Dr. Harmless vs. the people on earth


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However the world is a place of unexpected things with unexpected and sometimes even unreal things happening around you. The Life has its own creativity with its own way or say tone.

Dr. Harmless could be one of the most impactful  guy in your life if only you realize his impact.

Being beaten hard by his early life Dr. Harmless tries to stay hard at some of the most non-sense still hilarious parts of his life. This book marks the adventure of Dr. Harmless after he was fired from his workplace (science research lab, London), How he has to interact with the normal people again(this is something he is really bad on).

If I would have to write a character sketch on Dr. Harmless on the prologue then I wouldn’t have. (Don’t ask why...you’ll now once you start reading the book).

As it is a collection of short stories, you can start reading the book from any chapter you want (for your information, the chapters are arranged according to latest release.

Here are some facts you shall know about –

*Dr. Harmless entered his wonder ream which he considers as earth on Halloween 1990.

He has a Younger Brother –

Clifford Hatman (Dr. Harmless’ cousin brother)

Polluting the world’s peace since January 17th 1997...He’s an evil scientist working for a secret Evil Federation (Federation’s name yet to be revealed), known for his experiment to produce a lab-made vampire (which was actually a vampire but he calls it “Humshahensha”, I wish some copyright on vampire’s character could sent him to prison for reproducing the character with a different name and calling it his own innovative creation).Well this guy is an unexplainable creature made by god but glad that Dr. Harmless has also a younger sister who fights evil

Johanna Hatman (Dr. Harmless’ cousin sister)

Trying to save the world since February 23rd 1999... She has mark of “Justice Everywhere” in the dilute form on her blood. Fights like a Bad-ass But Fights for Good-ass (innocent people). Always wanted to became a FBI agent but a student till.

And as a compliment to Dr. Harmless’ personality he has also a pet

Jeopardize (Dr. Harmless’ pet)

Well guess what it can be?... what does the name suggests?... If you guessed a Tiger then you can go around be ashamed of yourself cause you couldn’t guess that it’s a firkin Frog... wait a minute I think even I guessed it wrong...cause It looks like an alligator.

Whrghhh!...yeah it’s it, a little one (most probably a baby alligator) sorry but I can’t go so cute... It frightens you like so Whrghhh! (I got no words)

Well, Jeopardize has really a great developed brain which works very similar as a human.




This Book marks the adventures of Doctor Harmless after he was fired from his 6 year old Job. As a collection of short stories all the stories will be separate from each other without any uphold-state but unlike other short-story collections these stories will carry a linkage to each other.

*New Short stories are expected every month plus Bonus Chapters on Special Events(like Christmas, New year, --- et cetera).

“Hope You’ll have a good treatment session with Dr. Harmless”


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