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Introduction and characters


Long ago in the province of Skyrim. A man named Rave was a prisoner being led to an Imperial execution in Helgen. Alduin unexpectedly interrupts the procession, destroying the town before Rave could be executed. Rave escaped in the chaos and journeyed to the city of Whiterun to request aid against the dragon threat. After slaying a different dragon that attacked nearby, Rave absorbed the dragon's soul which grants them the ability to perform a shout. The city's guards informed Rave that they must be Dragonborn. Rave was summoned to meet with the Greybeards, an order of monks who live in seclusion. The Greybeards train the player in using shouts and informed Rave of their role in stopping Alduin. Rave learned that Skyrim's civil war is the last in a sequence of prophetic events foretold by the Elder Scrolls, which also predicted the return of Alduin.

Rave later met with members of the Blades, an order of dragon hunters. Rave and the Blades travel to Alduin's Wall, a prophetic engravement, to learn that ancient Nords used a special shout against Alduin so they could engage him. To gain more information, Rave met the ancient dragon Paarthurnax, the leader of the Greybeards. Paarthurnax reveals that Alduin was cast into the currents of time by the use of an Elder Scroll in the hope that he would never reemerge. Rave located the Elder Scroll and used it to peer through a window in time and learned the shout to combat Alduin. Rave battled with Alduin, who then fled to Sovngarde, the Nordic afterlife, to gain strength by devouring the souls of deceased Nords.

Rave summoned and trapped a dragon named Odahviing, and learned from him that Alduin has fled to Sovngarde through a portal located at an ancient fort called Skuldafn. Odahviing agreed to fly the player to Skuldafn, claiming Alduin has shown himself as weak and undeserving of leadership over the dragon race by fleeing from the Dragonborn. Rave entered Sovngarde and traveled to the Hall of Valor. There, they meet up with the three heroes of Nordic legend who defeated Alduin originally. With their help, Rave defeated Alduin once and for all... or so he thought. This story takes place thirty years after this story after Rave fell in love with a woman and tried to leave his life of danger behind but what will happen when evil returns, will Rave be able to stand and fight the darkness once more. Or will another hero rise and destroy the evil?



the characters in this book are Luna the adventurer, Luna has been adventuring for


Bishop the ranger, This ranger thought he had seen it all throughout his 27 years in Tamriel. He was ready to retreat into the woods with his only constant companion, a somewhat domesticated wolf, but then the air itself shook with the coming of a woman who’d try to barge past him into the Sleeping Giant Inn. Every moment of his life has taught him not to trust another soul. Will it take a lot to show him a new perspective, or will his chance for a new future fall through to his fate – to be Skyrim’s most ineligible bachelor?

Karnwyr the Wolf, A runt of a litter is the youngest and weakest, likely to be rejected and cast out by its family. In Karnwyr’s case that never occurred as he and his litter mates were born into the captivity of bandit breeders. His mother, starved and alone, died mere weeks after he came into the world. He never knew a father and the first months of his life were spent being plumped up for a life of cage fighting. When the winds of war hit the bandit camp, they brought with it a grumpy teenager who turned his life upside down. Well, he gave Karnwyr the chance to escape and the scraggly wolf cub returned the favor by stalking him and then saving everything Bishop held dear. Including his ass. Since then, the russet brown wolf and the alpha brooder have been inseparable, through loss and tragedy, through hangovers and even arguments. (Karnwyr marking his territory in Bishop’s boots at night is a very serious matter.) Loyalty has never been a question and there’s not a chance in Oblivion that they would value a bitch over their bond. If you want the ranger, you get the wolf.


Alec the bard, An Imperial in the most Nordic city of the most Nordic province where Nords openly hate Imperials may come as a little unorthodox, but that danger is where the adventure lies for this poet of strings. Alec is a social climber and to perform in the Palace of Kings would be like climbing the Throat of the World to the society of bards back in Cyrodiil. His gilded tongue has ensured that he isn’t hacked to death in the dead of night, so long as he entertains the local riffraff with his premier talents. Every night that he is troubled by the latest ruffian who belched in the middle of his recital, he assures himself that getting through Candlehearth Hall.


Casavir the Paladin, His vows and his origins are from Cyrodiil. That is all you may ever know of this formal paladin who exudes holy justice with every fibre of his being. His history with a certain ranger bubbles to the surface and courtly whispers fail to penetrate his steel armor, but the truth is guarded with honesty and even protection, both for himself and this enchanting legend he so desired to meet.


Cael the Forswarn, To fight is a Forsworn’s life, whether they are on the front lines or aiding and masterminding their battles. This one has done it all since he was sixteen years old. A mother who came from a noble family ensured that his upbringing was educated and that her son had the acceptance of society. A father who lived up to every expectation of a stern and fearsome warchief ensured strength and savagery. This resulted in a strange and unique mix; a Forsworn Chieftain who is soft-spoken but deadly, intelligent but naive, compassionate but sharp of tongue and wit.


Jack the drunken captain, A pirate’s life isn’t always the height of life on the seas. This much is demonstrated by Jack, a Redguard who finds himself beached on foreign lands with no ship to captain and a revolting poison as his only consumable. Those foreign lands being the docks of the most sophisticated city in Skyrim, his ship being misplaced, and the poison being crates of wine that he “found” to accompany his dwindling supply of rum.


Thorn the Bandit, For almost a decade, Skyrim’s southern regions have been terrorized by a vicious beast and his gang of ruffians who were deemed too unruly for even criminal organisations. What is now known as Haelga’s Bunkhouse was once the target of their wanton raids but their dominating scheme was foiled by a Nord, an elf, a half-Khajiit and a wolf. In return, Thorn took everything Bishop had and left a lasting scar.


Raven the thief, The downfall of the Thieves Guild meant not only great losses for them and their reputation, but also the lives their organisation shapes. Raven was an orphan whose head was filled with stories and tall tales of a life beyond Honorhall Orphanage’s walls. So tall, in fact, that they inspired him to climb over those walls and never look back. He is rarely at their headquarters and rarely doing jobs, he prefers to be out in the open and trying to achieve what he thinks a gallant thief would do. Then daydreaming about it when he realises it isn’t happening.


Darren the Mage, A talent for ice magic was a rarity and a spectacle in a community of Breton nobles. To go to the coldest place in Tamriel to study at its unique Mages College seemed only natural to Darren and his family. Only, when he got there he realised one fatal flaw he had never considered. It really is terribly cold.

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Neeshka, Neeshka is a woman who knows exactly what she has and exactly what she hasn’t. Manipulating those things to get what she wants is her speciality. For example, a lack of self-respect but a longing for an easily swayed patron’s bulging coinpurse only takes one dark corner to come out on top. She’s never heard the word “no” but then again, she’s never aimed high either…

Thomas and Darian, They’re just lads, the villagers say. Out to see some sights before the actually eligible bachelors of the village turn their attentions away from the shop-girl-next-door. Thomas and Darian have been best buds since childhood. Their latest occupation comes down to being too concerned about being separated to join an army, and being too lazy to be actually doing something useful. They mean well but a constant supply of ale over the past week has left them unable to distinguish the dangers of whose legs they ogle at. Darian jumping into Thomas’s arms when Frodnar tried putting his dog in a Frostbite Spider costume was one thing, and wolf whistling the blacksmith’s calves was another, but drooling at Delphine carrying out two cabbages in front of her was one step too far. Thomas had to wear his bear fur hood permanently because of the lump he still has from when she punched him down the stairs.

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Arias and Marin, Whiterun’s neutrality in the war proved to be advantageous as Marin ushered his rowdy friend into the inn for a well-deserved break. He did not dare take them into The Bannered Mare as hostilities are still high and to let an intoxicated Imperial Legion Nord loose in Skyrim’s most popular inn isn’t the best of ideas. The blond still had the sobriety to change out of his armor, but only so he still had the composure to impress the ladies with his learned manner. His important role in the logistics of the Legion combined with his knowledge of less tasteful novels may have been an effective seduction technique, but he owes it all to the man who saved his life on the battlefield. Marin has the divinely sculpted facial hair and eloquent tongue for wooing the beauties of the citizenship, but is his loyalty to his wasted wing-man holding him back?

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Anomen and Frodo, 

Image result for Frodo Baggins

William the Quest Seeker, an adventurous man skilled in sword and bow combat who travels the world with his brother Derick in search of fame, wealth, adventure, and power.

