Toxic- A Speech


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 "I read a book about a girl on fire.

I read a book about a fearless prior.

I read a book about a boy with a wand.

I read a book about a girl whose drawings respond. 

I read a book about a boy with demigod powers. 

I read a book about a girl whose weakness made her flower. 

The girl on fire taught me to never give up. 

The fearless girl taught me that all is corrupt. The boy who lived taught me to follow my fate. Along with the ruined girl who's destiny was great.

The son of Poseidon taught me to be a hero. The girl with cancer taught me to live for today, as there may be no tomorrow. 

They made me look up when things look bleak. They make strong, when I myself am weak. They taught me that I don't need a wand or a knife. 

To be the savior of my fictional life. 

We call them the heroes of our generation. 

But no, we can be the heroes and our own inspirations."

I'm tired. I'm tired of the judgement after judgement after judgement, about our generation being stupid,weak,lazy,narcissistic, and ignorant. 

But at the very same time, I'm afraid. 

I'm afraid of the way we can hurt each other and not even care. One day while I was at school I was told to "kys" because I liked a tv show. The next day at school I counted how many times I was insulted or told to die. 

Fourteen. Fourteen times when people used their voices to hurt me. That is not okay. 

On the same day I read a quote, "I am part of a lost generation and I refuse to believe that I can change the world." 

I thought about how true it was, but at the same time how false it was. Yes, we may be a lost generation but we can change the world. 

We are not weak, we are not ignorant, we are not fools. We have voices. Voices we could use. Voices we should use. Voices we HAVE to use. 

We have to find our voices and when we do we have to use them. I don't want to be part of a generation where its okay to make someone feel worthless. We can't use our voices to break each other down, because we need to build each other up. So find you're voice and change the world for the better.

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