To kill a giant


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In a world of small pixies to giant dragons, there was the land of Elendor. Elendor was a beautiful land full of many creatures and different types of people, but this land is not the safest for it is filled with many monsters, the most feared of all the creatures is the giant. The dragon is the greatest monster but people fear the giants more because the giants are more common, giants usually are in groups of two or three, they herd mammoths like cattle, giants destroy cities and they make camps in plain fields because they like plain fields.

At a tower, the vigilant's of Stendarr where cooking food and watching for any threats before then the weather started getting worse,

"Hey the weather is getting worse, lets get inside before we freeze to death." then the Vigilant on the top of the tower looked one last time then he saw something in the blizzard, "I SEE SOMEONE APPROACHING THE TOWER!" all the vigilants grabbed their crossbows and started to run in the direction the watcher pointed in, then they stopped because figure was a man crawling, bleeding to death, the man was wearing broken armor, he reached out his hand, "Please, help me." then the man collapsed, the vigilants brought him into the tower where they healed him, that is how we met him.

After three days the man finally woke up,

"Hello there traveler, you are pretty lucky, if you went to any other towers they probably would have been full of bandits."

"Where am I then?"

"You are in the tower of the vigilants of Stendarr, we protect man kind."

"Demons, witches, that sort of thing." then the man grabbed his broken helmet and stared at it his eyes filling with tears as he saw the blood on it,

"May I ask your name and why we found you dying, covered in Nord and Vampire blood." the man looked up from his helmet, 

"My name is Eric, my home, and village, was attacked."

"By vampires I presume."

"No, my village was destroyed, by, giants, ice giants." Image result for frost giant skyrim

"Ice giants, you should consider yourself lucky." Eric looked down, 

"I wasn't." then he had a flash back of his village 

"This village meant a lot to you didn't it."

"Yes the village did, but it was what was in the village that meant more to me, much more."


"You had a family didn't you."

"Yes I did, a beautiful wife and two children."

"Tell me what happened."

"It was a normal winter morning, I went out with the hunters to search for food, we where very successful in our hunt, we all celebrated that night, but the joy would not last, for the earth started to tremble, an ice giant found our village, he broke through our gate like is was nothing, the beast killed everything it saw, we tried to kill it, but all our attempts failed for the beast was too strong, it set fire to our village, we all tried to bring it down with our swords but the monster killed everyone, when I attacked the beast hit me into a burning house with its club, I was stabbed by a broken piece of wood, the the roof fell on me, when I woke up and made my way out of the rubble, I saw him the ice giant, he was looking at me, I tried to stand up and picked up my sword but I couldn't, the giant smiled and walked away leaving me to die in my misery," then Eric's eyes started to fill with tears, "I found my wife dead in near the our home, she was trying to protect our children, and the giant killed her, she was laying there so peacefully, and my children where gone."

 To kill a giant.jpg

Eric couldn't help but cry, later he asked if they had any armor he could where because of his armor was broken, they told him they didn't have any warrior armor but they gave him vigilant robes, a crossbow, arrows, and a sword an shield. Eric was about to leave when a vigilant ran out from the tower, "Wait Eric, your bag of belongings!" he gave Eric his bag, Eric thanked the man and then started out on his journey. Eric knew where he was heading, and we never saw him again, but we knew this man would become a hero.

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chapter 1 three years later

A man kissed his family goodbye and told him he will be back as soon as possible, then the man left with a cow, the man took a trail that went far off into the plain lands then the ground started to shake. The man saw the giant walk up to him, the man coward ed, "Please take it, just don't hurt me!" the giant bent leaned and reached for the cow, but then they heard a battle cry and Eric jumped out of nowhere and stabbed the giant in the back with a sword with a rope attached to it, Eric jumped of then stuck another sword with rope attached to it in the giant's leg then Eric ran back and pulled out his battleaxe, the giant ran towards him but once he did it pulled on the swords and the swords went threw his back and leg and the giant fell to his knees, the giant looked up and Eric brought the battleaxe down and halfway in the giant's head. The giant fell over dead, Eric started looting the giant. The man ran over to Eric scared,

"Do you know what you just did!?"