 Derick the Wonder er, William's brother, skilled in range and magic combat but can handle himself in hand to hand combat, Derick seeks the same as his brother; fame, wealth, adventure, and power.

Alec the Vampire, a outcast to all other vampires for being thought of as too dangerous, Alec now seeks to bring himself to the top of the vampires and all of the world.

And Rave the Dragonborne, the hero of Skyrim and all of the world, but he has mysteriously disappeared.

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The Greybeards. The Greybeards are an ancient and honored order that dwell in their mountain sanctuary High Hrothgar, which is located on the highest mountain peak in Tamriel, the Throat of the World. As masters of Thu'um, or "the Voice," they live in absolute silence in order to better attune themselves to the voice of the sky. They are a peaceful order, not using their Thu'um to augment their martial skills, but to worship and honor the gods, as the "Way of the Voice" decreed.When the Greybeards speak, storms brew above High Hrothgar, and people are forced to evacuate due to the imminent danger of avalanches. When they even so much as whisper the word "Dovahkiin," it rumbles through the world, and the mountains shake. Such is their power, the last time that they spoke was when they announced the greatness of Tiber Septim.

Master Arngeir. Master Arngeir is an Elder Nord and powerful Greybeard who serves as the instructor and mentor in the Way of the Voice for the Dragonborn and others, like Ulfric Stormcloak. He also serves as a general spokesman for the Greybeards since the others cannot speak without using the Thu'um.

Master Borri. Borri is an Elder Nord and one of the Greybeards at High Hrothgar.

Master Einarth. Einarth is an Elder Nord and one of the Greybeards at High Hrothgar.

Master Wulfgar. Wulfgar is an Elder Nord, he is one of the Greybeards. As for the other Greybeards, save for Arngeir, his voice is too powerful to be heard by common people, thus he does not speak.

Paathurnax. Paarthurnax (Dovahzul), is the leader of the Greybeards. He served as Alduin's lieutenant during the Dragon War in the Merethic Era, during which he was said to have committed and witnessed unspeakable atrocities against mankind.



















In the Province of skyrim there was a small city of farmers, everything was quiet, everything was peaceful, when a roar could be heard in the distance, the roar woke up a sleeping child. The child opened the door and looked to the horizon

Image result

then the kid saw something, something flying in the moons,

Image result for night dragon chrome theme

it was a dragon! the dragon then began to swoop down and landed on a mountain and roared

Related image

 then meteors began to rain down from the sky. Alduin then flew off the mountain and dived down at the village and open its mouth, then the sky went from being a black night to a morning light, as fire covered the city.

The guards all began to run out of their houses with their weapons but the dragon slaughtered them, and the village began to burn. A man was trying to flee from the city when he was stopped by the dragon himself

Image result for skyrim alduin

and then the dragon spoke,

"You!" then man replied in fear and anger,

"What do you want from me! just kill me!"

"You? no, I want you to deliver a message, tell Rave the Dragonborn, I have returned and I am coming for him! NOW RUN!" the man wasted no time and began to run not looking back as hundreds of dragon came out of the skies destroying the village and killing its people.

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Image result for alduin
Image result for skyrim alduin attack
Image result for skyrim alduin attack
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"YOUR END IS NEAR DRAGONBORN, SOON I WILL RULE ALL OF TAMERIEL! For when you grew older and weaker, I grew in power."

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Chapter 1

Word spread to the kingdoms of the return of Alduin and his destruction and then all of the Jarls sent out their best messengers to find the great dragonborne. Up in the white mountains was the home of the dragonborne, and when the messengers made it to the dragonborne's home, the dragonborne was nowhere to be found, he disappeared. Down in Skyrim a blonde woman named Luna was journeying through Skyrim when she stopped at the small city of Riverwood. Luna looked around the city and saw a tavern and she decided to stay their for the day, for she has traveled a long time and hasn't been in a real bed for days. The woman began to walk to the tavern when two men began to speak,

"Oi oi, look at this fine lass, oh she is a beauty who looks a bit parched, I think I may offer to buy a pint of brew for her." then the other spoke,

"Not if I get to her before you do, you always go after the pretty women and leave the beasts for the rest of us."

"I can't help it if women find me fascinating, besides you have plenty of women to choose from, a fair maiden like her would be a waste for a man like you."

"Hey, she must be a witch then look at those eyes, she put some spell on me."

Luna could see the men where drunk and she continued to make her way to the tavern when she saw another man leaning against the side of the door of the tavern with his arms crossed looking at her. Luna turned to him,

"What are you looking at?" then ranger replied,

"So your someone who doesn't lip wrestle, got it, or you're just looking for someone to kiss your boots, if it's the latter i'd suggest asking elsewhere."

"What are you talking about?"

"You didn't hear those two idiots cat calling you on the way up here, (small laugh) so are you so use to those kinds of comments that you turn up your nose at all of them like some damn noble?"

"I hadn't noticed them actually, I just got here."

"Really they weren't yelling at your back loud enough, ha, maybe I should give them some tips seeing as i'm the only one who has landed a conversation. They have been harassing every pair of legs that has crossed their path for days, yesterday they got so drunk they even wolf whistled the blacksmith, you're the first they have been right to admire though, anyway just give them a wine bar."

"For days? What have you been doing here? Hold up the wall?"

"Maybe i'm here to stop noble ladies for drinks before they go in there and have the dullest time of their lives with these closed-minded villagers. I was tracking my wolf Karnwyr around here, we were separated while hunting a week ago, I've been hearing rumors of bandits holding pit fights somewhere on this side of Skyrim, he is all I've got and that is the only lead, so i'm off to shut them down before something happens to him."

"I could help you get your wolf back."

"Enthusiasm like that could get a pretty woman like you in trouble. (sigh) I guess it if they are running a ring there is probably gonna be more than just a few bandits. If you want to come, I wouldn't complain about my odds, I certainly could do worse for company."

"Sure I'd love that." Luna said still trying to be nice to him.

"Really? you'd love helping a stranger you just walked up to- who am I to complain, ah I need to make something clear before we set off. I don't trust anyone, not even the man pouring my drink, the only two things I trust anymore is myself and my wolf got it?"

"And what if he likes me more than the grumpy ranger?" Luna said sarcastically,

"I'm sure he'd remember his place after the stomach ache he got from you trying to feed him a sweet roll or something, before you jump to any stupid assumptions or try to get him to lick your hand, Karnwyr is not a pet, that wolf an I have been together since I was seventeen, he is closer to me than even a brother got that?"

"Of course, I love animals."

"That-that's not what I asked, what am I suppose to think? that you like ponies and fluffy bunnies and had a fox as a pet, ugh, lets get a move on every minute we waste here Karnwyr is being held against his will, probably worse." then the ranger got up and began to walk on the road and Luna followed. They traveled to a small cave that was had a wall on its outside with two bandits and two cages full of savage wolves. The ranger looked at the bandits from a distance and grabbed his knife,

"Those sons of bitches are gonna get it!"

"No!" Luna stopped him, "Lets play it smart and sneak and shoot the bandits instead of attacking head first and getting ourselves killed." The ranger then groaned and then Luna began to sneak up the side of the hill and until she had a good visual of the bandits. Luna pulled out her bow and shot the first bandit through the neck and then the ranger shot the other in the head, Luna and the ranger climbed down the mountain and began to walk into the cave when she heard a voice behind her,

"Never should have come here!" Luna turned around to see a bandit running at her, Luna pulled up her bow and shot at him, Luna shot him in the chest but he kept running at her, the bandit then hit Luna with his sword cutting her, then the bandit went for another attack, but then the ranger grabbed the bandit and stabbed him in the throat with his dagger and threw him off the side sending the bandit rolling down the hill. The ranger looked up at Luna,

"Are you hurt?"

"Just a cut but I will be fine."

"Okay, lets keep moving and this time, try not to get yourself killed." then they walked into the cave. and they immediately saw a cage holding a dog in it. Luna and the Ranger walked over to to the cage and looked at the dog,

"So you must be Karnwyr." Karnwyr barked in reply, then the ranger spoke,

"Ah there you are you mutt, what the hell were you thinking getting trapped and making me trap you all this way to this godforsaken place?" Karnwyr looked down, "there there, what do you say we play a little game for old time sake. I'll shoot an arrow into one of these bandit bastard's knee's and you can go rip his face off." Karnwyr barked, "Okay now lets make these sons of bitches pay!" then the ranger pulled out his dagger and ran down the hall with Karnwyr and Luna followed. Luna looked down to see four bandits surrounding a ring with a wolf standing over a dead wolf, Luna pulled out her bow and shot one of the bandits in the back killing him then the other bandits began to run up the hall, Luna shot another arrow shooting the second bandit in the heart killing him, then the ranger ran at the next two who where running up the stairs. The ranger grabbed the first one by the throat and stabbed the bandit in the stomach killing him then he ran at the other and the bandit went for a strike, but the ranger dodged his attack and stabbed the bandit in the side of its neck killing him. Luna walked down next to the ranger,

"Wait I never got your name ranger?"

