Instructions That Will Help You in How to Get Your Website Redesigned


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For any business, its website is its online representative. Since the internet is the largest market these days, it is very important for your website to be up to date. If you think your website is outdated, it’s time to turn to a Web Design Company Dubai. Since Google has released a new mobile-first algorithm update, it’s important for your website to be mobile responsive. It should be redesigned to load faster so that it could gain search engine rankings.


If you are wondering how to get more online sales, then hire a professional web-designing company and take your business to a new height. The web designers on the team will use updated practices and make sure that your website meets the latest Google requirements. 


Redesigning Old Websites:


In this era of constant technological evolution, it’s important to keep pace with ever-changing advancement. It is the only way to succeed in the market. No matter if you are trying to redo to your website design, or simply want to refresh some old feature, we have a few practices to help you get the desired results.


· Website Analysis:


The first step to redesigning your website is to analyze it. In this way, you can realize the problem with your website. Analyzing your old website help you see what your website needs to stand out. You need to test the user experience by running your website. It will help you decide whether your website needs to be redesigned completely or you only need to tweak the style and proportions.


A good web design Dubai Company will check if the existing design of the website goes with the theme of the business. This is very important as in most cases, less is more.


The next thing you need to analyze is that if your website is up to date. Is it intuitive or it’s hard for the users to navigate their desired service or item. Moreover, analyze the website of your competitors. Learn from the user experience they are offering. If there’s any feature that can help you increase your sales, note that down and add it while redesigning your website.


The overhaul of the entire website might seem easy but it may take from days to weeks. Make a list of the things you want to add your website before contacting a web design company in Dubai.


· Content Analysis:


The content on your website is the key aspect of interaction with the users. Therefore, it should be updated as well. When you decide to redesign your website, make sure you have a proper content plan.


Revisiting your content is another major step of redesigning your website. The content on your website should match the interest of your target audience. In order to attract more clients and increase your sales, you need to survey your clientele and collect data from analytics. Make a content plan and tell your audience how you are going to meet their needs. Reread the copy several times before handing it over to the developer.


Before redesigning your website’s visuals, pay attention to the content. Design your website in accordance with the content and make sure that every element complements the other. Working in the above-mentioned sequence makes it easier for you to complete the overhaul project of your website. This step by step procedure will help you achieve the vision you have for your website.


· Gather the Team And Get It Involved From the Start:


If you have decided to redesign your website, don’t waste time. Gather a team first and involve them in brainstorming new ideas to redevelop your website. Get in touch with stakeholders, website designers and developers as early as possible.


Involve the web design company from the start of the process. Make them see the entire process and ask for them for critique. Make them understand the nature of the content so that they could design the website accordingly.




If you have decided to redesign your website, it’s time to call a Dubai web design company. In order to bring your ideas on the screen, you need to work closely with the web design and development team. Communicate with them since the very beginning of the project to achieve the vision you have for your business website.

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Tips That Will Help You In Building A Career In Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development is one of the fields that has seen a tremendous rise in popularity lately. In the IT industry, there are plenty of careers, but this career has made it's way long down the road into the adaptation of careers in Mobile App Development Company Dubai. Due to the rise in this career choice of mobile app development, the need for mobile app development has heaved. A big part of the demand for mobile app developers has also led to the flourishing startup scene, and many of these startups are willing to pay highly competitive wages to deserving applicants. Many startups are already switching to just mobile environments like in Mobile app Development Company in Dubai.




You should first learn common programming languages such as C, C++, C #, and Java to know how to become a mobile app developer. Naturally, the particular selection of language relies on the mobile platform and OS for which they create the applications. Apps for Apple's iOS use Objective C, whereas Java is used to acquire proficiency in for Android apps.


Functions of Mobile app developer:


· One of the foremost function of the mobile app developer Dubai is to develop, test, improve and innovate mobile applications.

·To ensure the quality, reliability and working functionality of applications fulfilled with client’s requirements.

· To formulate codes for applications.

· To develop and design the application development interface.

· To necessarily communicate ideas and design with the members associated in the team.

· To fix, debug and solve the errors or any issue that arises within the application.




Mobile computing has taken the web by storm, with mobile and wearable technology's comfort and practical apps overtaking the benefits of traditional desktop configuration. As a consequence, a fast change to mobile application development is taking place in the software development sector.Mobile apps are optimized for use on mobile computing platforms; many of them do not have a traditional desktop or laptop PC compatible versions. This has given rise to mobile app Development Company in Dubai. Developing mobile applications is an expansion in the software development sector, so much so that many businesses and government agencies are scrambling to maintain up with the statistics. The development of app developers ' professional organizations, along with the dissemination of accessible work possibilities.



