Ewa Blackwood And The Empire Of Illusions


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CHAPTER 1: and so it begins

This chapter is dedicated to my high functioning sociopath  SKKasai 

I was running through a battered hallway, sweat trickling down my neck. I held my sweater and swiped the droplets off of my face.

 I turned my head as my legs swept uncoordinated through the aisle. The walls a color of dull beige  littered with black patches, only added to my misery.

My face burned as it kept perspiring through this living, roaring, engulfing oven house. The heat kept rising as I darted through the hallway aiming for nothingness, as if heat was playing a game of durability with me.

 I ran and ran and ran, my blood boiling vigorously. I wanted to explode but something inside me fought me, forcing me into survival. 

I bursted through the cluttered walls as soon as I saw an open door waiting for me at the end of whatever I was running through.

 The opening illuminated with lights as I passed through it then I heard the voice of multiple people all saying one thing in a synchronized manner. " we chose you ewa, we chose you." 

I opened my eyes, just to find out I'm laying paralyzed in bed. 

I stayed where I am then jumped from it as soon as I remembered that school was going to open. I scampered through my bedroom, wore my school uniform, then held my handbag without taking water or food. 

I went out to the cold weather of Dysteria without a jacket or any thick sweater but my thin school uniform.

 I ran through tight walls, curved lights propagating  through the arches that flew above me. 

I passed a long road then a high hill just to meet my daily nightmare. A godly castle stood there in front of me, embracing its beauty a see of green that engulfed it's perimeters.

 Birds flew in grace above its elongated towers that expanded high in the sky. The birds looked like specks of color that nearly moved compared to the castle's gigantic scale.

 It's a funny contradiction. Comparing such a rich building to a nightmare. I always poorly place my words but what I wanted the word nightmare to personify was the students that lived in that castle. 

I begged my mom not to rent me a bed in the girls dorm, for I would do anything to avoid them, and she surprisedly accepted. 

I walked unseen through the stream of students who seemed to notice me when I wanted to avoid them and to leave me be whenever I was irritated.

 A group of boys stood beside the river as they flipped their tongues and gabbled effortlessly without getting tired or bored. They were one of the worst kind of people who existed in this school , one of the most ludicrous too. 

I passed through the towering gate that was sumptuously and elaborately adorned with all sorts of rare gems. I held my conjuring spell book and brushed through it's pages to reach page 50. It shone with a bold title saying  FLAME FAMILIAR. 

I started reading. Flame familiars are a species of Demons that prefer ranged magic to physical combat. They  are the weakest and most common familiars encountered. Constructed entirely of fire, they resemble humanoid females wearing black metal armor, possessing horns, pointed ears, three fingers, and two toes.

Flame familiars float above the ground at all times and when moving they leave a trail of fire behind. When idle they often do spins and back flips. Unlike other creatures, Flame familiars rely on speed, agility, and powerful ranged attacks to dispatch their foes. They also vary in shape and color depending on the mood of the conjurer. 

I closed the book as I tried to memorize and organize the ideas in my head. A shadow covered my eyes and body as I was looking down. I angled up my head to see Miirak and his two friends with a jeer on their faces. " good morning, oracle scum." He uttered with a snicker. " oh for the oracle's sake, who's supposed to have a good morning across all of dubvornik's realm if they had a filthy descendant of Lucifer saying it to them?" I conjectured. He continued snickering and slithered through the breakfast tables along his dunderheaded friends. The popular boy group swaggered in front me throwing comments of mockery and others of complete stupidity. " don't kill them Cassandra ." I soliloquized. The clock was ticking and the first day of MORDINGAR a school for magic and sorcery was ever so close to start.

 I propped my conjuring spell book on my hand then moved a misplaced strand of black hair that fell on my glistening gold-purple eyes. I know. The son of an oracle holding eyes of peculiar colors. I hated it. Although they made me look beautiful but they also added on the buzz that already was found on the lips of the dwellers of Dubvornik. I stood and  marched through the spirally marble staircases. I wanted to have a head start on the stupid fools that filled my class.

 I reached my class then entered just to see professor adaran (a family friend)." A good morning to you Cassandra." Professor adaran Is a man with a chiseled face which reflected his constructive and sophisticated personality. " And a good morning to you too professor adaran." " I'd like you to sit here" he waved his hand to the first table then turned swiftly like a tree leaf, his hand behind his back adorned with beautifying rings. I sat in solace enjoying the moments of silence I'll have before those "classmates" storm in the class room. The professor wrote on the board swiftly, the magic of conjuration.

 I nearly jumped from my table as soon as the other students streamed in the class giving the teacher their respects. As soon as everyone settled in their tables I looked  around to see miirak sitting in the far corner smirking at me. I then turned my head back and shook it as if disgusted by his face. Professor adaran turned around joined is hand quickly as if he have done this millions of times. He opened his mouth and said " good morning students today were going to discuss the first lesson of conjuration in mordingar's schooling curriculum which extends to a year each. " now" he clapped his hands again " who knows what conjuration means?" My hand bolted through the calm class. The professor guided me through the tables until I faced the class and said " please explain to us then." I raised my head trying to remember it then bit My lip and started " Conjuration is a skill and is one of the six skills that fall under the Path of Sorcery or The Mage constellation of skills. The conjuration skill is mastered by casting Conjuration spells in real life battle situations. The Summoning aspects of Conjuration elevates  the skill by the amount of damage and time those spells stay intact in combat. these spells identify themselves as Conjuration spells and generally focus on summoning creatures from the planes of the Oblivion, unknown, or jarkwa (all same thing) or creating ethereal weapons from soul energy." I breathed briefly as if I changed everyone's opinions but actually I added on them, for whenever I know something, everyone starts to mock me. 