"I didn't get yours either, my name is-" then Luna's eyes widened and they ducked avoiding a swing of a war-hammer, the ranger pulled out his dagger and Luna pulled out her bow. Luna shot the bandit but the arrows could barely pierce his armor, the ranger and Luna fought the bandit leader. The Bandit leader then swung at the ranger again and then the ranger grabbed the handle of the war-hammer and then knocked off the bandits helmet and Luna shot the bandit int the back of the head.

"There we go, that was the last bastard in here." then Luna began to leave, and then she accidentally knocked over a dagger into a pile of armor creating noise,

"Careful princess, your footsteps sound like you are caring chains so stop stomping around like if your in a damn swamp." then they left the cave. Now outside of the cave Luna walked over to the ranger,

"I never got your name back there, mine is Luna."

"My name is Bishop."

"So now that Karnwyr is safe, will you join me?"

"I'm impressed, I didn't think a woman like you had it in ya."

"I have many skills, Bishop."

"Well in that case I have decided to join you, who knows what trouble you and I can find ourselves in along the way."

"Yeah I am going to get you in all sorts of trouble."

"Oh i'm looking forward to that." Luna and Bishop started making their way back to Riverwood when they heard a roar in the distance, Luna and Bishop looked around,

"What the hell was that?"

"I don't know, probably a bear on a mountain, lets get back to Riverwood." and then Bishop and Luna began to make there way back to Riverwood when then a Currier accidentally ran into them and they all fell over, Bishop grabbed the man and pulled out his knife,

"Please, don't hurt me, I am just a Currier!" the man cried out, and Bishop stopped,

"Stupid no good Currier, watch where you are going next time." Bishop said,

"Sorry, I was on my way to deliver a message to Jarl Balgruuf as fast as possible and then I am going to get as far out of skyrim as possible."

"Why are you leaving skyrim? are you in trouble with the law or owe people money?"

"No, the dragons have returned and the dragonborne is missing, forgive me for asking but could you possibly bring the news to Jarl Balgruuf in Whiterun?"

"Are you kidding, you ran into us then expect us to help you, we will-" then Luna interrupted Bishop,

"We will be glad to help you."

"Oh thank you, hear this is the letter for Jarl Balgruuf, and have this as a token of my appreciation," then The Currier handed Luna the letter and a small sack of coins, and ran off. Bishop looked at Luna, and Luna just turned around and began to walk down the road to Whiterun, Bishop looked at her for a second then began to follow Luna. After a while Luna and Bishop saw Whiterun in the distance,

Image result for whiterun in the distance

"Ah, Whiterun the oldest city in all of Skyrim, and the home of the best taverns."

"Wow, Whiterun is more beautiful than I thought."

"Wait a second, have you ever been to Whiterun?"

"No I haven't, in fact I haven't ever been outside of the borders of my house until I was seventeen."

"Well then Princess, you are in for a real treat."

"First we are going to deliver the message to Jarl Balgruuf." Bishop then let out a huff,

"Fine, let's get this over with, quickly." Then Bishop and Luna made their way up to Whiterun's gates when Luna saw one of whiterun's guards on a patrol

Related image

"Wow, the guards have changed."

"A lot has changed, and at the same time a lot has stayed the same." then they where stopped by the Whiterun guards at the gate.

"Holt, no one is allowed inside the city at this time unless it is of importance to the Jarl."

"I have  a message for Jarl Bulgruuf about the dragons."

"Oh, I see, just give us a moment to open the gates, but don't try any funny business or else." then the guards unlocked the gate and let Luna and Bishop in. Luna looked around at as she entered Whiterun in amazement,

"Wow, Whiterun is so beautiful."

Bishop walked up right next to her,

"Yeah, Whiterun is the oldest city in all of Skyrim, it is known as the Blessed City, and the City of the Old Kings."

"My father always told me stories of his time in Whiterun but I never imagined it was this beautiful."

"Who was your father?"

"Ummm, no one, just a traveling merchant Whiterun was his favorite city."

"I don't blame him, Whiterun has the best taverns and the best mead." Luna looked at him, "and it is the City of the Old Kings."

"So we need to find Jarl Balgruuf."

"I bet he lives in Dragonsreach, right up there." Bishop pointed towards the large kingdom on top of the hill.

Image result for dragonsreach

Luna and Bishop made their way up to Dragonsreach and entered the kingdom. Luna saw Jarl Balgruuf speaking with his most trusted advisers, Luna then was stopped by a dark elf,

"Holt no one is to see Jarl Balgruuf at this time."

"I have a letter for Jarl concerning the return of the dragons."

"Oh, that explains why the guards let you in, in the first place, I am Irileth, the Jarls protector." then Irileth walked up to Jarl Balgruuf, "Jarl Balgruuf, this woman has a letter concerning the return of the dragons."

"Really?! good, let me see the letter." Luna handed the letter to Jarl Balgruuf and Jarl Balgruuf opened and began to read the letter to himself, then his eyes widened and he dropped the letter in shock,

"Jarl Balgruuf what is it?"

"The Dragonborne, he is gone." the maids stopped sweeping, the guards turned to the Jarl, the mage stopped reading, the Jarl's children stopped playing, and the general of the guard spat out his drink and every looked at the Jarl,

"He is not there, he has left us." 

"All hope is gone!" everyone began to worry and panic, then Luna stepped forward,

"Wo wo wo, everyone calm down, we can fight these dragons by ourselves." everyone began to get quiet again,

"But the dragonborne-"

"We don't need the dragonborne, we are warriors, and this is our home."

"You speak with great courage adventurer, what is your name?"


"Well Luna, perhaps your right, we are all warriors here we can fight these dragons but we need to know how." Farengar stepped forward,

"Perhaps I can help, I have studied dragons."

"Farengar we need to find out more about these dragons, get the dragonstone from your laboratory."

"I am sorry Jarl Balgruuf but I no longer have it."


"Remember, the dragonborne took it back to Bleak Falls Barrow where it belongs."

"Oh yes, I forgot, for it was so long ago," Jarl Balgruuf looked up at Luna, "you have done Whiterun a great service, you saute me out on your own to warn me about the dragons, for that you are allowed into my city whenever you like, but I need to ask another favor from you, I need you to travel to Bleak Falls Barrow and retrieve the Dragonstone."

"It will be done Jarl Balgruuf." Bishop turned to Luna,

"What?!" Luna looked at Bishop,

"It will be done." Bishop let out a huff, then they left Dragonsreach.

"Are you serious, you are going into Bleak Falls Barrow?!"

"No, we are," Luna looked Bishop in the eye, "or am I doing it by myself?" Bishop let out a sigh,

"Someone needs to watch your back, lets go." Bishop and Luna left Whiterun and traveled to River wood where they stopped to buy arrows for Luna's bow. 

"So Bishop have you ever been the Bleak Falls Barrow?"

"I have seen it, but I have never thought of going in one of those things, they are ancient nord burials, a place for the dead to rest, then they became bandit camps but the bandit camp only goes so far in the barrows, their are tales of the dead being reawaken and killing anyone who trespasses, the draugr." 

"Hmmm so you are scared?"

"Are you kidding, no, I just don't go into stupid buildings that should just be graveyards."

"So lets go."

"Hold on a second princess, do you even know the way up there?"

"Of course, that way." Luna pointed towards Bleak Falls Barrow up in the mountains, Bishop began to laugh,

"That is cute princess, I asked do you know the way up there, and it isn't that easy, come on let me show you." Bishop began to lead the way. 

"To get to Bleak Falls Barrow there are a few steps you need to take, first, cross the river, I hope you like the water," Bishop and Luna began to cross the river, Luna walked carefully, then she took another step and she didn't feel the bottom of the river and Luna's full body fell into the river with a big splash, Luna, Bishop let out a grunt and then he picked Luna up,

"Good job princess, you couldn't even finish step one without screwing up." Luna rolled her eyes and walked out of the river, Bishop followed,

"What next?"

