On the eve of the release of her sophomore album, soon-to-be pop sensation Glory meets a charismatic male pornstar with sinister knowledge of the people handling her direction.


Roman, Violet and Pierre are in a relationship. Complicated is an understatement as they seek the help of a counselor regarding their unusual romantic set-up.


Heather van Aalderen's life turns upside down when she emerges as a survivor of a fatal car crash that killed 52 people. Without a single scratch on her body, she awakens from the tragedy to find her father in a coma and a faint memory of what transpired in the crash. Something was out there and she's set to find answers for her second...


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All That Was Left

With humanity gone, it's time for those that are left to rebuild the world. The angels of the Lord have destroyed civilisation in their battle against the Beast and his minions. Those who lost have been condemned to perdition and will burn forever. Those humans considered worthy have been admitted to the Shining City. But there are...

As We Know It

When he wakes up in a strange room with nearly no memories, Simon is not afraid. He is terrified. With only two memories, his name and the face of a girl he swears he knows, Simon finds himself on a journey to gather his memories and uncover the truth. But does he even know what truth is?