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scp-096 measures roughly 2 and a half meters in height. with barely any muscle mass or body hair.

it's limbs are completely out of proportion to it's body. each arm measuring at a length of 1.5m. the activity of scp-096 is far from normal. spending most of it's days pacing the eastern wall of it's cell. the only real issue reveals itself when somebody see's it's face. from this point on wards, scp-096 will become severely emotionally distressed. covering it's face, with it's sickly twisted arms, whilst crying, screaming and even babbling it will then take it upon itself, to seek out to whomever was to view it's face. attempting to charge towards them at speeds of 35 kmph and even higher.

while this will typically depend on the distance between the viewer and the scp. scarily enough, the location of the viewer, does not seem to change in behavior of scp-096. as it will have a constant, yet logically, impossible sense of where the victim is, at all times. whenever 096 actually reaches the person, it will proceed to kill them, and somehow leave no traces of the victim's biological matter. scp-096 is contained in an air tight steel cube at all times. weekly checks for any cracks or holes are mandatory.

because of the nature of the scp, only 2 cloaked video surveillance tools are used inside it's cell. for safer research and security, personnel use preinstalled pressure sensors and laser detectors to ensure it's presence inside the cell.


But something this dangerous begs a question, how did they capture SCP-049, a forest, a monster, an unrelenting soldier, the hunt begins. this is how they found it and captured it, THE HUNT OF SCP-096

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Chapter 1

In the forest of Chain O Lakes State Park Indiana a couple of middle school kids where camping, and they all loved riding there bikes on the park trails. "Hey guys lets race."

"Are you kidding, the trail is too small to fit all four of us."

"That is why we are not taking the same trails, we will all take a different trail, it says these trails all finish at the same place."


"Come on, afraid you will lose." the boy taunted to the other boy,

"No, I am not scared, okay lets race."

"We can't race now, remember people take these trail at this time."

"That's true, fine at night."

"We can't see at night due fuss."

"Oh don't worry come check this out." the boy got off his bike and waved the other boys to follow as he reached into his book bag, then the boy pulled out night vision goggles and flashlights,

"Pretty cool huh?, now we race at midnight."

"Okay the race is on."

Later that night at midnight, the boys woke up and grabbed their bikes and put there goggles on and duck tapped the flash lights to their bikes, One of the boys was in to much of a hurry he didn't duck tape his flash light right,

"Okay, one, two, three, GO!" then the boys took off on their bikes on separate trails. Then the boy who didn't duck tape his flashlight correctly rode down the trail as fast as he could, then as he hit a bump his flash light came loose and fell off in front of the bike and then they boy's bike ran over the flash light causing the boy to lose control of the bike and he crashed and fell off his bike. The boy rolled off the trail, getting scratched by the plants as he rolled deeper into the woods, the boy got up and then as he was about to walk back up he heard crying, 

"Hello?" there was no reply, just crying,

"Are you hurt?" no reply, just crying, the boy followed the the cry, he was getting closer as the crying grew louder, the boy could tell that whoever was crying was on the other side of the bushes,

"Hello, are you okay, are you hur-" then the boy pushed the bushes aside then, he the boys eyes widened in fear at what he saw, then there was two screams, the boy, and the thing he saw, then two pale hands with elongated fingers grabbed the boy and pulled him into the bushes. The three other boys waited and waited for the fourth boy,

"We should go get him."

"Yes, we should." then the boys got on their bikes and entered the woods in search of their friend. The boys called the boys name over and over, "Jeremy? Jeremy where are you?" then the boys all went silent as they saw Jeremy's bike 

The boys got off their bikes, "Jeremy? you there?" then they looked and saw crushed bushes that went downhill, 

"Looks like Jeremy crashed and rolled down hill."

