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 Animals are nouns and are also living things. Animals are dogs, cats, wolves, ocelots, tigers, deer, jaguars and so on. Most of these animals are endanger. This is my thoughts and feelings about what is going on around the world to do with: Animals 

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About Animals

 Animals are very important to the earth. What is important for YOU about animals ? Your parents probably tell you: “ Animals are our food, see ? They are SUPER important to us ! ” animals being murdered for food, house decorations, clothing and etc. is what makes most animals become extinct or endanger. There’s also a lot of rare animals that are exctinct and only a few left. Allie Ross and Olivia Philips read the book The World’s Most Rarest Animals or something like that for Meeting For Worship months ago. In the book, it named animals that are very rare to find. We better STOP this thing about murdering animals because most of the animals ( wolves, tigers, lions, ocelots, jaguars, etc. ) you might guess are endanger. Allie told me to try guess a wild animal with a wild life. I said: “ Wolf. ” and Allie said: “ They are endanger. ” and I tried to come up with my FAVORITE wild animal: Ocelot and when I said it, Allie said: “ They are endanger. ” my other guess that just came up on my head were: tigers. Allie again said: “ They are endanger. ” okay, it’s not that Allie wants to play: Say-they-are-endanger game or something, it was a FACT tha most animals were endanger so it wasn’t Allie’s fault. This is the question for you to answer yourself:

What could you do to help animals ?

Think about it for a while. Hmm.... tell me what you think or imagine like if we were speaking to me in person. Go to the next question when you are ready. After your big thought, you should think about the next question.

The next question is:

What could WE do to help animals and stop killing them ? 

Not only wolves, tigers, lions, jaguars and ocelots are endanger, fish could someday become extinct. We mostly go fishing and get this fish. That should STOP.  Think about being a FISH and you see something in your normal life. You wonder: What is THAT ? and when you get closer, you put your mouth on the thing you see. Until, you suddenly get pulled up. Then you see a way bigger living thing ( a person ) than you and you are unable to BREATHE.  THAT is a fish’s life. We should STOP the fishing.

Hey, if you are on MY side that means.....


                                      X 🎣 X

                               No more fishing 

If one of your family members or friends want to go fishing, try convince them to NOT to and tell them the reason WHY you say so.

Hey, don’t say:

“ Don’t go fishing because Alessa the author in Tablo says so. ”

tell them WHY fishing is not okay and why fish should have their own life. Smoking is also not okay either. Not only because it can cause some dieases, it can ALSO be bad for the environment.

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How you can help

 Please if a family member is on a smoking habit, tell them to stop and why it is bad. If your friend wants to go fishing, tell them why they should not go. Hey, this book is not for you to fight with your cousins about not going fishing, it is to help Mother Earth because animals are becoming extinct and someday there will not even be ONE chicken, there will be 0 chickens and we will all die because WE will become extinct instead. This will help the human beings for the future. There is always a way to make the world a better place. NEVER give up. I wish you luck ☘️

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