"I saved your life, your welcome."

"No I was sacrificing the cow to the giants!"

"There not gods."

"I know, the cow was for the giants so they don't destroy our village."

"How many giants are there?"

"Well there was three, but now two." 


"East, just that way," Eric started walking, "what are you going to do?" Eric looked back,

"I'm going to kill them all."

"What is your name?"

"Just call me The Samurai, now go home to your family." Then Eric walked away. Eric walked east until he heard a mammoth roar, then Eric saw a giant campImage result for giant camp

Eric then went to a very high and steep mountain and Eric put his shield down and dropped everything except his bow, arrows, katana, great sword, and his armor. Eric then grabbed his bow and started walking to the giant camp, Eric crept down in the field then he shot the giant in the back, the giants turned around and Eric moved his position. The giants ran over to Eric's previous position and looked around then they started walking back to the camp, Eric crawled to them as they walked back, then the first one passed Eric, then as the second one was passing Eric, Eric jumped up and shoved his great sword threw the giant's foot and into the ground, the giant roared in pain and anger and Eric ran towards the steep hill, the fist giant tried to run but the great sword tore the giants foot as the giant lifted his foot to run, the second giant passed the wounded giant and ran toward Eric. Eric knew he couldn't out run a giant on plain ground, so Eric ran through the rocky areas to the hill, the giant ran slower when he followed Eric threw the rocky area. Eric ran and climbed up the high, steep hill and ran over to his stuff. The giant made his way up the large hill, once the giant got up the hill he saw Eric running at him with his shield, the giant stepped back to get ready to hit Eric but the hill was very steep and the giant almost fell over off the edge of the hill, then Eric rammed himself against the giant's chest with his shield, then Eric and the giant fell down the steep hill, the giant landed on his neck, Eric slowly got up and walked to the giant, the giant was dead. The other giant was getting closer, Eric then ran up the steep hill, the other giant made it over to the dead giant then Eric ran down the hill with his battleaxe and Eric ran under the giant and swung his battleaxe into the giant's knee then turned around and pulled out his katana and shoved it into the back of the giants knee, Eric pulled out his sword then the giant turned around and smacked Eric back, Eric got up and pulled out his great sword and stuck the handle into the ground. Eric then closed his eyes, the giant ran toward him, but Eric kept his eyes closed then the giant lifted up his club, then Eric opened his eyes and ran under the giant and grabbed the battleaxe that was in the giant's knee Eric then swung the battleaxe into the back of the giant's knee then Eric pushed on the ax causing the giant to fall down onto the great sword, the great sword went threw the giant's chest, Eric the pulled out his battleaxe then Eric walked over to the giant, the giant looked up at Eric, then Eric brought up his ax and slammed it down into the giant's skull. Eric pulled the ax out of the giant then he pulled out his knife, later we went to the giant camp were he looted the giant's chest, the chest was full of gold, rubies. and gems, Eric debated if he should kill the mammoths but he just let them walk free for they are just animals. Back at the village the village people where not happy with the man who brought back the cow back,

"You killed us all, the giants will be here soon to destroy the village!" the people kept yelling at the man then a villager ran over and punched the man across the face, the villager continued to beat the man until Eric came behind him and picked the villager up, Eric cracked the man across the face then threw him into the crowd, the villagers started to riot then Eric reached into his bag, the villagers thought he was going to pull out a weapon, but he didn't what he pulled out shocked the villagers, Eric pulled out three bloody giant heads, mothers covered their children's eyes, Eric threw the heads down, "Here are your giants that terrorize your town, you are free, now you owe this man an apology." Eric the helped the man who brought the cow back up, then Eric handed him a huge bag, the man looked into it and all the giants gold was in it, he looked at Eric, 

"Why don't you keep the gold, you earned it?