"Well now we need to wait because you are soaked, you know Bleak Falls Barrow lays on top of a mountain."

"I know that."

"A very cold mountain." after a while Bishop and Luna continued towards Bleak Falls Barrow, 

"Next we have a small tower that is occupied by three bandits in our way."

Luna approached the tower to see to bandits talking with one another, the bandits then turned to Luna,

"Alright that is close enough, turn around."

"Sorry, I am just on my way to Bleak Falls Barrow."

"Not anymore, turn around and go back home."

"I am going to Bleak Falls Barrow, and nothing is going to stop me."  then the bandits pulled out their weapons

"You came to the wrong place!" Luna quickly pulled out her steel sword, the first bandit lunged himself at Luna to stab her, Luna jumped to the left as the blade came towards her chest then Luna swung up and cut the bandit's hand off and stabbed him in the chest, Bishop shot out an arrow and hit the other bandit in the forehead killing him, then the bandit chief walked out of the tower and onto the bridge,

"What is going on h-" Bishop then grabbed the bandit chief's leg and pulled him off the bridge and into the snow, both Bishop and the Bandit Chief began to rise out of the snow, and then Bishop and the bandit began to brawl, Bishop then pushed the bandit back, the bandit stumbled back on the edge of the cliff, and regained his balance, he let out a breath of relief then Bishop kicked the Bandit off the side of the mountain and the bandit fell to his doom. Bishop and Luna continued up the mountain then they saw it, Bleak Falls Barrow.

"Okay lets go in and get the dragon stone." Luna began to run towards Bleak Falls Barrow, but Bishop grabbed her,

"Wait, this is the last step, this place is guarded by five bandits."

"Okay, lets get them."

"Lets get them!" Karnwyr barked and then Bishop took out his dagger and then they began to charge towards Bleak Falls Barrow. As Bishop, Luna, and Karnwyr charged Bleak Falls Barrow an arrow flew out of the air and shot Bishop in the shoulder Bishop immediately fell to the ground, Luna and Karnwyr stopped and ran back to Bishop, Luna slid to Bishop, and pulled him behind a rock for cover,

"Bishop are you okay?"

"Holy, shit that hurts, bandits don't shoot like that," then Bishop pulled out the arrow "and bandits don't have ebony arrows, wait a minute, ebony arrows, perfect shot, that is J'zargo the khajiit!"

"I thought J'zargo was a good guy?"

"Well things have changed, over the years he became a crazed explorer that leads an elite group of mercenaries." two of J'zargo's mercenaries approached the rock, Karnwyr began to growl. Bishop looked at Karnwyr, then Bishop pulled out his bow, and held the ebony arrow, one of the bandits placed his hand on the rock and looked behind the rock to see Bishop and Luna, Bishop immediately shot and and stabbed the ebony arrow into the bandit's hand, then Bishop punched the bandit in the throat, then Luna stabbed the bandit up the chest, Bishop then loaded the ebony arrow in his bow and shot the other bandit through the eye killing him, Luna pulled out her shield and then they charged Bleak Falls Barrow. J'zargo shot another arrow at Luna and Bishop but the arrow hit the shield and deflected off and fell to the ground, J'zargo pointed at Luna and Bishop,

"Get them!" one of J'zargo's mercenaries then stepped forward and pulled out his war hammer and charged at Bishop and Luna. Luna and Bishop just ran towards the doors of Bleak Falls Barrow, when the the mercenary ran in front of them and grabbed Luna's shield and picked her up into the air, and threw her back, Luna got up and Bishop and Luna pulled out their weapons, the mercenary pulled out his sword and then he began to walked towards Luna and Bishop. Karnwyr growled and jumped up and bit the mercenary in the calf the mercenary then turned to Karnwyr and raised his sword into the air Bishop took away Luna's shield and charged at the mercenary, Bishop bashed the mercenary in the back and the mercenary fell over, Bishop turned to Luna,

"Run!" Bishop, Luna, and Karnwyr ran into Bleak Falls Barrow. The mercenary got up and J'zargo was glaring at him, the mercenary picked up his sword and walked towards Bleak Falls Barrow. Luna looked at Bishop, 

"We made it into Bleak Falls Barrow."

"Yeah, but now we have to run, I doubt J'zargo is just gonna stay outside." Bishop saw two bandits camping around a fire, Bishop pulled out his bow and crept behind the bandits with his bow ready, then Bishop jumped in the air and shot one of the bandits in the back of the head killing the first, then Bishop landed, grabbed the arrow in the bandits head, pulled out out and spun around and stabbed the other bandit in the throat killing the second. Luna looked at Bishop,


"What are you staring at princess, come on." then they ran down the halls of Bleak Falls Barrow. Luna turned the corner and three bandits where standing there the bandits pulled out their weapons and Luna charged at the bandits, the first bandit swung at Luna and Luna blocked the attack with her sword and then grabbed the bandit by the shoulders and leaped over him Luna then kicked the bandit's knees and the bandit fell oven and Luna back flipped over the bandit, landed, stabbing the bandit in the back of the head. The next bandit swung down towards Luna, Luna grabbed her sword with two hands and used it to block the attack and then Luna pushed her sword to the bandits throat and slid her sword across the bandits throat slitting it. Luna then stabbed the next bandit in the chest and ripped her sword out of the bandit's stomach, Luna stood up,

"Nice job princess, I guess you can make a mess." then they kept moving and Luna started to see webs on the walls, big webs, then Luna heard a voice crying for help,

"Help, help me!" Luna and Bishop followed the voice and then they came to a room covered in spider webs to see a man caught in a net, 


"Oh thank god, cut me down." Luna pulled out her knife,

"Wait a second princess." Bishop walked over to the Bandit and reached up and pulled out a golden claw,

"he is a thief!"

"Wait I can explain!"

"You are part of J'zargo's group, you stole the claw and ran into this place to take all the treasure."

"Please just let me out before it comes back." then something wet landed next to Luna, Luna looked up and a giant spider was hanging above them,

"Oh no it is hear, kill it, kill it!" the spider then went to bite Luna but Luna barrel rolled away, Bishop pulled out his dagger but the spider kicked Bishop back with it's disgusting leg, Bishop got up and Luna then then pulled up her hands and fire shot out of her hands and on to the spider, the spider then shot a giant web trap from it's mouth and the trap landed on Luna trapping her on the ground, Luna struggled with the web but she couldn't break it, the spider moved closer and closer to Luna, then Bishop jumped on top of the spider and began to stab the spider in the back. Karnwyr ran over to Luna and ripped the web open with his claws, Luna pulled out her sword and cut the rest of the web off and stood up, to see Bishop on top of the spider, Luna ran under the spider and stabbed the spider in the stomach, the spider let out a cracking sound and kicked Luna back, Bishop reach out his hand while on the spider,

"Come on!" Luna got up and ran and grabbed Bishop's hand and Bishop pulled Luna up on top of the spider, Luna then ran down to the spider's head and jumped off and stabbed the spider through the head as she landed on the ground, Bishop got off the dead spider,

"Good job princess you killed a spider." the bandit then spoke still caught in the web, 

"Yeah, good job, now cut me down." Bishop looked at the bandit, amused and walked over the the bandit. Bishop cut the outline of the bandit but he didn't cut the bandit free, Bishop picked the bandit up and stuck him on the side of one of the walls, 

"There you go, I cut you down, I just didn't cut you free, we will leave one of your friends to cut you free."

"Please I beg of you." Luna walked over to Bishop,

"Bishop, I think we should cut him free, maybe he can help us."

"Oh yeah, like what, take the claw from us just like he did his bodies?, just come on Luna we don't know how far behind J'zargo's mercenaries are." Bishop then grabbed Luna by the wrist and then he walked down the hall,

"Let go Bishop!" Bishop let go,

"Don't worry I was just making sure you weren't gonna cut that filth down." then they hurried down the halls. Back where the thief was hanging on the wall he heard foot steps coming from down the hall,

"Hello? please help he, cut me down!" then J'zargo's mercenary walked into the room,

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the little thief!"

"Dreadnought?! well, hello buddy, I was just trying to save you guys the effort in getting the dragonstone-"

"Shut up, where is it?"

