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Abaddon was made to kill all the gods and Arisha was made to kill Abaddon, but they fell in love, Love brought them together but what will lead them to a fight. Abaddon has been dead for four million years and now he has returned and he is so confused, his daughter has grown up, his brother is missing and his wife has remarried. Abaddon has tried to leave his old life behind because he knows it will only bring him pain and because of this God doesn't bother Abaddon, but now Abaddon is going too far, Abaddon is going to try to destroy Evil.  Abaddon has beat Evil in his physical form and now Abaddon has found a way to kill Evil permanently but what does he have to do?

this book takes place five hundred years after book 4.

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Chapter 1

On a planet with no name, that has been lost for millions of years has been discovered, due to no one has been on the planet for millions of years god sent a large group of angels to investigate the planet and be able to defend themselves from its native creatures. on the planet the angels began to walk around and search the planet, 

"God this is in, no sign of any life forms," then the ground began to shake, "wow what is happening?!" the planet was moving into the unknown then the surface of the ground began to change into rock and lava, then it began to form into a dark temple

"What is that?"

"That, is a dark temple, and this was a trap." the angels turned around and there stood Abaddon. The angels began to charge toward him but then Abaddon stomped on the ground and spike shot out of the ground impaling all the angels but not anywhere fatal just in places to stop them, Abaddon then walked over to an angel,

"Why are you doing this?"

"Five hundred years ago, I made a vow, a vow to kill Evil, I have destroyed his physical form, but his spirit still lives on, and because his spirit lives he lives, and Evil still rules this realm and continues to torture me, as he tortured me I was able to see inside of his mind, and I found a way to destroy him, you may not understand what I am doing, and I don't blame you, but I assure you it is for a good cause." then Abaddon grabbed the sides of the angel's face and then the angel's light and light force drained out of the angel and then the light went into Abaddon. After the last angel fell to the ground lifeless Evil's spirit appeared behind him,

"Hello, Abaddon."

"Have you come to torture me again to try to break my will."

"You will give in."

"This will be the ninth billionth, eight hundred ninety-six million, seven hundred twenty-four thousand, five hundred seventy-fourth attempt, and it will have the same result as all the others, failure."

"We will see." Abaddon turned around and shot a giant ball of fire at Evil but the fire ball just went through Evil, Abaddon knew it was pointless to try and fight back, he can't hurt Evil, not when Evil is just a spirit. Evil raised his hand into the air and a wall rose up behind Abaddon, then Evil shot black chains with spikes at each end out of the ground and the spikes shot into Abaddon's wrists, feet, and into the wall pinning Abaddon against it, then Evil pulled out metal whips with curved metal spikes all over it, then Evil began to whip Abaddon, until his armor fell off and then Evil began to whip Abaddon's chest ripping off his flesh. Every time Abaddon's flesh was ripped off, it regenerated then Evil would rip it off again.

Back in Heaven God lost signal of the angels,

"Angels, where are you?" there was no reply,

"Arisha, come my daughter." Arisha then entered the room,

"Yes father?"

"I have lost contact with my angels, they went missing at the unknown planet, check it out."

"Yes father." then Arisha flew off. Arisha then returned an hour later,

"Father, there is a problem with the unknown planet."

"What is it Arisha?"

"There is no planet, no debris, nothing, it is just space."

"What? how?"

"I don't know." Arisha then turned and walked away. Arisha was walking down the hallway when Luke came behind her and wrapped his arms around her,

"Hey there honey, how are you?"

"I am doing fine honey, I am just a little confused."

"What about?"

"So a new planet came up and my father sent half an army to check it out, and then we lost contact with them, then I went to check it out and the planet wasn't even there, no debris or anything."

"That is a little bit confusing, I do have good news though."

"What is that?" Arisha said with a smile,

"In nine days it will be our anniversary."

"Hmm, I know, I got something special for you ready." then Arisha and Luke kissed and then Luke let go of her and Arisha walked away. God walked over to Luke,

"Excuse me son, but I need your help."

"How can I help?"

"I am going to begone a couple of hours to visit my granddaughter and great grandchildren, you will be in charge while I am gone."

