the quizzes that were similar to the ones she'd already taken before.

She started to look for quizzes that were made in by users from the country where she's living; the Philippines. After a while, the whole thing was starting to before stale and boring until she came across an odd "quiz". It sent chills down her spine. It had nothing but a black icon where a picture was supposed to be, something that could give away what's inside the quiz. The description was even more chilling, who would publish such a thing? I'm bored. And I want to know one thing, and one thing only. Should I kill you? It read. She clicked on the quiz just to find out who is crazy enough to post such. Unfortunately for her, the site supports anonymity, and the author opted to remain unknown. What could go wrong? She thought as she decided to answer it for the thrill of it all.

Where are you? a. Manila b. Batangas c. Baguio

To which she clicked b.

Have you ever had the feeling that you're being watched?

a. yes b. no

Odd, she thought, she's not the paranoid type but the question made her look behind her.

Do you have a secret that's bound to get you killed?

a. yes b. no

Laina gulped nervously, what even is this? Everyone has secrets, but why ask if it has a potential of getting you killed?

Do you consider yourself evil?

a. yes b. no

Everyone wants to see themselves as good, obviously no one's going to answer yes to this.

And the last question was. Do you think anyone's going to miss you if you die?

a. yes b. no

Laina thought about it hard, she wasn't close to her family, but she did have a lot of friends. And she was pretty sure they'd miss her if she suddenly died. Sighing deeply, she clicked on a.

It took a while before the results came up. She felt cold sweat as she read the results.

YES! Congratulations! You're worthless enough that no one's going to care if I kill you. I'll hunt you down and kill you however I want... you have 72 hours to say goodbye.

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