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Same Day

June 7th. 7AM - Midnight. For Laura (or Becky, or Jana, or half a dozen other names, depending on her mood), that's been the day for as long as she can remember. She should be old and feeble, or dead, but instead she's stuck in her twenties, with no consequences and only the rules the world has given her, until they're shattered to...

Your Friends Who Do Designer Drugs

After a somersault off the rooftop of a swanky Philadelphia hotel, handsome playboy, Benji, is dead. Jackson Blake is a 24-year-old tormented soul who is accused of murder by his circle of affluent friends and hauled away to an interrogation room at two AM. Out of meds, yet unusually calm, Jackson wants to prove his innocence. He...

The Swedish Truth

We can be extraordinary if we choose. Set in a futuristic world with humanity at stake. Gemma Rose's curiosity takes over and she decides to investigate the recent war in Sweden. Escaping several near death experiences, will Gemma discover the truth? Or will curiosity kill the girl.