"Lets go get him, he could be hurt." then the boys made there way down hill, and looked around for Jeremy, then the boys heard crying, 

"Jeremy?" no response, just crying. The boys followed the sound, then they moved the bushes to the side and there they saw Jeremy's lifeless body ripped in half his organs falling out of his body, then they looked up and saw, it

Image result for scp 096 gif

"Oh my god, what is that?!" then it looked at them, then it stood up towering over these boys, as it covered his face with its gross, elongated hands, it began to shake as it was screaming, two of the boys began to run but the third was paralyzed in fear, then it ran at the boy and ripped they boy into 4 pieces in less then four milliseconds, they two boys where running up hill screaming, then the monster passed and the second kid disappeared, the third kid made it to the bikes, he picked up any random bike and began to ride as fast as he could, then the monster passed the boy and took the boy and the bike fell on its side on the trail, as you could hear the monster ripping into the boy still screaming in its terrifying human like scream, then everything was silent for five long seconds then the silence was broken by the monsters cry.

The next day the park rangers where contacted by campers about hearing screaming last night in the woods. The rangers blocked off the woods to all people and investigated the woods, only to find four bikes and no remains of children, all they found, was a bloody night vision goggle and instead of finding bodies, they found blood puddles stained on the forest floor where the bodies once where. After a few weeks more people went missing in the woods without a trace. Rumors spread of monsters hiding behind the trees. At  night the park rangers searched the forest again looking for people or at least something,

"What are we looking for?"

"Anything that can explain what is happening." then they heard crying,

"Over there, move, guns ready." then they saw it, 

"What the fuck is that!" it stood up covering his face screaming

"Fire!!!!" the rangers all began to shooting at the creature with their hunting rifles, then the monster charged them and began to rip then all into pieces. The rangers all then began to run and shoot at the creature. A ranger made it to the lake and he instantly got in a metal canoe, he looked back to the the creature rip through a ranger and begin to run towards him, the ranger made it way out into the deep end of the lake, the creature kept running towards him but when it hit the water it didn't swim, it just kept running and fell under water and still ran on the bottom of the lake then it disappeared under water. The ranger then let out a sigh of relief then a hand reached out of the water,

"Help me." it sounded like a woman, the man looked at the hand and saw webbing in between the fingers, the ranger then kicked the hand off the boat and fired his rifle at the hand, then he sat back with his gun loaded, then a woman figure with a tail jumped over the boat and landed on the other side, then it was quiet, then the canoe flipped over and blood spread in the water around the canoe. The next day a canoe floated to shore right side up and a female park ranger walked over and looked in the canoe then what she saw made her scream and throw up, she saw the park ranger missing some body parts and webbed together with web/seaweed. Then the as the park rangers and police spoke a helicopter landed and a soldier wearing strange armor jumped out with his gun ready.Related image

The soldier saw the police officers, park rangers, and FBI and he lowered his gun and walked over to them as the FBI leader walked up in front of the officers,

"Hello there officers." the soldier reached out his hand, and the FBI leader shook it,

"What are you doing here, soldier?"

"Well sir I was just about to ask you that, this area is now under our investigation."

"Excuse me, but actually it is under our investigation."

"Actually Mr. FBI." then four more helicopters landed and ten soldiers came out of each helicopter, "We have orders from the government, now if you would please evacuate this area, we have orders that anything we see we will shoot, so if you would be so kind." the officers looked at the soldiers, then the FBI director signaled to them,

"Okay all the people will be out before dark."

"Thank you sir, but see me after you finish." the officers evacuated all the people they found when the sun began to set, then before the officers left they went to the soldiers, 

"Okay, follow me officers we have to have you all take this interview." then an officer looked at the soldier's back and leaned over to another officer, "What is that symbol on all the guards back."Image result for scp symbol

"I don't really know."

"Okay officers we need you to all sit down." the officers sat in chairs. then the soldier leaned over to another soldier,

"Wipe them, clear only there memory of meeting us."