"I don't need it, what do I need gold for, I don't buy anything, you need it more than I." then Eric started to walk away, the village started to chant his name, "SAMURAI, SAMURAI, SAMURAI!" Eric then got on his horse and went back to the giant camp where he lay next to the giant's fire and fell asleep, then Eric dreamedTo kill a giant.jpg

Eric woke up in a cold sweat and quickly pulled out his dagger but no one was around he was just dreaming, Eric walked over to his horse Scout (name of horse) and began to pet it then his horse woke up scared, "Easy, easy, its me Scout, it's Eric, don't worry, I won't let anything hurt you." the Eric gave the horse an apple and got on his horse. Eric rode to the mountains where he found the Blades TempleImage result for sky haven temple

Eric saw men and women in the courtyard in armor like him training with each other, then they stopped as Eric passed them, "Eric where have you been?" Eric said nothing and passed them, then he silently snuck inside he looked to see a very old man meditating in front of the statues of the old kings Eric slowly passed him making no noise whatsoever then as he was going to his room the man spoke, "Eric, where are you going?" Eric stopped and lowered his shoulders for he was caught, 

"To my room, Master."

"Eric, come, sit." the man held out his hand and Eric sat next to him and crossed his legs, "Eric, where have you been?"

"Master, you already know the answer."

"Yes I do, but I want to here it from you."

"I was hunting giants, again."

"Eric, remember when you first came here, long ago, you where just a boy who wanted to kill vampires because he had nothing else to do and nowhere to go, I took you in and I trained you and after the vampire wars you left because you found the one thing better than anything, remember what you found," the master looked at Eric,

"I found her."

"You found love, I was happy for you Eric, then I was as heart broken when you returned to us, because when you returned to us, you where broken, you lost it all so you went back to the one thing you where good at." Eric lowered his head in shame

"Yes master, I went back to killing."

"Eric, I may not be your father, but I consider you a son, so I can't bare see you like this, you take the gifts we given you and use it for revenge, Eric remember why the blades where created?"

"Yes, we where made to kill dragons and we where the kings closest protectors, then we where no longer needed when the dragons became fewer and then we where replaced by normal guards and now we no longer exists, and yes I know the old kings use to be in the blades, they never should have left Elendor, the world was perfect when they where the kings."

"Eric why do you blame the old kings, we where already lost when they where here, they reestablished the blades and they brought peace to Elendor, the old kings started as nothing but prisoners who where to be killed for reasons they didn't know, but the city was attacked by the Dragon king and the old kings escaped and they lived by-"

"They lived by helping those in need they made their money by selling weapons and armor of the bandits and enemies they killed, they where adventurers, they became the leader of the companions, and they found out that they where dragon born and they saved the world, they killed the Dragon king and every world threat, they killed giants like nothing, they became the God's champions."

"Yes but remember how one of them was part of the stormcloak legion and the other was part of the imperial empire and they where at war."

"Yes but Rave and Draygon wouldn't kill each other because they where best friends, and then they looked at the war and saw that innocent people's homes where destroyed, and Rave and Draygon couldn't take it, and then Rave and Draygon destroyed both the imperial and stormcloaks they where just two people and they both brought peace to Elendor and became the old kings, but then one day, they disappeared and now everything is back to the way it was."

"Yes Eric, but that was off topic, I only asked why we where created, Eric we where not made to kill giants, I know their kind hurt you, they left a big hole in your heart when they killed her and now you are trying to fill it with revenge but Eric revenge is something you can't fill its a bottomless cup, and no amount of blood can fill it. Killing the giants wont bring you peace or happiness."

Eric then looked at his master, "Peace, happiness, I had peace and happiness once, my peace and happiness was taken from me!"

"Eric there was nothing you could do, you where never trained to kill giants, if you continue this path then you will die."