"Where is what?" Dreadnought clutched his fist, "oh you mean the golden claw, yeah two people and a wolf, they went down the hall." Dreadnought looked down the hall,

"That is all." then Dreadnought pulled out his sword. The thief's screamed echoed down the halls,

"Well it looks like they found the thief, I wonder if they cut him free." Bishop and Luna continued down the halls and passed many dead ancient nords, as Bishop past he heard a creaking sound, Bishop stopped and turned to one of the dead ancient nords Bishop leaned in closer and closer Bishop continued to stare at it,

"Bishop, what is it?" Bishop stared at the ancient nord then Bishop turned away,

"Nothing lets keep moving." then the dead ancient nords eyelids opened with glowing eyes, 

"Bishop watch out!" Luna yelled as she reached for an arrow from the quiver of her bow. Bishop turned around to the the dead ancient nord, the ancient nord swung a giant ax at Bishop, Bishop jumped back avoiding the ax, then Luna released an arrow from her bow and the arrow flew through the air and into the ancient nord(a draugr) the draugr then fell to the ground dead,

"So the stories are true, the dead do walk the halls of the barrows." Bishop and Luna then heard creaking foot steps coming from down the halls,

"This will be interesting." then Luna was grabbed by a hand and thrown back, and there dreadnought stood with his sword pulled out.

"Oh great." then a draugr came behind Dreadnought and stabbed him in the back, Dreadnought turned around and stabbed the draugr killing it, another draugr charged Dreadnought and Dreadnought picked up the draugr and threw it head first on the ground, Dreadnought began to drop the draugrs one by one until he finished off the last one. Dreadnought charged Luna and Bishop, Dreadnought went for a swing but Bishop grabbed Dreadnought's wrist and they began to struggle for the sword, Karnwyr jumped up on Dreadnought and bit into Dreadnought's neck, Luna pulled out her sword and stabbed Dreadnought in the stomach, Dreadnought kicked Bishop back, threw Karnwyr off, grabbed Luna by the throat, and slammed her against a wall, Luna kicked Dreadnought in-between the legs and Dreadnought let go and then Bishop jumped up on Dreadnought and stabbed him in the neck, Dreadnought stumbled back and swayed from side to side, Dreadnought looked at Bishop and then slowly began to walk towards him, Bishop ran at Dreadnought and then stabbed Dreadnought in the stomach with Luna's sword. Bishop pulled his sword out of Dreadnought and Dreadnought fell back and slid down against the wall. Luna and Bishop looked at Dreadnought for a second then they continued down the hall. Luna and Bishop came to a room with a very strange door.

"Well would you look at that, a sealed door."

"I know what it is Bishop."

"And do you know the password?"


"Then we just went through all this trouble for nothing princess." Luna just stood there thinking then she remembered her father talking to her,

"So you see Luna the sealed doors in the ancient nord burials are not hard to pass, you see they weren't made to keep people out, they where made to keep things in, you see the combination in on the front of the claw." Luna looked down at her bag, took out the golden claw, and looked at the back,

"Bishop, turn the top tile to a bear, the middle one to a moth, and the bottom one to an owl." Bishop turned the tiles and then Luna inserted the key and then the tiles all spun to the owl and the door slowly slid open,

"Wow, how did you know that?" Luna walk past Bishop,

"The combination is on the back Bishop." Luna dropped the claw in Bishop's hands and walked in the room. Bishop looked at Luna and followed her. Luna and Bishop looked around the room, 

"Up there." Bishop pointed to a statue with a stone coffin across from it. Luna and Bishop walked up and Bishop opened the chest next to the stone coffin,

"Well it's not in here princess, just a few coins and a steel sword." Luna began to hear something, like singing, "princess, are you okay?" Luna turned to the statue,

"Do you hear that?'

"Here what?"

"That statue, its like it's calling me." Luna walked up the the statue and then a strange word in a language Luna didn't understand began to glow and then the light went inside Luna, 

"What was that?" Luna exclaimed,

"What was what princess?"

"That with the glowing word and the light."

"What you are just seeing things princess." as Luna and Bishop began to argue the coffin's lid opened and a draugr crawled out unseen, the draugr stood up and picked up it's battle ax and turned to Bishop and Luna,

"Fus-ro-dah!" the draugr's shout knocked Bishop off his feet and Bishop flew back and hit a wall. Bishop fell to the floor unconscious, the Draugr walked over to Bishop and raised it's ax up into the air,

"No!" Luna charged the draugr and stabbed the draugr in the back, the draugr turned around and smacked Luna and turned his attention away from Bishop and to Luna. Luna and the draugr charged each other and Luna began to hack and slash the draugr, the draugr took in a breath of air and then the draugr shouted,

"FUS-RO-DAH!" and then a gush of air blasted Luna back, the draugr ran over to Luna and raised his ax in the air and prepared to strike Luna down, Luna rolled to the side evading the attack, then Luna took out her dagger and stabbed the draugr in the side of its hip and pulled down ripping the draugr's hip. the draugr fell to it's knees and Luna stood up and looked down at the draugr, the draugr looked up at Luna with it's glowing eyes and took in a breath of air, 

"FUS-" Luna silenced the draugr by stabbing it through it's head and kicking it off the ledge. Luna ran over to Bishop who was now getting up,

"Where is the dragonborne?"

"There is no Dragonborne."

"I heard him shout."

"That was the draugr."

"Oh, I guess it is true, some draugr do have the power of the voice."

"Let's find the dragon-stone." Luna and Bishop looked in the draugr's coffin and saw the dragon-stone laying inside. 

"There we go, now let's take it and get out of here." Luna picked up the dragonstone and they headed back the way they came until they heard J'zargo's voice

"They will pay for killing Dreadnought, they must be down here."

Bishop turned to Luna, What are we gonna do, we can't beat J'zargo's gang."

"We need to hide." Luna and Bishop began to look around for places to hide then luna remembered something her father told her. 

"You see Luna when it comes to Ancient nord temples, there is always an easy way out you just need to look for a lever or a button." Luna ran over to the ancient nord structure and found a lever, Luna pulled the lever and the wall began to rise,

"Bishop over here!" Luna shouted, J'zargo then entered the room,

"Get them!" arrows began to fly through the air. Bishop and Karnwyr ran to Luna as all the arrows flew by, Karnwyr ran down the tunnel with Luna. Bishop kicked the lever and slid into the tunnel as the wall closed. Bishop got up,

"Come on ladyship let's get out of here." Bishop, Luna, and Karnwyr ran down the tunnel which lead outside. Luna looked at the beauty of skyrim

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Bishop walked down the hill and over to another ancient door and began to make footprints,

"Bishop, what are you doing?"

"J'zargo and his gang will come out the other side and come here I am just going to give them a false trail."

"Into where?"

"This keep."


"Long ago there was a very evil warrior who killed thousands of people, the Dragonborne beat and imprisoned the warrior in this keep so this warrior will never terrorize Skyrim again, so when J'zargo comes he will either believe we are dead or go inside and die."

"Oh, okay."

"Okay enough of the chit chat let's go, oh yeah, we are going to have to swim, so J'zargo losses are scent, I hope you don't mind getting wet princess." Bishop and Luna jumped into the water and swam to the other side of the river and ran off. about fifteen minutes later J'zargo and his group came to the end of Bleak Falls Barrow, J'zargo looked at the footsteps and followed the footsteps to the keep,

"The keep of Gotha?!"

"They must be dead then J'zargo."

"There is only one way to find out." J'zargo slowly walked up to the door and knocked on the door one time, and instantly something or someone on the other side began banging the door violently, J'zargo stumbled back,

"Yep they are dead." and traveled to Whiterun. Luna brought the dragonstone to Farengar,

"Thank you for retrieving the dragonstone, I guess I owe Irileth twenty gold, with this stone we will be able to find out what is happening with the dragons." Then the place had a small shake, everyone stopped, looked up at the roof, and starred at the ceiling. The guards slowly pulled out their swords, Bishop and Luna pulled out their bows, and the Jarl pulled out his battleaxe, then a dragon burst it's head though the roof and the dragon was met with arrows and lighting, the dragon breathed fire towards Farengar,

"Look out!" Luna jumped and pushed Farengar out of the way, the dragon pulled it's head out and began to circle the kingdom,

"Everyone we are under attack." multiple dragons then began to fly in and attack Whiterun.

the dragons breathed fire and ice down on the city

The guards ordered all the civilians to their homes or to the barracks. Outside the guards began firing their arrows into the air at the dragons when then one of the dragons began to laugh, this dragon was different from the rest, he was not a basic dragon or a frost dragon, this was an ancient dragon,

"You fools, you cannot kill us, we are Dova, and you are just men." the dragon landed on the ground and bit down on one of the guards,

the dragon swung the guards back and forth then opened it's jaw throwing the dead guard to the side, another guard charged the dragon, and the dragon burned the guard to death,

"I am Mirmulnir, I serve Alduin and I am here to burn the world, and now since there is no dragonborne, no one can stop us!" Mirmulnir spread his wings and flew into the air and began to terrorize the town. Luna and Bishop ran outside to help the guards.

