The Storyteller


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Author's Note

About Me

My name is Alec (A. R. Easton) and I am a 17 (soon to be 18) year-old queer and transgender male (he/him pronouns, please and thank you) residing in the U.S. This is my first time trying out Tablo, and I do hope that it turns out well! The following is general info about this book; I'll try to keep it short.


About the Book

The idea for this book came to me during my creative writing class, and I have since expanded on it to make it into what it currently is. "The Storyteller" is a short story composed entirely of dialogue between two characters, a storyteller and someone seeking solace. The genders, sexualities, ages, races, etc. of the characters remain unknown, for I've found it best for people to visualize the characters as they see fit. I currently do not know how many chapters "The Storyteller" will have, though I do not expect more than 20.

All work within this book is of my own creation and is copyrighted to the author, A. R. Easton. You may not use or reproduce my book or words in any way, shape, or form without my explicit permission. © 2017 all rights reserved to A. R. Easton 

Welcome into "The Storyteller," I do hope you enjoy your stay and the stories waiting to be told. I also hope you take something away from this book for yourself, be it solace like one of the characters, a love for stories like the other character, or even how much you disliked "The Storyteller" if that ends up being the case.

-A. R. Easton x


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1 - Tree

"A tree falling down with no one around makes no sound."


    "That's what they say, but perhaps sound is relative. Just because no one witnessed the exact moment doesn't mean that the moment didn't occur."


"What does that mean?"


    "It means that perhaps you've missed something you seem as important and are not suffering from the feeling of not witnessing it."


" do I stop it, then?"


    "You recognize it. You recognize it and then you work step by step to dismantle it all the way to the core."


"Okay...thank you. I guess I'll be going now. Will you be here again tomorrow?"


    "You know I will. I'm always here, it's what I do."

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2 - Puppy

 "Can you tell me a story of a puppy today?"


    "Yes, but why a puppy? Yesterday you asked about a tree falling."


"Today I'm feeling playful."


    "Well, alright. When I was little, I had a puppy. Her name was Daisy, and I couldn't get over how she roamed around for no reason other than to just do it. She was a rambunctious little thing, always barking and yipping because she loved me and the rest of my family. She was so pure and nothing could stop her, not even when she grew up and wasn't a puppy anymore. She—"


"—Wait. Why are you starting to talk about her aging? I only wanted a puppy story."


    "I sense it's more complex than that. You're searching for a youthfulness that is no longer present in your life, so you asked me about the youth of others. It's more common than what I presume you may think."


"...why do you know so much about me?"


    "Because I was you one day."

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