"Wow, this is a quite a responsibility you are giving me."

"You are my proud son in law, I know I can trust you."

"Thank you Father."

"You are welcome son, and goodbye." then God disappeared. As Arisha slept she had a nightmare.

In Arisha's dream. Arisha walked around in a beautiful place of grass and trees, then she saw a small house, Arisha walked over to the home, and then the door opened and Abaddon was standing in front of her in a white shirt and jeans.

"Welcome home baby." Abaddon then hugged Arisha then Abaddon faded away, then Arisha found herself falling down into fire then she saw Abaddon flying down towards her, his clothes burnt away and his skin began to change and get red, then Abaddon caught her and lifted her into the air and bring her to heaven, Arisha then was back on the ground and then she looked up and saw Abaddon carrying her, then she saw something as he was flying her to heaven, 

Devil in the grave.jpg

Then she heard a dark voice,

"Isn't that sweet." then Arisha saw Abaddon chained against a wall and being tortured, having his skin get ripped from his body to regrow and get ripped off again and again. then the being yelled at Abaddon, 

"Give in!"

"Never!" then the being began to rip off Abaddon's skin more and more and stab him all over his body,

"Cry out Abaddon, cry to the one you hold most dear!" Abaddon then looked into the air,


"Cry for her to help you, oh wait she isn't coming, give in!"


"You will never see her again, you can never protect her, you are too weak!" then Evil stabbed Abaddon in his stomach, then Evil grabbed the sides of Abaddon's head,

"What memory do you have to not give up!" then Evil closed his eyes, then Arisha found herself in a hospital, Arisha looked forward to see herself holding her child Shy, and Abaddon was standing next to her hospital bed, then they where back in the darkness,

"Well isn't that touching." Then the being looked at Arisha, smiled, and began to laugh, Arisha then woke up screaming. Three angels entered the room and ran over to Arisha,

"Are you alright princess?" Arisha didn't know what to do but scream, 

"What is it?"

"Those eyes! those horrible evil eyes!"

"What eyes, whose eyes?!"

"He is hurting him!"

"Who is he and who is he hurting?"

"He is hurting Abaddon!" the angels then stopped,

"Abaddon?" Arisha began to calm down and cry,

"He was hurting Abaddon, why would he hurt Abaddon, he has been through enough." Luke walked in the room and the angels left,

"Shhhh, honey, it is okay, it was just a dream."

"But it wasn't."

"It wasn't?"

"It happened before, I saw everything that happened before then there was something I haven't seen before, I know it is happening now."

"Arisha, Abaddon is gone, it is our time."

"I know, but-"

"But what?"

"He is in pain, he is being tortured."

"Arisha it was just a dream."

"Luke I can not live without knowing he is safe, please if you love me then you will find him, I fear something awful is happening." Luke then lowered his head,

"Okay, I will find him, for you." then Luke gave Arisha a kiss then he began to walk away but then he stopped and turned back to Arisha,

"Wait, no one has seen Abaddon for centuries, where do we start?"

"We start, at the beginning, we are going to his home."

"You mean hell."

"Yes, hell."

"What will we find there?"

"His book." 

"Okay... what does his book look like?"

"It will be a black book with the big crimson letters spelling Abaddon on the front."

"Okay, and where can we find that."

"In Satan's personal library."

"Satan has a library?"



"It can get boring in hell, you have to have something to do."

"Fair enough, let's go." then Luke and Arisha left once God returned. Arisha and Luke traveled to hell. Arisha and Luke snuck around hell avoiding all the demons and Satan. Arisha and Luke made it to Satan's library, Arisha and Luke began to go through all the books looking for the book labeled, Abaddon.

"I can't find it anywhere."

"Me neither."

"Arisha, the book isn't here."

"Then where is it?" 

"If it isn't in Satan's library, then-"

"Then what?"

"Satan has it."

"Oh no, Arisha let's just forget this thing and go home."

"No, we must get the book." Arisha and Luke snuck into Satan's chamber, where they saw him sleeping on his bed with the book in his hands, Arisha pointed,

"There, there is the book."

