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Naughty dating sites in Switzerland

During our tests, our choice fell on many sites of the naughty meeting in Switzerland.

It is with some disappointment that we have found that most naughty dating sites have only beautiful facades. What lies behind does not really keep the promises. These sites will only show you pictures of naked women and enticing homepages.

But we have found some rare pearls in terms of naughty dating sites for Switzerland. Providers are serious and do not make false promises.

Seeking Arrangement

At the top of this comparison, Sugar Mama, is Rich Meet Beautiful. Just the name of the site makes it possible to understand the type of meetings proposed.

Indeed, these are women with a well-off financial situation who are looking for young men to chew. And if it is necessary to look for it, as well make a comparison of the profiles and choose the most beautiful, the most manly, the most valuable.

There are more than 1,000 women, which is quite impressive for a specialized dating site like Seeking (, especially since it is a niche that is not very open. This has earned Rich Meet Beautiful the best place in this ranking

However, these women and their toyboys are not the only ones to frequent this dating site. There are also sugar daddies and sugar babies on the Rich Meet Beautiful website.

You certainly have not waited for this comparison to understand that on Rich Meet Beautiful, the physical counts more than anything else. It is therefore very important to fill in the information on the profile. It is also important to post one or more photos.

Better yet: try to select your best photos, in order to hit the eyes of these ladies. Thus, you will have more success and you can multiply the adventures with these women eager for thrills.

At the level of features, Rich Meet Beautiful stands out from the other actors of this comparative best dating site Sugar mama. Indeed, it is the only one to propose a meeting by geolocalisation. Just fill in your location to see sugar mamas profiles near you.


Thanks to its simple design with a well organized menu, it is very easy to surf the platform. It is suitable for all types of age. There is also assistance assistance on the interface located in the upper right corner of the reception; we can easily distinguish this from the menu. For research on the platform, it is designed a search bar where you can specify the different criteria you want to find a user that suits you. There is no matching policy on DoubleList, but all the tools available are very useful for making contact and spending time together.

If you want to bring another member to contact you or exchange with you, you will need flashes. But if you want to chat with another user, online messaging, with webcam or not, is your best tool.

DoubleList ( is primarily intended for people wishing to have an extramarital relationship. However, swingers are there too. The platform has a much larger target in reality, because there are also bisexuals, homosexuals, as well as transsexuals. As we often say: the more you are crazy, the better. It is in this perspective that we recommend this platform, if you are between 18 and 50 years old and you are looking for ways to express your sexual follies without being judged.

From the meeting point of view, the platform favors more shots of a night without waiting for more. It should nevertheless be noted that it is quite common that some end up in love after several hot encounters.


SwingLifestyle ( a 100% independent website, and we are under no financial pressure from the publishing companies of its sites in our various rankings. Our site guarantees you full freedom on the classification that we propose to you. Our editors keep their free will and have conscientiously carried out the tests and analyzes.

If you had to choose a single site, do not bother to take the lead, choose "SwingLifestyle". It's just the biggest French community on the web. The options of putting in relations are tops, the management of your profile will also allow you to satisfy your desires according to your expectations. The rates are also very attractive, they are not excessive at all.
We hope that our research and our tests will save you time and allow you to make great encounters. Test and discover the different sites selected to explore your most intimate fantasies with the loved one.


Bazoocam was founded in 2003 and is accessible from France and from French-speaking countries such as Belgium, Quebec, Switzerland or Luxembourg. Bazoocam is a free online dating platform. Its greatest specificity is to allow users to meet and make a selection based on many criteria, including age, location, interests, or favorite pets, which further enhances plus the singularity of Bazoocam.

Bazoocam ( hosts an average of nearly 3,200,000 visitors per month for only 227,000 unique visits. The number of unique visitors Women and the number of unique visitors Men are more or less identical. In fact, Bazoocam has 129,390 unique male visitors and 97,610 unique female visitors. In addition, there are only about 56,750 paid members, or a quarter of the average number of unique visitors per month. We also see, from the figures below, that the number of pages viewed per visitor is rather low, because it is only 17. Nevertheless, visitors spend a lot of time on the dating site. On average, the connection time reaches 55 minutes.


It is finally here ! Who, what ? Tinder! The mobile dating application has today been open to a larger number of users and is accessible today on a computer browser. Tinder is one of the world leaders in dating on the Internet, having upset habits (and sometimes manners) by its operation, at the time atypical, systematically copied today. We go around together on this version "desktop"?

Tinder ( has only been around for 6 years and is already one of the world leaders in terms of popularity and popularity. Present in more than 190 countries worldwide, it would be more than a million meetings a day that would emerge through the network of meetings.

Since Tinder was originally a mobile application, everything was designed around speed and ease of use. Thus, registration can be done with your Facebook account, which will then use your personal information to create your profile (first name, location, workplace, profile photo, age, hobbies ...) in one click . All the information given is of course definable and you will have the right to put the photos you want.

For those who do not have a Facebook account, it is quite possible to register with a simple phone number. The user then receives a confirmation SMS to validate the registration.

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