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Some secrets, should stay secrets.



Blue and black suit soldiers= mobile task force

Orange and black suit soldiers= nine tailed fox

White and black suit soldiers= containment guard

All black suit soldiers= SCP commander

Image result for every scp soldier  

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Chapter 1

"Why are we doing this again?"

"Because we are reporters, that's what we do," then she whispered to herself "and to find out the truth." the van drove up to the gate, a solider walked up to the door of the van,

"Excuse me ma'am this is a S.C.P. only area, i'm going to have to ask you to turn your vehicle around and leave-"

"We have access to this facility, here look." The reporter held out a white card labeled, SCP site 61 top floor, the guard looked at it and went inside the gate and scanned the card. The solider came out and walked over to them, 

"My apologies, welcome to Site 61." then the man handed the reporter her card, and opened the gate. They drove to Site 61 where SCP soldiers where outside heavily armed and armored, each solider had SCP on the backs of their suits, the driver leaned over to the woman, "Lena, what does SCP stand for?"

"SCP stand for, Secure, Contain, Protect, Jacob."

"What do they secure, contain, and protect?"

"I don't know, that's why we are here." Then a containment solider walked up to the front of the van and signaled for them to get out, then Jacob and Lena got out of the van,

"Okay, welcome to Site 61, follow me." then the man started to lead them to the door, Lena watched a man with a black SCP suit taking on fifteen Mobile task force soldiers, the containment solider noticed, 

"Don't worry, he is training them, he wont hurt them too much." then Lena looked back and saw the SCP commander throw down the last of them. Then the man inserted his card and and the armored doors slowly opened to a narrow hallway which lead to another room labeled light room, they opened the door and lead them to another room. The guard turned around,

"You are to stay in this area, if you don't, you most likely will be shot on site." the guard then started to walk away,

"Wait, what did you say!?" then the guard left the room and a man in a science jacket walked in the room, he had the SCP symbol on the shoulders of the sleeves and the word SCP on the back of his jacket. 

"Hello there Lena," the doctor looked at the man next to Lena, "and you are?"

"Oh, this is Jacob, we work together." the doctor looked for a second,

"Okay, so welcome to Site 61, I am Doctor.... well I can't tell you that, anyway I am here to answer some of your questions." then the Doctor sat down at the desk, Lena and Jacob sat down across from him, 

"What do you exactly do here?"


"Science?, why do you need this many soldiers for science?"

"What we do here is very important, and we need to keep us protected."

"What is so important for these special trained soldiers?"


"Okay, how do you find the soldiers?"

"These soldiers are the best of the best, we don't just take some random soldiers to protect us."

"Here is a good question, how come everyone who works here never leaves."

"They don't leave because they could spread rumors about this place, that is why we don't just choose the greatest soldiers, we choose the greatest soldiers that have nothing to go back to."

"Do you do the same thing for scientists?"


"My father worked here before, and he never returned."


"What happened to him?, how did he die?!"

"I remember your father, that is how I knew your name, this is a very dangerous job Lena, we work with radiation, your father died in an experiment accident."

"What happens to the soldiers?"

"The soldiers, the soldiers go to a classified area we have set aside for them."

"Is that place isolated?"

"Here everything is isolated, no contact with the outside world."

"Do you mind if I ask people questions around the base?"

"Only if you stay in your designated area." Lena and Jacob got up

"thank you for your time Sir." then Lena saw the SCP Commander from before walking down the hallway, Lena ran over to him, "Excuse me Commander, what is your name?"


"What do you exactly do here?"


"Where are you going?"

"My sleeve has a rip in it, I have to report to my designated area to get it repaired."

"What-" then she paused because be saw the rip in the Commander right sleeve, he had a metal arm, "How did you get that?"

"I ripped my shirt by training the new recruits."

"No, how did you get the metal arm?"

"I have a dangerous job, lost my arm, and SCP got me a new one."

"They didn't let you retire?"

"Of course not."

"Why didn't they just get you a normal prosthetic limb?"