Arisha and Luke made their way over to Satan very quietly, Arisha began to reach for the book, but she stopped when Satan moved, then Arisha began to reach for the book again. Arisha grabbed the book by it's sides then began to lift it out of Satan's arms, but then Satan's eyes shot open and Satan smiled,

"Got ya.", and Satan grabbed Arisha by the throat and lifted her into the air, "You dare come into hell and try to take my book!"

"Let her go!" Satan then looked down at Luke who was running towards him with his sword, Satan then shot a wave of magic at Luke knocking him back, but Luke got up and began to run at him again, Satan then threw Arisha at him and Arisha hit Luke and they both fell down, and Satan began to grow,

"To come to my realm is one thing, to try and take my book is another!" Luke then yelled at Satan,

"Over a stupid book!?"

"This book is not stupid, it is precious to me!" then Satan lifted his fist in the air then began to bring it down on Arisha and Luke, Arisha then ran in front of Luke,

"Satan that book means just as much to you as it does me!" Satan stopped, "Satan, I know why it is so precious to you."

"This is no ordinary book, this is all I have left of my son." Luke then spoke,

"But you hate your son?"

"No! my son means everything to me!"

"Satan, I know, but we need to red the book, we need to find Abaddon."


"I had a dream, I saw Abaddon in great pain, please I must find him."

"So you can kill him."


"Yes, you hate Abaddon!"

"No Satan, I love Abaddon!"

"If you love him, then why did you remarry?"

"He died and it has been so long, I had to move one, anyone would have moved on."

"He died and I never got over it!"

"That is because you surround yourself in your own hatred, with no one to help you, all you ever did is dwell in your loss and hatred, it has weighed you down like a great stone."

"What do you think you will find in this book?"

"A start, a start on where to go to find Abaddon."

"No one can read this but me."

"You must have read it, tell us."

"I haven't read this book ever since he... left."

"Can you read it for us then, where is he now?"

"I wont read this book, but I can tell you where to start."


"The wall of creation, you will find Life, ask her where Abaddon is."

"Okay, thank you." then they began to leave, as they walked away a black mist began to come behind Satan then go into his body, Satan's eyes then caught fire in anger,

"Where do you think you're going?"

"To find Abaddon."

"Did you really think I would let you leave that easily?" then Satan snapped his fingers, "Demons, kill them!"

Demons began to swarm the kingdom, Arisha and Luke pulled out their swords and began to defend themselves and run. Arisha and Luke ran into the tunnels of hell, and these tunnels are like a maze to Arisha and Luke, all they knew is they have to lose the demons, then Arisha and Luke turned the corner and stopped, because they turned to see Execute beheading two people right in front of them,

Execute looked at Arisha and Luke,

"Hello Arisha, Luke, how are you?"

"Ah Execute I see Satan finally made you Hell's killer."

"You know what that means?"

"Yes, you will try to stop us."

"I believe I will do more then try." then Execute stood straight up and looked down at Luke and Arisha, then he threw his giant ax at them. Arisha and Luke both ducked to avoid the ax, then they jumped to the side when Execute ran at then to smash them with his other two smaller axes. Arisha ran at Execute and Execute turned around and punched her back, Luke jumped on top of Execute and began to stab him, Execute just grabbed Luke and through him off, Execute began to walk towards Luke as Luke struggled to get up, Execute grabbed Luke by his throat,

"In heaven you may have powers, but here, I have the power!" then Arisha spoke behind Execute,

"Good thing we met down here then huh." then Arisha lifted Execute's giant ax into the air and slammed it into Executes back. Execute let go of Luke and stumbled back and fell over. Arisha looked down at Execute then Arisha helped Luke up,

"Nice move." Execute then began to get up, he grabbed his ax in his back and pulled it out, 

"An ax to my back huh? you think that would have killed me, since you cheated, I will cheat too!" then Execute smashed his ax against the ground and then the ceiling opened and a bunch of bloody black axes fell from the ceiling Arisha and Luke held up their shield but then the axes hit the shields and stopped, Arisha looked around to see the axes where all hung by chains,

"Is that it?"

