A Day In Fall


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   Hi my name is Tamsin and I am 16 and deaf my life has been difficult. But It just got harder it's hard enough that no one can talk to me. I just got adopted by my foster parents and we moved from New Jersey to Colorado. My best friend from the orphanage could sign and I was so sad to leave but we still FaceTime. School is in a week and I'm so scared that no one will be able to sign. But my mom has  got a person to sign what the teacher says so I can go to school. I'm very bad at reading lips so I hope going to school will help. My mom is great at signing but my dad is not the best but I love him. Me and my dad love to go to old silent movies together. My mom talked to my principle and there is a guy that mute in my class. So I'm so glad I just hope he's nice the only bad things is he's the only one I can talk to. My room is the greatest it has the tallest bookshelfs I love to read. 

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