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Some Salient Facts to Secure AT&T Email Account

At&t email experts always keep saying that users need to take care about their email account. For that, changing the password after a certain interval is compulsory for them. To keep this thing in mind, users take attempt of changing password of their At&t email. But most of the time they failed to do it properly. As a result their account is no longer to remain secured. At&t email support team is always there to help them out and give them proper solutions. At&t technicians always provide solutions in simple language so that users won’t have to face any difficulty. Users need to follow right procedure for it.

At&t technicians always read users’ mind

At&t email support team gives most easy way to change the password. They know all users don’t have equal potentials to understand technical terms. So the technical team always give them solutions in user friendly language. They discuss it vividly which have been shown below-

·         Firstly, users will be instructed to go the ‘’Profile & Settings’’ option which is available on the top of the page.

·         After that, users will be instructed to select ‘’personal info’’ section.

·         Then, users will be instructed choose ‘’change password’’ button.

·         Next, users will be instructed enter the password (new password) on the given space.

·         Then, users need to select ‘’save’’ option to keep remain the changes.

Password should be strong-

AT&T email support team gives some advices about the password while they are going to change it. As they believe if the password is strong then users can have secured access of their own email account. According to them, users should follow some certain conditions which will help them to secured account. These conditions are discussed below-

ü  Characters of the password should be 6-24.

ü  Users should not use only letters as password.

ü  Users should not use only numbers as password.

ü  Users should not use the email id as password.

ü  Users should use uppercase and lowercase letters to make it stronger.

ü  Users should not share their password with anyone.

At&t email support team always makes themselves available for the users those need their assistance as urgent basis. Technicians are reachable through a toll free helpline number. Users can dial the toll free helpline number .There is no interruption during conversation with the technicians. Users can repeat their questions if they have any confusion. But technicians never get irritated on them.

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