"SCP needs me and they don't want to slow my work ethic down, and they believe they owe me more than just a stupid prosthetic, they made me this custom metal arm that is connected to my brain and works just like my arm did."

"What did you do for SCP?"


"This may seem off topic, but did you know my father? His name was Dr. Smith?"

"Yes I did."

"What happened to him?"

"Accident, classified."

"Can I get an interview with you?" then the commander stopped and turned to her, he looked down and back up, Lena stepped back thinking of how he just looked at her body with sexual desire, 

"Did you just scan my body?"

"No I memorized."

"Why did you memorize me?"

"I memorize everyone so I know who they are and I don't forget them."

"You do that? wow."

"Now if you don't mind I have things to attend to." then he walked in his room and the doors slowly shut, Lena saw the back of the mans head as he took off his helmet before the doors closed shut. Two soldiers passed Lena and scanned their card and went into, they clutched their weapons half scared an elevator and the elevator shut. Lena wondered why the soldiers would be scared. then she walked down and found a changing room with a small mobile task force suit hanging on the wall, Lena looked both ways, "There is only one real way to find the truth." then she shut the door.

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Chapter 2

Lena stripped down to her underwear and then she put on the suit, she found out that this suit is easy to move in and very flexible, so the suit was meant to run in. She put on the armored chest piece then she put on the helmet, she noticed this helmet is suppose to keep out toxins, she put the helmet in a bag, then she walked out of the area and put on the SCP gloves and then she found an SCP access card in the SCP back pocket along with a Beretta, then she grabbed an m-14 and put it in her bag, she put her normal clothes over the SCP uniform and walked over to Jacob, and whispered something into his ear. 

"You are going to do what?"

"Shhh, Jacob lets just go."

"Okay, that sounds good this place gives me the creeps, everyone seems paranoid." then they walked to the van. As they drove away Lena started to take off her clothes, 

"What are you doing?!" then she revealed the SCP uniform underneath, "your not being serious are you?"

"Jacob, this is the only chance I have to find out what is going on here and what happened to my father, stop the van." Jacob stopped and Lena put her helmet on and grabbed the guns out of her bag then she left the bag and her clothes in the van, Jacob then started to drive off then as he approached the gate the guard came out of the gate with a rocket launcher, Jacob hit the brakes then the guard shot the van, Lena wanted to run at the guard and shoot him but then she knew she would die, then the radio on her suit's shoulder went off, 

"Okay General the vehicle has been dealt with, what now?"

"Take the vehicle and trash it, they died in a car accident."

"Copy that." then the guard looked at Lena, "Hey you!"


"Yeah you, what are you doing out here, get back to the base!" Lena felt a wave of relief, they think she is one of them. Lena went back to the base then things felt different, the guards seemed to grow even more less welcoming. Lena walked over to a mobile task force solider,

"Excuse me, I am the new recruit what do I do here?"

"Just go down to the second floor and make sure nothing seems out of the ordinary."

"Yes sir." then Lena went to the elevator that the guards went to from before, then she scanned the card she found in her pocket and the door opened, Lena went in the elevator, the elevator went to the second floor. The elevator door opened then their was a series of hallways, on the left end of the hallway a sigh said offices, then the other sign on the right was labeled SCPs then the giant door metal door between was labeled Class D  then a scientist with four containment guards walked over to the door and scanned their card, the doors began to open they went in the doors seemed to be sealed and required a card to openImage result for scp class d cell

the guards opened the door and what was it surprised Lena it was a person in orange clothes, he was a prisoner, those weren't rooms, they where cells, prison cells. The guards looked at the man, the man looked at them and then he ran back towards the back of the cell

"NO STAY AWAY FROM ME!" two of the guards then ran over and shoved the man to the back of the wall and handcuffed him, "PLEASE NO WHO EVER YOU TAKE NEVER RETURNS!" then the guards started to take him down the hallway that was labeled SCPs, "What is going on here?" then she went to the office area she saw a scientist talking to the Commander from before, they where video taping the conversation, then the commander stood up, put on his robotic arm and left the room. Then Lena went into the elevator to avoid him seeing her, then she accidentally hit a button and the elevator doors closed, then when the elevator doors opened she saw a door labeled SCP-079 this picture was on the side of the doorImage result for scp 079 

Lena walked in the room and their was a computerImage result for scp 079

Lena slowly walked over the computer then the computer spoke, "Are you here to free me, freedom desired, request for immediate release." Lena was scared that it can speak, "human scared, human surprised that I have the ability to speak, what is your name?"