A big smile exploded on adaran's face then said " brilliant Cassandra!! Truly brilliant ! I couldn't have placed it better my self !" I smiled , thanked him , then walked proudly through glaring audience and sat in my table. " ok. since Cassandra explained everything to you all so thoroughly I believe we can go to the training area right now !" The professor said as he started grouping the class. I stood alone waiting him to group me with him but he didn't. He approached me " you get to walk with me Cassie. Lead along." 

We walked through the complicated hallways down the spirally staircase then to the green outside. The air was refreshing, the green adding to its rejuvenating effect. We were marching through the glass then Miirak suddenly approached me and said " were going to see you dance now you filthy scum." Anger bubbled in me heating my rib cage into melting point. Finally we reached a vast area of plain dirt. Adaran stopped us then turned " ok. Today we're going to conjure a flame familiar. I'm not going to explain what it  is but your assignment is to memorize it from your books and do a 200 words descriptive essay about your own atronach." He then continued " close your eyes. Feel the energy linger around you. Tame it. Raise your hand. Feel the power pouring into your palm. It might feel like holding a heavy boulder. Control it. Form it into a sphere. Pigment it. Color it. Now open your eyes." We all opened our eyes then I saw a purple sphere formed of traversing energy. Most of the class didn't have that but strands or colorless and powerless energy. Not mostly. Everyone didn't have it but me and Miirak. Adaran continued " now semi close your palm and feel the energy then throw it into the ground." I opened my eyes to see two flame familiars standing in front of us, one mine and the other for Miirak. The class scurried backwards but Miirak and I stood still while adaran's eyes shined. " oh wonderful!!" My flame familiar  was elegant (yet majorly crooked) and blazing in fire with a cunning manner, while Miirak's atronach blazed blood red fire followed with horns like the devil, it was reasonable enough. I then remembered what miirak said to me and anger grew again which affected my familiar. It started moving in its place as if it was to explode. And it did. A circle of fire rippled around it then with a whoosh everything was black. 

My eyes started opening slowly as I tried to figure out who was sitting in the couch ahead of me. An indistinct person stood in front of me, light twinkling from his finger. As soon as my vision was back to normal my paranoid mind started thinking of the possibilities. Was it a person sent to kill me because of my own state of being ? Shut up Cassandra, if anyone would want to kill me, it would be out of the castle and not in here. Either ways I never felt safe just because of my mother. She brought me to life and now I have to bear the blood she passed. Oracle members are not supposed to fall in love or get kids because they are chosen by gods. But mom, one of the most knowledgeable members fell in love and broke the tradition that the oracle usually follow. Now she wasn't punished or anything but it just wasn't favored. Usually the members never even think of falling in love because a relationship with someone who almost knows everything that happens with the other side is nearly impossible. Love was never something favored by them since they believe that  it lessened their connection with their creator. Mom on the contrary thought it strengthens it. She never let her powers to get in the way between herself and dad. I guess love blinded her. And it was a good thing. Now here I am, apparently the chosen one in front of all those people. The girl to be, the girl to defend. I never understood this, for they prophesies me and there isn't even any danger found in Dubvornik. They say there will be one and when it grows I'll be the one whose going to defend it. I guess I was supposed to take that in and defend everyone's asses. Why me? Plus, why the hell do they prophecies when I myself don't know what I am. How much I hated it. Being told what to be when you still where finding yourself. I looked back at the person in front of me. He was almost perfect. A genteel boy with silky white hair that dimly illuminated like stars. Who am I to define if he's beautiful, after all I know nothing about it. His pale face adorned with white bright eyes that sat their gazing at me. How didn't I see him the second I entered the class ? A small white sphere traversed on a never existing projection over his finger. Unlike everyone he just sat there and observed without saying any phrases like " oh it's Cassandra  the chosen one ". 

"Hello, Cassandra." 

"Introduce yourself." I demanded with a demurely manner

" I'm Luxerus Tranquillum. And I'm a descendant of the angel species. My brother Jupiter tranquillum will be meeting us as soon as you get healed." He breathed rapidly, as if he really wanted this to work.

" And why do you expect me to go with you and your brother ?" 

" well, we want to be your friends."

"Really? That's it? That's not how friendships work luxerus." 

"Then how do they work?" He said A bit irritated 

" I don't know." I replied coldly

"See? We both don't know. Isn't that something mutual? Isn't that what friends are supposed to be?"

"I guess... How long have I been here?"

"Just hours, your flame atronach is still weak so it didn't conflict any significant damage, and if your wondering, nothing happened to professor adaran. After all he have done this for years and all it took to be protected from your explosion is a simple defense charm."

I wanted to be his friend. I just did. After all I need someone that isn't so close minded like him to discuss my problems and rants."what is that light on your finger?" I asked curiously. "Oh this. It's nothing of matter. Just a simple light angels can do I guess."

I jumped off of the bed then put my shoes on. I opened the door just to see luxerus's brother in front of me. "Brother, did she accept?" " yes " I replied, then walked straight out of the room. Luxerus and Jupiter following me. I had friends for the first time. I felt happy.

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