"Nope." then Execute began swirling his hand around and then the axes began to move and move and then they began to circle around the room, 

"Oh god, duck!" Arisha and Luke ducked and held up their shields and then the axes began to clang against the shields over and over continuing to spin around the room,

"RUN!" Arisha and Luke ran to the door and ran out of the room. Arisha and Luke ran and ran as demons followed, Arisha then grabbed Luke,

"Párte mas apó tin kólasi kai mas férte ston ouranó" Arisha and Luke began to glow and then they disappeared, and the demons stopped. Arisha and Luke reappeared at the gates of heaven,

"Wow, what was that?"

"That was saving our lives."

"What did you say?"

"I said take us out of hell and bring us to heaven."

"And we just teleport ed out?"

"Yes, it is one of my powers, I can open up a portal anywhere."

"Why did you never tell me?"

"I didn't really think about it."

"Wouldn't that have been useful back when you where younger?"

"It would have, but I didn't know about it."


"Well, let's go to the wall of creation." Arisha and Luke then traveled to the wall of creation. When Arisha and Luke made it to the wall of creation they where amazed at how high and beautiful the wall was, then a golden knight walked up to them,

"Who are you and what is your business here?"

"My name is Arisha, daughter of God and Hestia, and I wish to speak with who is in charge."

"What do you want to talk to her about?"

"Her, well, I wish to speak to her about Abaddon." the knight stopped,

"Right this way Arisha." the knight lead Arisha and Luke to a great tent in the middle of the camp, 

"You may talk to her in there."

"Okay, thank you." Arisha and Luke then entered the tent,

"Hello, is anyone in here?" then a voice replied,

"One minute, I am coming." then a beautiful woman stepped forward, "I am Life, how may I help you?"

"Hello Life, I am-"

"Arisha, I know, daughter of God and Hestia, I know everything about you."

"You do?"

"Yes I am Life, I know everything about everyone's life."

"Then you know why I have come."

"Yes, you seek Abaddon, the Godkiller and son of Satan."

"Yes, wait a second if you know everyone's life then you can tell if Abaddon is alive and if he is okay."

"No Arisha, I cannot, you see Abaddon is different, he is not a creation of god, and don't mention he has cheated death twice."

"Then it looks like we came here for nothing."

"Wait, don't leave, I may not be able to tell you if he is alive for certain, but knowing him he is alive."

"You knew him?"

"Yes I did, he helped us."

"Helped you with..."

"With what we do here."

"What do you do here?"

"We make sure that no monster from Evil's realm makes it into the universe."

"Wow, you must be quite a goddess."

"I am not a goddess, I am just a being of creation."

"Oh, when was the last time you saw Abaddon?"

"Four hundred years ago."

"Was he going anywhere?"


"Where was he going?" Life looked at Arisha for a moment then she stepped outside and Arisha and Luke followed then Life pointed to the darkness on the other side of the wall,

"Abaddon went in there, alone."

"Okay, thank you Life." Arisha began to walk towards the darkness,

"WAIT!" Arisha stopped,


"You can't go in there like that, you will die!"

"How do you know?"

"Stronger people have died in there."

"So what should I do?"

"I know, come with me."

"Where are we going?"

"To make you stronger, to make you the god of Judgment."

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Chapter 2

"What is the god of Judgment?"

"It use to be a real god but he- became one with the universe, ever since his powers have laid in his temple and anyone can become the god of Judgment, so because of that the God of Judgment only allowed a fair person to become the god of Judgment, every time the god of Judgment died, they would become a lord of Judgment and they guard the powers of the god of Judgment and only make sure that whoever want the power is worthy."

"Okay, I barely understood that."