"I'm sorry master, but this is something I have do to." then Eric stood up and started to walk away,

"Eric!" Eric turned around, "I know I can't stop you, so take this," then the old man pulled out his Katana, the Katana was shiny and had engraved markings, "take this my boy, and remember you have a family here, never forget that. Return to us when you feel like you have completed your journey." Eric took the Katana slowly and then he bowed to his master, 

"Thank you master." then Eric left the room. Eric then went to the center of a circle and began to pray.

Image result for skyrim samurai Eric put on his samurai helmet and got on his horse and rode off, his master watched Eric slowly ride out of sight,

"We will be here when you return."

Eric rode off down the mountain trail then Eric took the rode,

"My journey, is to avenge my family, and their is only one way to do that, I have to find and kill the frost giant that destroyed my village." Eric then Eric saw an old fortress that was broken in some areas, Eric then got off his horse and walked to the fortress,

"That's far enough, turn back or else." Eric looked up to see a bandit with a bow ready to shoot him, Eric started to turn around but then Eric quickly grabbed his bow and shot the bandit in the chest causing the bandit to stumble back and fall off the side and on to the ground, then two other bandits started to shoot arrows at Eric. Eric got cover behind a fallen stone from the fortress Eric then got up and shot at the bandits then two other bandits in armor ran out of the fortress with shields and axes, Eric got up and pulled out his sword and shield, Eric used his shield to block the first bandits blow then Eric bashed the banit with his shield and went to stab the bandit in the chest but the armor was too strong for a stab in the chest, then the other bandit went for an attack Eric blocked the bandits attack and then Eric looked at the bandits and looked for the biggest flaws in the bandits iron armor, then Eric saw them, Eric then Bashed the bandit again and stabbed the bandit in the throat Eric pulled out his sword and then the other bandit lunged at Eric, Eric then dogged the bandit and grabbed his back and moved the bandit in front of him and the bandit was shot in the back by arrows Eric then ran into the bandit fortress and then ran up the wooden stairs and Eric ran at the bandits with his shield up, the bandits shot at Eric but the arrows only hit his shield Eric grabbed the first bandit and threw him off the side headfirst into the broken stone below, then Eric was shot in the shoulder but Eric just charged at the bandit and shoved his sword through the bandit archer's chest then Eric shoved the archer down then four other bandits attacked Eric two at each side Eric then went back and forth blocking and slashing at the bandits then Eric knew they had him trapped so Eric then grabbed the dead bandits body and jumped off the side and onto the ground then Eric put down his shield and took out another Katana then Eric ran at the bandits Eric used his first sword to hit the bandits sword then Eric used the other to stab the bandit in the neck, then Eric ran at the other bandit and Eric then jumped and kicked the bandits shield and stabbed the bandit in both of his sides, then Eric took on two bandits at once Eric then threw his sword in his left hand down near his shield then Eric gripped his other with both hands Eric the quickly slashed the first bandit across the calf, the bandit fell on his knees and Eric kicked him off the edge, then Eric ran at the other bandit and in one swing Eric disarmed the bandit then Eric decapitated the bandit. Then a bandit walked out of the fortress wearing steel armor and he was holding a large great sword, "I am the bandit chief and you are a dead man!" Eric then ran down and grabbed his shield and then Eric and the bandit chief fought each going back and forth trying to get a fatal blow on the other, then the bandit chief went for it, the bandit chief swung his sword across going for Eric's neck but Eric ducked and took this opportunity Eric cut the bandit chief's hands then Eric stabbed the bandit chief in his side then kicked him to the ground making the bandit chief lose his grip and the bandit chief dropped his sword, the bandit chief got on his knees Eric stood over him, "I cannot best you, please mercy!" Eric looked at the bandit chief then Eric put away his sword and started to walk away, then the bandit chief slowly pulled out a knife while Eric's back was turned. Then bandit ran behind Eric, then Eric turned around, pulled out his katana and ran it through the bandit's gut, then Eric kicked the now dead bandit down to the ground then Eric turned around and walked away after taking any food he could find and Eric left the bandit fort then Eric got on his horse and looked to the snowy mountains,

"If that beast is anywhere, he is there, I have to travel across Elendor before winter comes." then Eric took the trail Eric knew he will be going to placed he never has been to but he will travel all of Elendor if he has to to get his revenge. Eric rode his horse  until he reached a direction sign at the cross rode. Eric got off his horse and went to read the sign, then a scared woman wearing rags for clothes ran into Eric knocking the woman over "PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!"