"Oh great, a bunch of overgrown lizards are attacking Whiterun!" Bishop shot an arrow through the air and the arrow shot a dragon in it's eye. Luna ran down the stairs of Dragonsreach and then Mirmulnir landed in front of Luna,

"Ah, food." Mirmulnir bit at Luna but Luna dodged the attack and hit Mirmulnir with her sword, Bishop then shot Mirmulnir in the eye,

"Foolish humans you cannot beat me!" Mirmulnir flew into the air and began to breath fire down towards them, Luna held out her shield and Bishop jumped behind a house. The fire slammed against Luna's shield and slowly was pushing Luna back but Luna held the shield in front of her and was safe from the fire, Bishop jumped out behind the house and then shot Mirmulnir in the wing, Bishop turned to the guards,

"Are you stupid, shoot at the wings!" the guards all began to shoot Mirmulnir in the wings and Mirmulnir began to loose balance, 

"Fools, we shall burn you to the ground!" Mirmulnir began to fly away, Luna looked up at Mirmulnir flying away,

"Oh no you don't!" Luna turned and ran at Bishop, Luna grabbed Bishop's back and jumped into the air, bounced off of Bishop's back and onto the roof, Luna then saw a iron axe falling from the shy

Image result for skyrim iron ax



Luna grabbed the falling ax then threw it into the air. The ax spun through the air and into Mirmulnir's other eye, 

"Ah, my eyes, damn you mortals!" Farengar saw Mirmulnir unbalanced in the air, Farengar shot a giant ball of fire at Mirmulnir, the fireball exploded on Mirmulni's wings, and Mirmulnir began to fall to the ground. The guards all began to cheer as the first dragon fell, Bishop then saw that Mirmulnir was falling towards Luna,

"Ladyship watch out!" Luna turned and saw Mirmulnir coming towards her,

"I can still feel your presence mortal!" Luna jumped into the air and pulled out her sword, Mirmulnir hit Luna and they crashed into giant bails of hay. Bishop and the guards ran over to the dragon to make sure it is dead, Bishop ran to the front of the dragon to find Luna then he found Luna pushed into the hay while stabbing Mirmulnir in the heart, 

"Are you stupid, you could have gotten yourself killed!" Luna pulled her sword out of Mirmulnir then stuck out her hand,

"Are you going to help a lady up?" Bishop helped Luna up, one of the guards then saw something,

"What is the dragon doing?" then Mirmulnir's flesh began to burn, all the dragons stopped and looked at Mirmulnir, and then the skin all burned off and the dragon's soul went into Luna, Luna began to step back like if she had lost her balance,

"I feel... I feel, such power that.." Luna then looked up into the air, "Fus!" 

"It is the dragonborne!" one of the dragons yelled out and then all the dragons all flew away. The guards all watched the ragons fly away then they turned to Luna,

"It cannot be, dragonborne."

"The ancient stories are true, she is a dragonborne." all the guards and citizens gathered around Luna in amazement. 

"It may be dead now, but where did it come from?" Luna looked at Bishop,

"Okay everybody get lost!" Bishop yelled, Luna ran over to Bishop,

"We need to tell the Jarl."

"Really right now?"


"Okay fine, don't get your panties in a knot." Bishop and Luna began walking up the stairs to Dragonreach, when the sky grew dark and a voice shook the ground,


"Wow, what the hell was that?!"

"That was the greybeards."

"Ah yes, old men that live on top of a mountain, that never talk, come down, and have never seen a pair of breasts in their lives." Luna walked into the keep and Jarl Balgruuf approached her,

"You killed that dragon, and you are dragonborne?"

"I guess I am, I didn't know I was dragonborne."

"Well thank for for your service dragonborne, you should head to high hrothgar, you should not keep the greybeards waiting... but first you should get some rest, you have a long journey ahead of you, and since you have done us a great service I am proud to make you thane of our city, I would appoint you a housecarl but we don't have any."

"That is fine, thank you for your kindness Jarl Balgruuf."

"No, thank you, dragonborne."

up in the mountains the dragons returned to Alduin,

"Ah, is whiterun burning?"


"Where is Mirmulnir?"

"Mirmulnir is dead."


"My lord, there is a new dragonborne."

"A new dragonborne?"

"This one is a female, she killed Mirmulnir."

"Is she more powerful than Rave?"

"We don't know my lord, she is faster and more flexible but she is not as strong as him, and I don't believe she is more powerful because she had help, and Rave killed Mirmulnir by himself."

"Hahaha, she will not be a problem, soon all of Tamerial will burn, for the old dragonborne is gone and I have grown more powerful." Alduin flew into the air and shouted and the sky grew dark and a deadly storm began. 

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Chapter 2

Luna and Bishop left Dragonsreach. Things were quiet between Bishop and Luna, so Luna decided to break the awkward silence.

"So Bishop... how did you become a ranger?"

"Why the sudden interest?"

"I want to get to know you better!"

"Ah princess, you don't need to hear my life story to do that, ah fine, how did I become a ranger, like why anyone else tells themselves, I was raised with the skills, the difference is that I was taught them to survive not for profit... not an honest kind of profit I mean, I started ranging about seven years or so before we met. Word got around I could track runaways or hunt meals for fat, lazy nobles, whatever, I didn't plan on it but they had gold and I had a bow so I became their ranger. So what about the illustrious woman before me, so nosy about my life?"

"Skyrim was where I was born."

"I hope that is where our similarities end, no one should have anything close to each other than I have. So you where born here, and you're here now, is that it? well I am sure you can fix that when you turn those dragons into mounts... you know what, our pasts are our pasts, were not going to make the future any better by going on about them, that is for the present." Bishop looked around then back at Luna, "Isn't their somewhere we had to be going? some long-lost hat to be retrieving? well if all else fails there is always the inn."

"What hat?"

"It was a joke princess."

"Oh, well it is getting dark, and I am getting tired, you know what, let's go to the inn." Luna and Bishop traveled to the inn, both with different and similar motives. Luna and Bishop entered the tavern where they where greeted by the inn keeper, 

"Hello, welcome to the Bannered Mare, how can I help you?"  a woman walked up to bishop,

"My name is Neeshka, do you think i'm pretty?"

"I think you're a pest," Bishop looked over Neeshka and at the bartender, "we need two rooms bartender."

"I only have one room available." the bartender said, Neeshka walked up to Bishop,

"I can help you big man." Bishop pointed her away from himself,

"Go away flea," Bishop turned to the bartender, "bartender are you sure there is nothing else?"

"Well, let me see, I have a small storage room in the baking area, but it might be a bit uncomfortable with all the produce I got stacked in there."

"I will take it with a reduced price for the inconvenience and the single room both for one night. Can the single room be well secured?"

"Yes, we had a problem a few months back so I put some heavy duty locks on that door."

"That's fine."  Neeshka looked at Bishop,

"You don't need to sleep in the storage room." Bishop completely ignored her and kept his conversation with the bartender, 

"Do you have a bath?"

"We sure do, and the water is still warm too, it has only been used twice." Neeshka budded in the conversation again, but this time she pointed at Luna,

"You don't need her big man, I can wash your back for you." Bishop turned to her,

"I already told you to get lost flea, maybe I should put you over my knee for being such a pest." Neeshka crossed her arms and a wicked smile formed on her face,

"Would you, I like it rough."

"You're testing my patience flea." the bartender began to walk away,

"Well, okay then, let me show you to the baths." the bartender led Luna and Bishop to the bath room.

"And here we are, enjoy your bath and your single bed is in the main room to your right, enjoy." and the bartender walked away.

"Thank you." Luna said to the bartender as he walked away. Bishop walked in the room and looked around,

"Well no one is getting in here, not without making a lot of racket, and waking everyone up, i'd say it is safe enough, grab your things, let's get to that bath before the water gets cold."

"Wow it is so beautiful."

"You go first, i'll wait outside the door." Luna undressed herself, dipped herself in the hot water, let out an ah of relief and sat down in the tub.