"Yes sir."  then the soldier left the room, 

"Okay soldiers, we are searching the forest, look for anything that gives us a clue of what we are dealing with, and remember, if you see something or even someone, kill it, no one but us should be here, lets move out." then the soldiers all loaded all there guns in less then 3 seconds, and they entered the forest. 

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Chapter 2

the soldiers searched the forest looking for anything and ready for anything,


"What is it soldier?"

"I see people."

"You know what to do, follow your orders."

"Yes sir, kill them."

then the guards searched the forest, and found a small run down stone home, 

"Check it soldier, I'll be right behind you." then the soldiers entered the home, 

"Lights on." the soldiers turned on there flashlights and the walls and floors had blood all over them ,

"It was definitely here, but no bodies only blood."

"Sir I found something, you might wanna take a look at this." the soldier handed him a camera that was covered in blood,

(I know it is a lot to ask but type in this url)

"Okay we need to bring this to the commander." Later

"Okay I have taken a picture from to show the men."

Related image

then the soldier pulled out his phone "Sir this is General Mark to base, we found out what it is, It's SCP-096."

"Finally we found him, we have been searching for him ever since site forty three was destroyed, I will try to get a hold of Todd, but he is busy at the moment on another hunt, he will be here in two days."

"T-Todd is coming?"

"Yes we can't stand losing this SCP."

"Sir yes sir, General Mark out." then General Mark walked out side to see his men

"Okay men, we are hunting SCP-096, do your best not to die." the men where all quiet, "and when we get back ill buy you all drinks."

"hoooraaa." then the men all loaded there guns and went into the forest and the sun went down.

In a team of nine soldiers one asked the team leader a question,

"How come there is no remains of the victims of SCP-096?"

"It eats them."

"How many SCPs escaped Site forty three?"

"All of them?"

"How much where there?"


"How much have we got back?"

"Thirty two."

"How did we get them back."

"Todd got them."

"Who is Todd?"

"One of our best, he was taken at birth and he grew up in the foundation and trained his whole life and experimented on, and the result was the perfect soldier."

"If he was a perfect soldier, why don't we do that for all soldiers?"

"Because, it is illegal, and Todd is different."


"No more questions, be focused, turn on your night vision and hearing monitor." 

"What are we listening for?"

"Crying." then they all got there guns ready as they heard a faint cry, the soldier signaled to the left and they followed the sound of the cry until they saw SCP-097 in the distance, then they all slowly, silently circled SCP-096, 

"Okay men, steady, steady, NOW!"  then they all shot out metal nets that fell on top of SCP-096 and then the ends of the net let out spikes into the ground, but SCP-096 didn't even move he just sat there crying covering his face as the nine nets went over him,

"Okay men, poison gas." then they all shot in a grenade of poison gas, then SCP-096 was covered in poison gas, the soldiers stood there guns ready waiting for the gas to clear up, and when it did, SCP-096 was still sitting there crying, a soldier looked closely at it then it turned its head and faced the soldier,

"WHAT THE F-" then the soldier shot SCP-096 in the face but the bullet just hit SCP-096 and fell to the ground, then it stood up ripping the metal nets out of the ground,

"FIRE!" then all the soldiers opened fire on SCP-096, then SCP-096 ran at a soldier and ripped his limbs off, then SCP-096 picked up another soldier with its elongated hands and smashed the soldier on the ground head first, then it leaped at another soldier and began to tear into the soldier, the soldier then pulled a pin off one of his grenades and then the grenades went off and SCP-096 ran through the explosion not even marked,

"RUN!" then the soldiers all ran away shooting at SCP-096, SCP-096 ran after the guards and began to rip them in pieces, then a soldier ran and ran not knowing where he is going, then he fell and rolled down a hill and he got up slowly, then he picked up his gun and looked around then he heard something behind him, then the scared soldier opened fire and shot everywhere around him until his clip ran out of ammo, then he reloaded his clip and looked around, then something ran out at him and all that followed was the scream of the soldier.

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