"Hurt you?, why would I hurt a woman?"

"Please you must help me-" then a man's voice yelled

"Hey get back here!" then the woman hid behind Eric

"I don't want to go back please, help me." then the men stopped when they saw Eric and the woman,

"Good, you caught her." then the man started to walk over to the woman but Eric stepped in front of her the man stopped, "What are you doing?"

"Leave her alone."

"You don't even know her!"

"I don't know you either."

"I'm her husband, now give her to me!" The man started to get angrier and three other men ran in beside him, Eric then looked at the scared woman then Eric looked back at the man,

"It looks to me like she doesn't want me to let you have her."

"Give her to me!"

"No." Eric then clenched his fist, then the man ran at Eric, Eric didn't grab his sword Eric just used his fists and cracked the man across the face two of the other men attacked Eric. Eric socked the first one in the chest then Eric kicked the other in the chest, Eric turned around and kicked the man he cracked across the face and kicked him in his face knocking the man on the ground then the two men ran at Eric at the same time Eric grabbed the men's heads and bashed them together knocking the two out then Eric heard the woman scream as he saw the third man pulling her by her hand, she did not want to follow and she was putting up a fight so the man whacked her in the head with the back of his ax knocking her out, this angered Eric,

"Hey!" then man turned around and Eric punched in in the face knocking the man over then Eric continued to beat on the man until Eric's fists started to be covered in blood of the man he was beating, the man from before started to get up and saw Eric punching the man so the man saw a chance and started to run away, but Eric heard the man running away, Eric grabbed the man he was beatings ax an Eric quickly turned and threw the ax at the man. The ax hit the man's calf and the man fell to the ground the man tried to crawl away but Eric walked over the man, as Eric's shadow cover the man, the man stopped in fear Eric pulled out the ax and flipped the man over the man was scared out of his mind,

"AHHHHHH!, WHAT ARE YOU?!" Eric picked up the man, and walked to the river, then Eric held the man up to his face, 

"I'm the samurai." then Eric threw the man into the raging river. The raging river lead to a large waterfall with rocks at the bottom, the man tried to get out but the current was too strong and the current pushed the man off the water fall and the man fell to his death, Eric ran back to the cross roads and picked up the unconscious scared woman and Eric carried the woman as he walked a random trail. Eric found a wooden home with a small farm of cabbages, Eric ran to the farm and Eric gently put the woman down on the soft soil. The woman slowly woke up and held the back of her head, "Ow my head," then she quickly looked around scared, "the men that where chasing me!"

"Shhhhh, its okay." Eric said as he put a wet rag on her head, "you don't have to worry about them anymore."

"Thank you."

"That man from before, he said he was your husband, was that true?"

"No, he was not my husband, he was a bandit and he would kidnap women and use them as his- ugh he is awful, I was captured yesterday and I escaped before he could use me I freed the others so then he followed me then-" she looked Eric in the eyes, "I found you, what did you do to those men?"

"I took care of them, now do you have a place to go?"


"Give me a second." then Eric got up and walked up to the house and knocked on the door a farmer opened the door and welcomed Eric in and then a few minutes later Eric walked out of the house followed by the farmer man and his wife, 

"This is the woman I was talking about." the farmer looked at her,

"Can you work?"

"Yes, I have farmed for a long time."

"Well we will take you in, you can work for us and live here as long as you want."