"It has been a long day." Luna said to herself, then sh heard Bishop's voice,

"Go away flea!" Luna got out of the bath, covered a towel, crept behind a wall and tried listened to the conversation but the music was a little to loud for her o hear,

"Will you stop calling me flea, i'm a thief, not a flea."

"Because you're a parasite, attaching yourself to a body to make use of it for food, protection, or whatever. Until you move onto the next body, or are caught and pinched to death!"

"Okay, I get it, but you are what I desire in a man and I would be a fool if I didn't give it every effort."

"Consider it given. Now, get lost."

"I make a good belly warmer."

"Not interested."

"What makes her so special?!"

"She just is. Now get lost."

"I am better for you than her!"

"Get out of here now, or die, your choice."

"I just want to be with you."

"That's impossible, now get out."

"I could be good for you."

"You come into this room again, I will slit your throat!"

"Fine just go then!" Neeshka walked away angry. Luna returned to the bath and washed up and got out. After Bishop took his bath Luna and Bishop decided to have a few drinks before they went to bed,

"That thief girl seemed quite taken with you."

"Must be my animal magnetism."

"I've noticed."

"Is that right?"

"So, will you tell me what happened?"


"She came to you while I was in the bathhouse."


"You're not going to tell me what happened are you?"


"Tell me."

"Ah, being nosy isn't very ladylike."


"Ah, if I didn't know any better i'd say you where the jealous one." Luna got very angry with Bishop and his rude comments,

"Get lost!"

"Thank you for your permission." Bishop walked past Luna, Luna mumbled to herself,

"You're welcome for my permission." Luna looked down and covered her face in embarrassment, "I am bad at this, I am just gonna go to bed." Luna began to walk to her room when then she heard Neeshka,

"You're lucky." Luna turned to Neeshka,


"You're lucky to have him, if I was you I wouldn't let him slip through my fingers."

"Wait what?"

"Just leave me alone."

"Okay, fine with me." Luna went to her room and went to sleep, Bishop had a few more drinks before he headed down to the storage room and fell asleep. Luna woke up in her room but things seemed... different, Luna got up to find the tavern empty,

"Hello? Bartender, Bishop, anybody?" Luna saw a light glowing through the crack of the tavern door leading outside, Luna walked over to the door, and opened the door. The city was on fire, dragons were flying everywhere, all the people were laying dead before Luna, Luna fell to the ground, when Alduin landed right in front of her putting out the fire, and everything was black.

"Beautiful isn't it, the world being purified by fire." 

"You're a monster."

"No, I am a god, and no one can stop me!"

"Rave stopped you."

"I was weak then, after I came out of that time trap my power was lost, the Dovahkiin was young, strong, powerful, it was his destiny to beat me, and he was fearless, but now he is old, weak, powerless, his destiny is already complete, and he is now a coward."

"That is not true!"

"Where is he then? he hasn't accepted the graybeards call, he hasn't killed a dragon, he hasn't even shown his face, in fact he ran when the guards asked him to aid them."

"You will be destroyed, just like long ago."

"Oh I see, you think you are like Rave, look at you." Alduin opened his mouth and shouted, a portal opened up showing Rave's legendary fight with Alduin

The portal closed, 

"The past is gone, Rave can no longer beat me, I am the great dragon Alduin, the world eater, now that he is gone, my only problem is you, the dragonborne." Luna looked looked around to find herself wearing iron armor, just like Rave did.

"This isn't real, it is just a dream."

"A dream we both share, I am here to make you an offer, if you stay out of my way I will spare you, but if you get in my way, I will burn you and everyone else into this miserable world."

"I will stop you."

"You are not like Rave."

"No, I am worse."

"We will see." Alduin then raised his head up and went down eating Luna. Luna woke up in s cold sweat, Luna looked around and heard music playing. Luna could tell it was morning so Luna got out of bed, put on her armor, and left the room. Luna saw Bishop sitting around the fire. Luna approached Bishop thinking of what to say,

"Nice tavern."

"Your first time huh?"

"Yes, I heard a lot about this place."

"Whiterun, home to some of the best taverns in Skyrim, what do you say we open a few flasks and drown them in wine?"

"Maybe later, this is the morning, and we have to go to High Hrothgar."

"Okay princess, I will move drinking wine to later." then Bishop and Luna headed out to High Hrothgar. Luna and Bishop traveled in silence so Luna decided to break to silence,

"Can I ask you something?"

"What do you want to ask?"

"I would like to ask you about your knife."

"What about it?"

"It is a nice knife. Is it even sharp? Where did you get it?"

"This dear here is a token I took from one bandit back in the day. I was seven, I barley learned how to use a bow, some bandits attacked my village and, well, we fought them off. I took this from one of the corpses and killed the last bandit who thought I was just a lad unable to make a quick decision, oh and believe me darling, this dear cuts deeper than my words."

"Does it have any enchantments?"

"No it just cuts, princess, wanna feel?"

"Want to feel mine against your throat?" Luna's comment made Bishop crack up in laughter, "What?"

"That is just too funny princess."

"Come on that's not cool, don't make fun of me."

"Ah, you're right, it is just too easy."


"Okay, princess."

"So I have heard that High Hrothgar is beautiful."

"Well I have never seen it, maybe because it is on top of the largest mountain in all of Cyrodiil, and also on the top is a bunch of old bearded men that don't talk."

"Still wouldn't it be nice to see?"

"I guess, whatever you say princess." Luna and Bishop heard the sound of a sword unsheathing, as three bandits appeared behind them,

"Your money or your life."

"Do you know who you are talking to?" Bishop asked,

"You are messing with the dragonborne."

"Oh really, last I checked, the dragonborne was a man, now give us your money."

"I think you should turn around and no one will get hurt."

"That was the last warning!" one of the bandits shot Luna in the back with an arrow of paralizing, Luna instantly seized up and fell over, 

"Sons of a bitch!" Bishop turned around and kicked the bandit holding the sword back, Bishop then grabbed the other bandit's bow and pushed it back hitting the bandit in the face, the third bandit charged Bishop as Bishop was beating on one of the bandits. Bishop saw the bandit so Bishop grabbed the bandit he was beating, and threw him at the bandit charging him. As Bishop threw the bandit Bishop grabbed the arrows from the bandit's quiver, put the arrows on the bow, pulled them back, and shot all the bandits in the throat. All the bandits fell to the ground dead. Bishop knelt down and examined Luna, Karnwyr was whimpering, 

"Don't worry by, she will be fine, she is just paralyzed, which means," Bishop picked Luna up, "I have to carry her... wow she is lighter than I expected." Bishop carried her all the way to Ivarstead, where he saw the throat of the world,

"Hey Karnwyr, can you believe we are going to walk all the way up there tomorrow?" 

Luna woke up in a tent the next day,

"What? where am I?" Luna got out of the tent, to find herself in Ivarstead, 

"What? I made it to Ivarstead? how did I get here?" Karnwyr ran up to her panting with joy,

"Oh hey Karnwyr, how are you doing, where you worried about me, what a good boy." Bishop returned holding some firewood, but Bishop stopped in aw to see Luna petting Karnwyr, Luna looked up at Bishop,

"Oh hey Bishop, we made it to Ivarstead." 

"I know, I carried you all the way princess, you're welcome."

"Thank you Bishop."

"No problem really, you don't weigh much."

"So ready to head up the throat of the world."

"I'm as ready as you are princess, let's just get this over with." Luna and Bishop walked through Iverstead, across a bridge, and up to the first step of the mountain.

"What is wrong princess?"

"Nothing, it is just... never mind, lets go."

"Okay, but if you pass out I am not carrying you." Luna walked up the stairs of the mountain when they came across a traveler praying infront of a shrine. Luna walked up to the traveler,

"Excuse me, if you don't mind me asking, what are you doing?"

"I am worshiping this holy ground, for this is the same ground our hero Rave walked on long ago on his great journey." Bishop then joined the conversation,

"Hey buddy, Rave was not a god so stop praising him like one. Come on Luna, let's go." Bishop grabbed Luna by the arm and turned her back to the stairs and they continued up the stairs.

"Bishop you didn't have to be mean about it."

"I know, but I just don't really care."

"Maybe you should start caring for once in you life."

"Look here princess, I only care for two things, Karnwyr and me, and I will not care for some random idiot that praises Rave like if he is some god!"

"Okay, jeez, sorry to upset you."

