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I thought about it while talking to an old friend of mine. I've always wanted to make an actual romantic story since almost all of the ones I make end up being tragedies, here's my cut on the age old saying "the bridge is always the owner" that's been bothering me ever since I heard about it. I hope you enjoy going on this romantic journey together with the characters I made.

Just in case, all the names of people and places in this is totally fictional and if there is someone out there or a place with a similar name, it's pure coincidence.

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Chapter 1

"The bridge is always the owner." That's what's popular; the one that spends a lot of time with a someone to bridge two people together is usually the one that ends up falling for the person. It's an age old thing that usually ends up in tears.

Light brown eyes scanned the faces of the people that just got off the plane. Janice wanted to go home and curl up in a bitter ball of sadness instead of being there. But she promised her friend, Alissa that she'd be there to pick her friend up from her latest modeling gig.

"Uh, eyes here miss paparazzi." came a voice from behind Janice.

Janice took a sharp turn, ready to raise all types of hell. "Alissa, what the heck! Do not do that to me ever!"

"Relax." Alissa smiled, lacing her toned arm around Janice's. "I'm super hungry, I haven't had a proper meal since the fashion week began and I'm craving for burgers and fries." Alissa had to half drag the mumbling Janice towards the exit. Alissa happily skipped while she was dragging her gloomy friend. "By the way, Ellia told me you're having man problems."

Janice sighed and nodded. "Brandon said we've grown apart ever since he started vlogging and going around the country. I mean we hardly see each other anymore anyway."

"I bet he's with some girl, that's why he wants to break it off with you?" Alissa fumed. "Where are you staying if you two broke it off?"

"My old condo." Janice felt her heart break even more, saying it out loud made it a reality and she couldn't deny it anymore. After five years of dating and thinking he's going to be the one for her, he broke it off because 'they're growing apart', like it was her fault he's all over the damn place. "I told him to give me time, I'm gonna move all my stuff in a week."

"Or you could burn it all." Alissa leaned her head against Janice. Every other step they took, her stomach gave out a soft gurgling sound. "My stomach wants to ruin the moment for us, Janice. Let's just eat at Marlene's Café, I miss eating there."


"She's such a loser, though." Janice groaned. "I mean, if you looked at Mike and Steph, you can tell who's the reacher and who's the settler."

Alissa nodded, too busy eating her burger, she didn't even bother using the knife and fork they gave her. "I mean, it's obvious he can do much better." She said in between her big bites. "I should order tacos too."

"Hush! I'm on a roll here. Let me see." Janice started playing with her pasta as she thought of mismatched couples  in her circle of friends.

"Oh shit. Girl code broken." Alissa exclaimed, putting down her burger, or what's left of it.

"Mike isn't a girl, though." Janice replied dryly. "Besides, we all agree Steph is a horrible girlfriend to Mike."

"Amen." Alissa picked up her burger and started to eat again, humming with delight as she finished. "I'll order tacos and a plate of spaghetti for dinner."

"Don't binge. Sometimes, Alissa, I swear you're the luckiest women in the world. You eat like a sumo wrestler but I've never seen you gain a pound." Janice finally started eating her already cold pasta. Sticking her tongue out in surprise to the taste of cold pasta, she pushed it to Alissa who was more than willing to finish the dish off.

"I exercise like crazy, I jog, do yoga and I bike once a week." Alissa said, half insulted by Janice. "This hot bod doesn't come easy miss muffin top. Clearly you let yourself go since you started dating Brandon."

"I know, I think it's time for me to start looking at the market." Janice said. "I mean if he can move on quickly, so can I."

"Good!" Alissa said. "Let's go clubbing tonight! We'll bring all our single girl friends and we'll have ourselves a single girl's night out."

"Last time I checked, that pink diamond ring on your finger means you're about to be Mrs, Richard Arrow." Janice pointed at Alissa's slender finger.

"Boo! I meant we'll go out for you ladies to find a special someone." Alissa said, waving her ringed hand in front of an angry Janice. "That's right girlfriend, he loved it and put a ring on it."

Janice looked down at her ring less hand, there was a ring there once. When he promised her the world... and most importantly, his heart. "Someone's bound to put a ring on it again, and this time, it's going to stay that way."

Alissa stopped dancing to nothing, and went around the table to hug her friend.

"Not with those greasy fingers, you won't." Janice held out her hand, stopping her teary-eyed friend from giving her an oily hug. Despite her warnings, though, Alissa still gave her a tight hug, putting hamburger grease all over her cheeks and hair. "I swear you're gross sometimes."

Alissa let out a shaky laugh, trying to remove the grease on Janice's hair, of course ending up putting more. "I'm sorry, I was just overcome by pain."

"Yes, to the expense of my beautifully made hair." Janice said, stroking her now greasy brown hair. "I remember, I told Brandon I'd start packing my shit up the moment I clean my old condo, just meet me at Royal Flush at 6."

Alissa nodded, absent-mindedly texting Richard.


"I'm sorry, I know I should've started this morning." Janice entered Brandon's apartment, trying to ignore the fact that all Brandon was wearing was his boxers. "But Alissa just got back and I promised her I'd hang out with her after fashion week."

Brandon tailed Janice as she grabbed her stuff. "I don't really mind Nice."

Janice winced at the name he called her, it was his special name for her. "Could we stop with the couple name now? I mean we're not even together anymore, Brandon."

"Right." Brandon said flatly. "You know, since I was the one who called it all off, you have the right to keep the ring."

"And remind me of my faults? No thank you." Janice turned around to put her shirts in a box behind her and bumped into Brandon's chest. "Could you stop hovering? It's bad enough that I'm in a hurry."

Brandon lifted his hands in surrender. "Whatever you say Miss Boss Lady."

"I really don't need this right now." Janice dunked her half folded shirt in the box, lifting it up, she looked at him with a forced smile. "Gonna go out with the ladies tonight at Royal Flush."


By the time Janice entered the bar, Alissa and the girls were already on their second martini. "Sorry I was late, I had to pick up some of my stuff from Bandon's. Then I had to shower and get ready, and I admit I took a nap."

"No problem, chica." Alissa said with a smile. "All the boys are eyeing the table, we didn't even order yet."

"No way." Janice said, sitting down, poising herself as she prepared to order her first drink for the night.

A waiter walked over to the table and plopped an old fashioned in front of Janice. "It's from that guy over there. He didn't give me his name, he just gave me this card."

Janice looked at where the shy waiter was pointing, the bar was dimly lit and all she could see was his outline and his glass. She felt his gaze on her, as if she knew him. He lifted his glass a bit. She knew, even if she couldn't see, she knew he had a big smile on his lips.

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