"Thank you, thank you so much." she said excitedly 

"Now come on dear, lets get you dressed." the farmer's wife said as she helped her up and into the house. The farmer man gave Eric some crops, Eric looked at the crops, 

"This isn't necessary, it is I thank should be thanking you."

"She told me what you did for her, I think it is, you protected her and gave her a home, now please take this." Eric then took the bag

"I cannot thank you enough for your generosity."

"Well before you go she would like to speak to you." then the farmer stepped aside and now the woman was fully clothed she walked right up to him,

"Thank you again, for everything."

"Your welcome, I never got your name."

"Margret, and yours?"

"My name is Eric."

"Will I ever see you again?"

"No, I don't think we will."

"I guess this is goodbye?"

"I guess it is."

"Well then-" Margret then kissed Eric, "goodbye." Eric stood there for a second,

"Goodbye Margret." then Eric started to walk away,

"Eric, are you going to walk?"

"No Margret," then Eric whistled and a few seconds later Eric horse Scout rode in and stopped in front of Eric, Eric petted his horse "Did you miss me Scout?'" then Scout brushed Eric with the side of its head, "I thought so bud." Eric hugged Scout

"Wow your horse is very well trained."

"Yes, but Scout wasn't trained, Scout has been my best friend since he was a foal, I was there for him and he was there for me." then Eric got on Scout and put his samurai helmet on and rode off. Margret stood there watching him ride off, "I will miss you."

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chapter 2 city of the old kings

Eric took the trail and Eric fought many animals like wolves, bears, giant spiders, and saber cats (sabertooth tigers), Eric also fought all the bandits that tried to rob him.Image result Then Eric saw the great city of the old kings and it was a site to behold

Image result for skyrim whiterun epic

Eric remembered what it use to be like when the old kings where fighting in the rise of the dragons

Image result for whiterun 

The bandit war

and the Dragon WarsImage result for skyrim whiterun

and one man stood up to them and protected themImage result for skyrim whiterun

Eric always wanted to go to the city of the old kings because everything but the people was historic, Eric rode up to the old city and put Scout in the stables. Eric always was confused by one thing about the old kings, of all the cities they chose to live in this city. Eric walked into the city and immediately Eric saw the home of the old kings, the first ever home Rave and Draygon (the old kings) had 

Image result for breeze home

Eric walked up to the house and touched the door,

"Hey!" Eric looked and three guards surrounded him, "What are you doing!"

"Easy I was just getting a closer look at the ancient home of the old kings,

"Do you know the name of the house?" Eric looked at the guards, 

"Of course this is Breezehome, the first home of the old kings."

"Okay, good, you may touch it but no funny business you here me." 

"Yes sir." then the guards put away their swords, "Wait guards?"

"Yes what is it?"

"Is there a chance I could go inside, I came all this way?"

"I'm sorry but no one is allowed to go in Breezehome."

"Okay." but Eric was too curious so Eric waited to night and Eric hid his belongings and put on a black stealth suit, Eric waited til the guards where switching before he lock picked the door and went inside. 

Image result for breezehome interior

"Oh my, the Old king's house's interior, wait is that?" then Eric pulled a lever and a stair case opened below  Eric walked down and what he saw the armory of the old kings

Image result for Image result for skyrim hearthfire trophy room

then Eric looked at a shelf, "It cannot be, is that the old king's armor." Eric walked over to the shelf and reached his hands out to grab Rave's Dragon helmet on the shelf but he didn't Eric then looked at the light dragon scale armor, "They never wore this?" then he heard someone behind him pull out a sword, 

"No, I wore it! Die intruder!" Eric turned around and pulled out his shield and blocked the blow of the sword, then the attacker kicked Eric back even though Eric had years of training as a samurai whoever this person was beat him and pinned him to the ground, and revealed her face,Image result for lydia awesome skyrim

"Wait I know you, you are Lydia, the woman who was the shield maiden of the old kings, I wasn't going to take anything I just wanted to see." Lydia took her sword away from Eric's throat

"I use to be."