"Let's just keep moving, i'm freezing my ass off out here." Bishop, Luna, and Karnwyr continued up the stairs in silence. Bishop glanced at Luna. Karnwyr stopped, Bishop turned to Karnwyr,

"What is it Karnwyr?" Karnwyr began to growl,

"What is Karnwyr doing Bish-" Bishop then pressed he finger against Luna's lips,

"Shhh, listen." Luna looked around and listened to the wind. Luna heard a troll roar, Luna looked up to see a frost troll standing on a ledge over them.

"Troll!" Luna shouted, Bishop pulled up his bow, grabbed one of his arrows, and shot the troll. The frost troll roared in anger. Luna heard something else. The frost troll jumped off the ledge and down towards Bishop but then a mighty dragon dove out of the sky and caught the troll in mid air. The dragon threw the troll off the mountain, then the dragon turned to Bishop and Luna.

"Oh shit." Bishop said. The dragon roared at Luna and Bishop. Bishop and Luna shot arrows at the dragon. The dragon landed infront of Bishop and Luna causing them to stumble back. Luna pulled out her sword. The dragon went to bite at Bishop as he got up but Luna kicked the side of the dragon's face turning it away from Bishop. Luna got on the dragon and began stabbing her sword into it violently. The dragon threw her off of him. Luna began to get up. The dragon went to bit Luna but then Bishop shot the dragon in the eye blinding it's left side. The dragon roared in pain and anger. The dragon smacked Bishop with it's mighty tail knocking him back. Luna got up and Saw Bishop stumbling back and about to fall off the side of the mountain. The dragon went to strike Luna but she jumped out of the way. Luna bolted over to Bishop. Bishop began to fall off the ledge but then Luna grabbed his collar stopping him from falling back. Luna pulled Bishop towards her.

"Thanks princess."

"Thank me later, lets kill this thing!" Luna charged the dragon. Bishop shot another in the dragon's left eye causing it to raise it's head and roar in pain. Luna took advantage of the situation. Luna jumped and stabbed her sword deep into the dragon's chest. The dragon went to crush Luna by lowering himself. Luna took advantage of the dragon's attack. Luna grabbed her sword's handle with both hands and shoved it farther into the dragon's chest. Luna out from below the dragon cutting it's chest, and throat open spilling the dragon's guts in the snow. Luna put her sword away and looked at the dead dragon as it's skin began to burn. The dragon's soul poured out and Luna absorbed it. Luna panted heavily. Bishop walked up to her,

"Luna, good job."

"Thanks, you to."

"I owe you one for saving me back there."

"Yeah, don't mention it." Luna looked up to see High Hrothgar, the home of the Greybeards.

"We made it!" Luna instantly felt re-energized and ran towards the temple. Luna walked up to the door of High Hrothgar,

"And now, my destiny begins." Luna told herself before she entered High Hrothgar, where she saw a Greybeard meditating. Luna slowly walked closer to the Greybeard. 

"We have been trying to reach you for some time Rave, it is good that you have finally heard our calling-" The Greybeard stopped in surprise when he saw Luna.

"Oh, my apologies, I thought you where the dragonborne."

"I... am, the dragonborne."

"So it is true, the dragonborne appears at this moment at the turning of the age." the other Greybeards all circled around them.

"I am answering your summons."

"We sent those summons out to only the dragonborne, in hopes to contact Rave and bring him back to the temple, and when he never came we feared all hope was lost. but then you show up telling us you are dragonborne?"

"Yes, because I am the dragonborne."  Bishop then entered the temple,

"Believe me she is, if you would have looked outside to see her absorb a dragon's soul you would know she is the dragonborne."

"We will see if you truly have the gift, show us, dragonborne, let us taste of your voice."


"Shout at us show us you are dragonborne."

"I'm not sure about this, you guys are very old, and I don't want to hurt you."

"Don't be afraid, just show us your voice."

"Okay..." Luna stepped back, breathed in, and shouted, "FUS!" Luna shouted a gust of wind at the Greybeards causing them to lose their balance for a few seconds.

"Dragonborne, it is you, welcome to High Hrothgar. I am Master Arngeir, I speak for the Greybeards, now tell me, dragonborne, why have you come here?"

"I am answering your summons, Master."

"We are honored to welcome a dragonborne to High Hrothgar, we will do our best to teach you how to use your gift in fulfillment of your destiny."

"What is my destiny?"

"Rave once asked me the same question, and I will tell you the same thing I told him. That is for you to discover, we can show you the way, but not your destination."

"I am ready to learn."

"You have shown you are dragonborne, you have the inborn gift, but do you have the discipline and temperament to follow the path laid out for you? That remains to be seen. Without training you have already taken the first steps towards projecting your voice into a thu'um, a shout. Now let's see if you are able to learn. When you shout, you speak with the language of dragons, thus your dragon blood gives you an inborn ability to learn words of power. All shouts are made up of three words of power, as you master each word your power will grow stronger. Master Einarth will now teach you Row, the second word in, Unrelenting force. Row means, balance, in dragon tongue. Combine it with Fus, force, to focus your thu'um, or shout." Master Einarth walked forwards and whispered towards the ground,

"Row." then the word Row appeared on the ground, in dragon's language and glowing brightly. Luna walked over the the word and the light's were absorbed into her body. Luna suddenly knew how to shout Row.

"You truly do have it, but learning a word of power takes a lot of practice to be able to use in a shout. Well that is how the rest of us learned how to shout. As dragonborne you can absorb a dragon's life force and use it to unlock the word of power and use it directly. Now use your unrelenting force with the second word of power to strike the targets as they appear." then one of the Greybeards summoned a magical target. Luna then shouted,

"Fus-Row!" then the target disappeared, 

"Very good." The Greybeards summoned two more targets to watch Luna knock them down.

"Impressive, you thu'um is precise. You show great promise dragonborne. We will preform your next tryout in the courtyard, follow master Borri." Luna walked out to the courtyard with master Borri.

"We will now see how you learn a completely new shout. Master Borri will teach you, Wuld, which means, Whirlwind." Master Borri then looked at the ground, and whispered,

"Wuld." the ground cracked and the dragon word Wuld appeared. Luna stood over the word and she heard the word within herself. Master Borri then gifted Luna with his knowledge of the word.

"Now we will see how fast you master a new shout. Master Wulfgar will demonstrate whirlwind sprint, and then you will use it." A gate opened and then master Wulfgar shouted,

"Wuld-Nah-Kest!" Master Wulfgar then ran with unbelievable speed and past the gates before they closed.

"Now your turn, when we open up the gate, shout and pass before we close it." The gate opened,

"Wuld!" Luna then bolted past the gate. Luna then turned back and walked up to Master Arngeir,

"So, how did I do?"

"Your mastery of a new shout it...astonishing, I have never seen something like this since Rave."

"Thank you, what's next?"

"You are ready for your final task. Recently someone broke in and stole the horn of our founder, Jurgen Windcaller, we need you to retrieve it."

"It will be done."

"Thank you dragonborne, stay true to the way of the voice."

"Master Arngeir, before I go, I have a few questions."

"Ask away.

"Does the return of the dragons have anything to do with me?"

"Yes, no doubt."

"Why are they coming back?"

"The dragons are returning because Alduin has returned."

"How did he come back?"

"I am not sure, Rave told us he destroyed Alduin, and I trust him with my life."

"Why is Alduin back?"

"Alduin wants revenge on Rave for destroying him, Alduin is going to try to fulfill his prophecy and destroy the world."

"Why does Alduin, look... different."

"When Alduin first returned to Skyrim, he was weakened, he was not as strong as he use to be, but now he has returned and regained his strength."

"How can I destroy him then, I am not like Rave, I am not as strong as he is."

"I am not sure, but I believe the universe chose you for a reason, and I believe you will destroy Alduin."

"Thank you. I have one more question."

"What is it?"

"When was the last time you saw Rave?"

"One month before Alduin returned."

"What was he like?"

"Rave was different..."


"The last time I saw Rave... he seemed, sad."


"I don't know, all he told me was, he lost everything."

"Then what happened?"

"Rave stayed here for a while helping us company."

"You miss him, don't you?"

"Yes, I miss Rave, I remember the first time I saw him, he came in wearing iron armor, I knew just by looking at him he was the dragonborne, and a good man. He was a man driven to help and protect the people of Skyrim. Rave was a man with no memory of his past, the last thing he remembered was Helgen. Rave was a nice man, and he was like a son to all of us."

"Thank you." Luna then left the temple with Bishop.

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