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Corey’s Life

 Corey was a boy who felt like a girl. Corey got bullied and had to switch schools. Read to find out more. 

Oh and btw, this is also a video on YouTube.

If you are interested, the name is: Transgender Teen shares a powerful message 

( YouTube Channel: ABC News )

Enjoy :) !

Corey Maison is the name of the girl.

Ps, apologizes that this book doesn’t have a book cover :(, I am having tons of trouble doing this book cover that it is super complicated ( I have %0 idea in how to do it :( )

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 Hi. I’m Corey. I’m 14 years old. I might look happy now, but I haven’t always been. I’ve known I was different all my life. When I was little, I loved to play with dolls and play dress up. I loved painting my nails too.         Wearing my Mom’s high heels was my favorite ! But only in the house.     NEVER outside. Because I was born a BOY. I never had many friends.       I didn’t fit in with girls, and the boys made fun of me :(. In 5th grade, I was bullied SO bad, almost every day I came from school crying :(.                They would make up lies to try get me in trouble. One of the kids told me that I should KILL myself because no one liked me anyway. He told me that no one will miss me if I was dead. They were SO mean I just wanted to die. So my parents took me out of that school and homeschooled me. I was thankful SO, SO thankful. I asked my Mom if I could wear a dress and high heals and she said YES ! So I did, and it felt AMAZING until..... A woman in the store started taking pictures of me with her phone. Another lady was pointing and laughing. I felt so stupid. Like a freak. Like a MISFIT. One day, my Mom told me to come watch something online. It was a documentary about a girl named Jazz Jennings. She was a beautiful girl..... That had been born a BOY !!  I said to my Mom “ OMG ! I’m just like her, I AM a girl !! ”  It finally made sense ! I AM a girl that was born in a boy’s body. There’s no thing

 " wrong " with me. I’m transgender :). My parents found a therapist that worked with other transgender kids. The therapist helped me start my transition from a boy to GIRL ❤️ I let my hair grow out, and started learning how to do my make up, EEEE ! When I turned 14, I started taking female hormones to start puberty as a girl. The day I took my first dose was the happiest day of my life :). I told my parents that I was ready to go back to public school. I was scared, but I felt like if I was ready. My Mom found a small school and set up a meeting with the principal. He was SO awesome and %100 ACCEPTING ! He even let me use the girl’s locker room and bathroom !!! AND I play on the girl’s soccer team ! 

I am SO HAPPY now :) 

To All Kids Out There.... 


I want to tell anyone being bullied..... 

This is temporary and WILL get better ! Know that though it may not feel like it right now....

You are * Incredible *

You are * Beautiful *

You are * worth so much *



You are 

LOVED !      ❤️

————           ❤️



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About the Author

 Alessandra Saavedra León was born in La Paz, Bolivia, South America.          

She moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts in May 29, 2017 at the age of 9 and a half. Alessandra wrote this series at the age of 10 and a half. She re-edited this story by herself and is SOO excited to continue this series, Dear Diary.  

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Thank You So Much for Reading

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