"Okay, just follow." Life went into her tent then pulled a lever and a stair case opened and then they began to walk down it and they entered a beautiful golden temple, Arisha walked inside and then there was a golden fire Image result

the fire was beautiful and was circled by nine golden statues, Arisha and Luke looked back and Life was gone and the doors where shut. Arisha and Luke looked at each other, held hands, and walked towards the fire, as they made their way to it they passed the statues, then they heard something, like it someone tightened their grip on their sword handle, Arisha looked back and saw no one, so they kept moving then they made their way to the fire. Arisha looked at the fire and heard a voice,

"Touch the fire." Arisha began to reach towards the fire but then she hesitated and the voice spoke again, "Arisha, touch the fire." Arisha then put her hand into the golden fire, the fire was not too hot but it was warm, it was a soothing warmth, then Luke put his hand in,

"Wow, this fire is so, relaxing." then an unfamiliar voice spoke,

"That it is." Arisha turned around to see the statue holding it's golden sword, Arisha and Luke went for their weapons in response, then the statue lifted his hand into the air and then Arisha and Luke where pushed back. As Arisha and Luke flew back they where stopped by two other statues,

"Do not worry, we don't mean you any harm, well no harm just yet."

"Who are you and what do you want with us?!"

"We are the nine Lords or Judgment, and we make sure that this power doesn't get into the wrong hands."

"How are you alive, you are statues?"

"We, where statues, we remain statues until someone touches the fires of Judgment, then we wake from our slumber." Arisha began to look at all the knights.

Image result

Related image

Related imageImage result

"You are the nine knights of Judgment, you all served my father in the war between all the gods, my father told me about you."

"Yes we did serve your father, you where only a baby at the time."

"Why did you leave?"

"We left because of the monster that was created, one day on the battlefield we where fighting against the native american gods, it was a bloody war and then, it came, the sky turned black and then a crimson moon rose into the air then the moon then they sky turned crimson and then the monster came down from the sky wearing black armor and riding a red dragon, the monster jumped off it's dragon and landed on one of the gods and the monster ripped him in half like if he was nothing but paper, then he stomped on the ground and then black spikes shot up out of the ground and fire exploded around the monster killing anything around it but his dragon, and do you know what the monster did?"


"He laughed."

"He began to slaughter everything around him leaving no survivors, in fear of his wrath we fled the war, and it was a good thing we did, the monster killed everything."

"Oh my."

"Many good men and women where lost that day."

"Who is this monster?"

"The funny thing is, this monster, this abomination, this ruthless, murderous, honor less warrior, became Judgment, you know him, you where on his mind a lot."


"Yes, Abaddon."

"How did he become Judgment when he has done all those things?"

"Because he did not only do those things, but he paid for it, he had been tortured in all ways both physically and mentally, he saved the universe four times by sacrificing himself, as you know he has paid for his crimes, it doesn't mean he has a pure heart, but he has a honorable, fair, and loving heart. He became Judgment and he went into the darkness to kill Evil, he completed only half of his quest."

"What do you mean, only half?"

"He destroyed Evil's physical form, but he can't destroy Evil's spiritual form."

"Wait if he is Judgment, then how can I become Judgment?"

"In his fight with Evil, Evil took the spirit of Judgment out of Abaddon."

"And Abaddon still beat Evil?"

"Yes, now if you will please sit down." Arisha looked behind her to see a chair Arisha hesitated for a second but then she sat in the chair and spread her wings and then her powers began to change everything around her from gold to a lively beautiful sky blue and white temple, 

"So the stories are true, you are as powerful as you are beautiful."

"Thank you for the complement, but I am married."

"Ah yes to Abaddon." Luke then walked toward the lord of Judgment,

"No, not Abaddon she is married to me!"

"My apologies, I thought she was Arisha Hereafter."

"She is Arisha Hereafter."

"I remarried after his death."

"I see, well back to the task at hand, we have one more thing to do."

"What is that?"

"We must Judge your spirit."

"Let's begin."

"Both of your spirits."

"Okay." the middle lord of Judgment walked over to Arisha and Luke and then he placed his hand's on both of their chests and then he closed his eyes. Arisha's and Luke's life pasted before their eyes Arisha saw her tiny eyes opening to see God standing over her and then God pick her up and then Hestia walked got up,

"It is a girl, what should we call her?"

"Arisha, Arisha Hereafter." it was her birth, then the rest of her life past full of her joy and happiness and then everything began to change and then  it was black and then she saw her open her eyes and Satan pick her up,

"What is this?"

"It is a boy Satan, made purely out of your magic."