"What do you mean you use to be? How are you still... young?"

"I served beside the old kings, I knew them both very well, they where my friends we fought many battles together, and they granted me the power to live forever, I stay here because before they disappeared they told me they would return to Elendor, so I am waiting here and I keep their home the way they left it."

"I have so many questions."

"I'm sure you do."

"Why did they choose to live in this home? this was the worst home in all Elendor."

"It was their first home, and it reminded them of who they are and what they have become, remember they began as nobodies, for some strange reason, it is precious to them, of course they have made lower levels and now it is huge."

"Why did they choose to have their kingdom here, Whiterun has always been an old city while the others where bigger and stronger."

"It men't more to them, it was the first city to except them and all, Rave loved the city because it didn't choose sides in the war and Rave protected it with all his life, and unlike the other cities this city focused on the small things, the great tree, the skyforge the beauty of everything around, it was a small city and everyone knew each other. This was the first city that the old kings went to, they where weak and dying, and the city took them in and nursed them back to health. Ever since they have watched over the city and protected it from any threat that came, until they left."Image result for skyrim fan art

"Why did they leave?"

"Rave and Draygon left because of they only wanted to save Elendor, but then people started praising them like gods, they built statues to honor and praise them for their god like abilities, but when they presented the statues to Rave and Draygon they where discouraged for they did not want to be treated like gods, one day Rave told me that he and Draygon made a floating kingdom and they told me they will protect more then Elendor, they said they would protect everything and then, they where gone." Lydia sat down, "I don't even know how long it has been since they left."

Eric got up and sat next to her, "How long has it been since you been outside of this home?"

"Ever since I they died, I was at their funeral," Lydia looked at him, "what are you doing here, I thoughts that the blades stayed in the mountains?"

"Well i'm on a personal journey."

"What journey?"

"A journey for revenge."

"Funny those ones usually end up with people getting themselves killed because it is never enough."

"Mine will be."

"What are you killing large groups of bandits, trolls, bears, draugers, what?"

"Just one certain frost giant."

"Frost giants, I have only killed one in my time and it almost killed me, why are you hunting a frost giant?"

"It murdered my family."

"Sorry to here that."

"Well I guess I gotta be going."

"Wait, they will see you if you walk out the front door and you will be arrested and even put to death, follow me, and I guess you deserve a true view of breezehome." then she took him down a hallway filled with armors and pictures, Eric looked around at this historic armor, Eric saw Rave's red blades armor and Draygon,s blue armor

"The mannequins look so real, how?"

"Rave and Draygon had more talents then fighting, more than anyone knows." then Eric saw a painting of her, "Is that you?"Image result for am sworn to carry your burdens

"Yeah, they made me that."

"Did that actually happen?"

"Yep, it all happened, everything they have said about me and the old kings."

"Wow and look Rave's dragon armor, they said it would glow when he put it on."

"It did, only when he put it on, but of all the armors both Rave and Draygon's favorite of all the armors is this one."Image result for skyrim

"Why, its just normal iron armor, on a very realistic mannequin."

"It was their first armor." then Lydia brought him to stairs facing upward, this leads outside to Elendor's open fields, good luck on your journey."

"Wait, your not coming?"

"No, I am going to stay here and take care of this house." then Lydia walked away. Lydia walked over to a the dragon bone plated armor Image result for dragonplate skyrim

Lydia touched the helmet, "It doesn't glow without you Rave."


Lydia then walked over to the picture of Draygon on the wall next to Draygon's and Rave's armor Image result for daedric armor 

"When will you come back?"Image result for skyrim fan art

"When will you finally get over what you had to do, there was no other option, don't let the darkness consume you."Image result for skyrim mannequins full 

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chapter 4 the Draugr

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chapter 5 Werewolf

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chapter 6 Solitude

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Chapter 7 Frostfall

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