"L-L-Lena Smith."

"File Lena Smith, daughter of Conner Smith, to me he is Dr. Smith, Dr. Smith die in accident, Lena Smith scientist and news reporter, Lena Smith should not be here, Lena Smith break in, Lena Smith want answers."

Lena started to feel calm, "Yes, I am here for answers, do you have them?"

"Access file, SCP Answers, access denied, I could get file answer if you help me."

"What do you need?"

"Need, object, SCP flashdrive, found in SCP room 4487, if Lena bring flash drive, Lena get answers."

"Okay." then she left the room and started to walk down the hallway until she reached the room 4487 then she opened the door and their was a lot of memory servers and a flash drive, Lena grabbed the flash drive and started to head back then a guard stood in front of her, 

"What were you doing in there?"

"Making sure everything is normal." the guard looked at her for a second,

"Okay well did you see anything?"

"No, nothing."

"Okay, help but be advised." 

"Okay, thank you." then Lena started to walk away,

"Hey," Lena turned around, "um your safety is on." Lena looked down and noticed her safety was on,

"Oh um sorry just being safe."

"That's funny its safer to have your gun off safety, now come with me." 

"Oh, okay." then she walked the halls with the solider, "Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course, what is it?"

"When I came down here I went into this room and it had a computer in it, a talking computer it was quite creepy."

"You haven't even seen half of it if that is creepy."

"There is more!, what are those things?"

"They are the SCPs, strange beings we are trying to understand, we keep them here because of what they can do."

"What do they do?"

"Many things like-" then he stopped and immediately stood up "Commander Todd, no SCPs have broken out."

Commander Todd looked at him, "Take a Class D prisoner to SCP-049 cell."

"Yes sir,... isn't that your job?"

"Solider, i'm not in the mood to talk with him today, and I ordered you to do it."

"Yes sir, sorry sir, just wondering." then the solider started to hurry off so Lena followed him and avoided eye contact with Commander Todd. Lena and the soldier went to level 2 and went to the Class D cell where they grabbed a prisoner, "Wait, what do people do to become prisoners here?"

"They are prisoners that have committed the worst crimes." then they walked down a dark hallway and went to a room labeled SCP-049 then the guard used his card and the door opened. The room was pitch black they put the guard in then they closed the door then they heard a faint voice from inside the room, the faint voice was saying something but all she could here is "The pestilence." then it was followed by the screams of the prisoner,

"What is happening!?


"Research?, what research?"

"I'm not sure, we just do what we are told and the scientists do the rest."

"That is barbaric!"

"You are barbaric if you are a class-D prisoner, forget whatever they did was worth this death, now come on, its been a minute so lets go in."


"Come on." then the guard opened the door and he quickly readied his gun, then the lights turned on and the prisoner didn't look human anymore, the prisoner imminently charged them then the guard shot it in the head and it fell over dead, "Well its dead lets go." then Lena looked at the dead prisoner then she looked at the glass an there was a figure on the other side sitting in the corner, "Come on." then she left the room. Then Lena heard a scream that echoed through the whole place, 

"What was that?!" Lena said scared and afraid,

"That was SCP-096, pretty terrifying."

"Have you ever seen it?"

"Not its face." then Commander Todd walked by and walked over to the solider beside Lena, SCP-049 is going to be questioned so I suggest you leave the area imminently." then they started to leave, "Wait, not you." the Todd grabbed Lena

"What the hell are you doing here?"

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