"A child? I wanted a warrior."

"Well my lord this is how they start out."

"It shouldn't have been like this, I failed, throw it in the pit."

"But my lord, it could be a great warrior."

"Fine, I will do it myself." Satan then threw her in a pit, everything was black and then two big, evil, eyes of fire opened and looked straight at her, then the lord of Judgment let go,

"What was that?"

"That last part, it wasn't you."

"It was Abaddon, how can it be Abaddon?"

"We searched your heart, did Abaddon ever give you a piece of his heart?"

"Yes, he gave me ninety-eight percent of his heart."

"No wonder why we saw into his life."

"So did we pass?" Luke asked,

"Yes both of you did, your hearts are pure, now we give you the powers of Judgment!" then the golden fire wrapped around Arisha and Luke and their armor began to change. Arisha's white and golden armor began to turn golden and her armor began to get stronger and Arisha could feel power running through her veins she was getting stronger, she has never felt so powerful, a golden mask began to form over her mouth, Arisha's sword began to get bigger and full of power then Arisha stood up. Arisha's eyes then turned from blue to gold yellow,

"I am Arisha Goddess of Judgment and protector of the innocent!"

Luke armor began to change then his armor changed completely. His white and gold armor turned into a rough darkened gold and his armor grew spikes then armor began to form over Luke's body fully covering him Luke began to spin his sword around and golden like fire came out of the sword, 

"I am Luke God of Judgment destroyer of all things evil!"

then the Lords of Judgment all spoke,

"You are now the gods of Judgment, you are ready for what ever lies beyond the light." then they all faded away, Arisha and Luke all looked at each other,

"We are ready to go into the unknown," then they held hands, "together." Arisha and Luke walked out of the temple and went back up to the surface, once Arisha and Luke walked out of the tent and all of the knights stopped and looked at Luke and Arisha. Arisha and Luke walked over to the wall where Life was standing in front of them,

"There is going to be many monsters, you have my blessings, and I hope you will be safe."

"Thank you Life."

"Arisha wait there is something you must know."


The power of Judgment is very powerful, we gave a piece of Judgment to Abaddon and brought him back to life, so now Abaddon will always know where you and Luke are, Judgment is a part of Abaddon now."

"Wait so are you saying-"

"Abaddon and Judgment are one, and without judgment, Abaddon would die."

"Okay, I will keep that in mind." then they jumped off the wall and into the darkness, as they where falling the wall disappeared and they where surrounded by darkness then the black around them began to change into a blackened wasteland full of black rocks and lava, Arisha and Luke looked around to see giant monsters roaming the land freely.

"What are these things?"

"I don't know, I have never seen something like these monsters, I would suggest we don't get there attention." then there was a growling sound behind them, Arisha and Luke turned around to see a giant monster in front of them.

The monster roared, Arisha and Luke pulled out there swords but then the monster smacked them back, Arisha and Luke flew back and then they got up and then the monster jumped in the air and smashed the ground shaking the ground and Arisha and Luke fell over, Arisha began to get angry, Arisha spread out her wings and jumped at the monster with her sword, the monster saw Arisha flying towards him then the monster grabbed Arisha with it's giant hand, then monster brought Arisha close and roared in her face, then Arisha could feel her hand filling up with power, Arisha lifted her hand in the air towards the monsters face and then a golden light shot out of her hand and into the the monster's face exploding, the monster dropped Arisha and grabbed it's face, then it looked at Arisha and Luke and roared again, Arisha and Luke both looked at each other and then they raised their hands and began shooting the golden light at the monster over and over until the monster fell back dead. Arisha looked at the monster laying there lifeless and saw all the glowing fire die out, Arisha turned away after seeing the fire die out, for it reminded her of the time Abaddon died and all the fire in his body died out and his body went cold. Luke walked over to Arisha,

"Arisha are you okay?"

"I, I don't know."

"Arisha you can tell me."

"I know, it is just something about this place, it is so, dark, yet so familiar, it is like we are always being watched in here." 

"I know, I feel it too, something is watching us but it is in fear of attacking us."

