How to Trim a Beard Cheek Line


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Chapter 1

Beard Cheek Line should be Properly Trimmed to enhance the overall look of the Beard today we will share the Tips with you that you can also follow to get a perfect Beard Cheek line.

Step 1: Let It Grow

" First thing: everyone's cheek growth is different, so it's important that your beard grows to a full state before you pull the electric clippers out," explains Fields. " This way, you're going to know exactly what you're working with[ and if you need to cut your cheek.

Step 2: Form Guidelines

" Draw imaginary lines from your earlobes( or the back of your sideburns, where your beard begins to grow) to your mouth corner," says Fields. If you do not feel comfortable with your eyes, use your finger and a little shave to trace these guidelines.

Step 3: Trim, Then Shave

Cut the entire area above the guidelines using electric clippers without the guard, then check for uniformity: one way to do this is to place your index fingers pointing inwards at the top of the cheek line on both cheeks— if they point directly at each other, you are good to go. Optional: for extra smoothness shave the trimmed area)

Finally, if you prefer a more rounded cheek line (rather than an angular line), just imagine a small curve going from the front of your sideburn to your cheek line — then carefully cut off any hair on both sides using electric clippers above this imaginary line. Optional again: for extra smoothness shave the trimmed area).

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