The skill set mobile app developers Dubai are what companies want to see are the mobile apps you've developed. Whether you're an iOS or Android mobile app developer, there are these essential requirements for success. These can include:

  • Specifically knowing how to generate a user interface
  • Start to become familiar with programming languages such as SQL, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Java, C, C++ and HTML
  • Having strong computing skills, including database management and security management.
  • Using logical skills to govern users' needs and design an app to suit them and give them user-friendly experience.
  • Certification is necessary.
  • Exposure to the understanding of app development.
  • Follow the principle set of secure and protected software design.    



Mobile app Development Company in Dubai is an app development company which is a shining armor for the mobile app developer Dubai. A valuable source of intelligence and knowledge is required for them to create and bring an idea to life and present it to offer a balance between the clients, businesses and the final customer. The expertise of a mobile app developer can be expanded according to the needs of the upcoming changes and trends in the robust technology and get hands-on experience through real projects. Mobile app developers never stop learning. It provides fresh new approaches to upgrade, recreate and accelerate the tech styles you are incorporating with.




In a nutshell, one of the most attractive factors about becoming a Mobile App Development Company in Dubai is its flexibility.Volunteering on projects with excellent and brilliant developers is not just a way to collaborate – it can cover the way for a good career in the growth of mobile apps. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that being a mobile app developer in Dubai Company isn’t a gamble but building a career in it will outshine you in this era of technology and development.

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Difference Between Web Designer and Web developer

Usually, we have heard people saying web developer and, Web Designer NYC for the same jobs, often these terms are used interchangeably. Fundamentally, these two are different aspects, but they both help to build the websites.

The Website designer more focuses on the visual features of the website, while web developers make the websites, using complex coding languages.


The job details of the web Designer

A web Designer works to present the visual aesthetics and usability of the website. A web designer is responsible for the visual designs and everything like layout, colour scheme of the website, and the text to display information.  A web designer is very critical in intensifying the UI/UX of the website.


So, the designing is all about how a user sees the website, they are not interested in any other thing than aesthetics to the eyes, and smooth running website. Let’s have a glance in the tools they use to design the websites; this might clear up this might clear up a little confusion about the nature of Designer's job:


·         Colour palettes

·         Typography

·         Graphic design

·         Adobe Creative Suite Photoshop,

·         Branding

·         Logo design

·         Layout

·         Wireframes, mock-ups, and storyboards

·         Placing call-to-action buttons


Through these tools the designers are able to formulate the design and looks of a website. However, the designer must require the following skills to make complete UI/UX of the design.


Navigation, colour and typography


No matter how brilliant your layout formats or, the content is, if the website is not navigating on sufficient standards, your hard work is useless.  Arrange the colors typography, images, text Video clearly and, on its right place. If things are clashing with each other, it impacts the image of the website. Poor navigation of the contents also effects poorly.


Mobile first Design


Mobile first design has become the crucial necessity of the Web designing world. This is because now, more than 50% of traffic comes from mobile users. So, if a website’s design is not fit for multiple screens, then, it can affect your branding drastically.


What is the average Salary of a website designer in NYC


With all the skills and top-notch experience, an average designer earns a minimum of pay from $42.8K to $47.7K per year. For maximum earning rate, a website designer in NYC can earn $97.3K every year.



The job details of Web Developer


As we know that both these terms and they are not the synonyms to each other. A web developer is the one who builds the website and, there is a variety of language codes and, frameworks that he has to master. Following are the skills that differentiate the web Developers from the web Designers in the website building process.


Learn these languages initially


Web development is all about knowing some codes; you must master all the languages and the frameworks to develop websites.


· HTML/CSS and JavaScript

If you want to start off with the basics coding for static websites, then the HTML and CSS are sister languages that you need to learn initially. The HTML controls the parts of the web pages and tells the web pages about the Headers, Footers, Images, and the entire display of the content present on the page.

CSS is necessary because it defines the every display part which HTML controls like layouts and paragraphs.


Just like the two sister languages, mentioned above, JavaScript also enables the developer to add photos and, build interactive and, top websites. Learning alone the JS is enough to make your skills sturdy the frameworks it uses to develop are necessary to acquire. The libraries of JS are known as JQuery or, JS frameworks.  These libraries are prewritten codes of the language and, they save plenty of time during the work.


Now there are some content management systems available online, which a developer can use easily. These systems save the time and increase the productivity of the developer. Along with CSS, HTML, and JS word press is a great way to build the quality website.


The average salary of the web developer in NYC

It is an estimate that developers and designers both earn a large number of bucks yearly. Here the web developer in NYC earns approximately $92,821 in a year.

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