"Well at least it isn't stupid." then they kept walking. Arisha and Luke looked around as they kept hearing the roaring of monsters, everywhere Arisha and Luke looked there where monsters

Arisha and Luke did there best to avoid these monster by hiding behind large rocks but they could always stay hidden for the monsters where everywhere and they where all predators. Arisha and Luke where hiding behind a large rock pile, Arisha peeked her head out to check the area,

"Okay the coast is clear."

"Okay, for once there is no monsters." then the ground began to shake and the giant pile of rocks began to rise,

"Its another monster!" two giant eyes shot open then fire and lava began to fall off the monster, 

The monster then began to breath fire out of it's mouth and Arisha and Luke jumped behind a rock for cover, 

"What do we do?" then the monster's two hands grabbed the side of the rock and ripped the rock out of the ground then threw it down towards Arisha and Luke. Luke shot a ball of magic at the rock and the rock exploded and then the monster roared and smacked Luke away. 

"Luke!" Arisha began to run towards Luke's direction but the the monster stood in her way, Arisha then began to grow to the monster's size and then Arisha and the monster began to punch each other back and forth punching and kicking the other, Arisha went to punch the monster but the the monster grabbed her fist and then the monster bit down on the side of Arisha's throat, Arisha let out a scream and then pushed the monster back, the monster began to laugh as Arisha held the side of her neck. Arisha looked at her hand to see her blood, her blood was different, it wasn't red but it was a shiny gold color, Arisha began to get angry and her eyes began to glow then Luke appeared behind the monster, now the same size as Arisha then Luke grabbed the monster's arms holding it back then Arisha ran, jumped in the air, and kicked the monster in the face and the monster fell to the ground unconscious, then Arisha and Luke shrank down to normal size.

"Wow, that hurt."


"We can't stay we must leave."

"No we must find Abaddon."  then they heard roaring behind them, Arisha turned around to see many monsters,

"Arisha we must leave or else we will die!"

"You are right, let's leave and return later." then Arisha and Luke began to run. Hours past and then at the wall Life and the golden knights began to hear roaring in the distance, then Arisha and Luke jumped over the wall and into Life's camp,

"Back already?"

"We have company!" then a bunch of human sized monster jumped over the wall. The golden knights all lined up and took out their weapons. 

Image result

The golden army charged at the monsters and they clashed and a heated battle began. The knights and monsters battled killing each other back and forth,

"Are you going to win?"

"Yes we will win this fight, but it will be at a cost."

"I am sorry we brought them to your camp."

"Do not feel sorry, this is what we do, but I could use your help."

"What ever you need we will help."

"Hold my hand." Luke and Arisha looked at each other, then they reached out and grabbed Life's hand and then the stood side by side and the sky began to turn yellow and a storm began to brew, Arisha, Luke, and Life began to rise into the air, then a yellow lighting bolt shot out of the sky and hit Life then Life let out a scream and let go of Arisha and Luke and pointed her hands at the battle and then the lighting shot out of Life and hit all the monsters and the monster all began to roar in pain and turn into ash. Then Life fell to the floor exhausted. 

"Life are you okay?!" Life slowly got up holding her side,

"I will be fine, I just am a little... drained, I need to rest."

"Okay, go rest."

"Wait Arisha."

"Yes, what is it?"

"Did you find Abaddon?"

"No, I am afraid not."

"Please, find him, he is in grave danger." then the golden knights took Life to her tent. Luke looked back at Arisha,

"I know what you are thinking, you want to go back in there."

"Yes, I do."

"Arisha, we ca't go there right now, first we must return to Heaven and speak to your father."

"You're right, let's go." then Arisha and Luke left. Arisha and Luke returned to heaven and Luke went to talk to God and Arisha went to her room. Luke walked over to God,

"My Lord and father of my wife, I have made a great discovery."

"What is this, discovery my son?"

"I have found the edge of creation and there is a camp of golden knights who are lead by Life herself who fights monsters I have never seen before."

"Unknown monsters? where do these monsters come from?"

"These monsters come from the unknown, they come from the darkness, I went into the unknown and the unknown is a place full of death, nothing lives there but monsters, fierce, deadly, blood thirsty monsters."

"Evil's realm." God said to himself in fear,


"Nothing, never go to that forsaken place again."

"Understood my lord but their is one more thing, about Arisha."

"What about Arisha?"

"It is Abaddon-"

Back in Arisha's room Arisha was sleeping on her bed tossing and turning, in her dream she was in the realm, Arisha looked around. Arisha was looking around when the ground began to shake, and Arisha turned around to see a monster coming straight at her, then a giant flaming red spear came out of the air and went into the monster's skull, and the monster fell to the ground lifeless, Arisha turned to the direction the spear cam from, and then she saw Abaddon on a mountain of dead monsters fighting the monsters. Abaddon's armor was ripped off of his chest and Abaddon was battling on the mountain shirtless. The monsters would slash Abaddon with their claws and Abaddon would return with stabbing the monsters with his caws. A monster jumped towards Abaddon and then Abaddon stopped the monster by grabbing it by the throat. Arisha watched Abaddon fighting the monsters in fear and lust, in fear of seeing Abaddon both in danger and seeing his destructive power and in lust seeing him shirtless, sweating, and his muscles showing, then Abaddon formed a spear and swung it around and stabbed it into the ground creating an explosion and all the monsters where launched back, the monsters got up and looked at Abaddon and then they turned and ran away. Arisha walked up behind Abaddon,

"Abaddon?, is that you?" Abaddon didn't move, Arisha went to touch him but then Abaddon turned into smoke and disappeared and then the world around her turned into smoke and disappeared, and then Arisha was just surrounded in darkness, alone. Arisha looked around rapidly,

"Abaddon?" her voice echoed and faded, "Abaddon, Abaddon, Abaddon" Arisha began to walk around then she heard something, something growing, something thirsty for blood, Arisha turned to the direction the sound was coming from and then she screamed and woke up. Arisha looked around her room in fright, then Arisha began to calm down. Arisha then folded her arms, closed her eyes, and began to speak,

"Abaddon, are you really out there, please I have to know, are you alive, are all these visions I am having a lie, please I have to know, are you safe, please if your out there please tell me." Arisha waited and waited to hear a reply, then Arisha got up and began to walk out of her room when she heard a faint voice,

"Arisha." Arisha turned around, for she recognized that voice, it was Abaddon's voice. 

"Abaddon!?" Arisha looked around her room, then there was a faint knock on her door,

"Arisha what is going on in there?"

"Abaddon, where are you?!" Arisha looked around, "Abaddon show yourself."

"Arisha open up this door!" the corners of the room began to grow dark, and then the shadows began to form into the shape of a man, Arisha watched the shadows with open eyes, but then Luke opened the door, and then the shadows disappeared instantly, Arisha turned around to see Luke standing there,

"Arisha, how could you-"

"Luke I can explain." a few minutes later the doors to God's throne room flew open and God stood up to see Arisha in chains,

"Angels, explain yourself!" God spoke in anger, "EXPLAIN THIS TREACHERY!"

"Arisha was praying to Abaddon, Sir."


"Luke saw it, he walked in to see Arisha praying to Abaddon and then Abaddon began to appear, Sir." God stood there for a few seconds then he looked at the angels,

"Leave us."

"Yes, sir." then all the angels left except Luke and Arisha,

"Is this true?" God asked,

"Father, I can explain-"

"IS THIS TRUE!" God shouted, then Arisha lowered her head in shame,

"It is true." God stood there trying to gather his thoughts, then he began to speak,

"Arisha, you know the rules, you are banished from heaven, until you forget about Abaddon and repent."

"Father, please, this is my home-"

"Arisha I don't want to do this either, but I cannot allow this in my home, return to me when you have repented." Arisha got up and stormed out of the kingdom passing Luke in anger. 

"Arisha?" Luke began to follow Arisha all the way to the border of Heaven, "Arisha please wait!"

"No! how could you, I am your wife!"

"Arisha I am the second in command, I have rules, I can't break the rules."

"Abaddon would." then Arisha turned away and left, with a tear running down her face, and then she vanished.

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