Dear Diary #3: The Talent Show


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My Dream

I had a dream last night. So basically, I was on my blue bed ( inside a small old room that was made out of wood ). Then Michelle Vicki, who was a vampire, BIT me ! OMG ! I know, SOOOO creepy ! Zombies and vampires in this haunted world so frighten me ! However, I looked at myself in the mirror, I had a bit of that vampire teeth ( very small ) ! Omg ! However, when Zach went with somehow the Harry Potter invisibility cloak, we went to a room with Max, Mina and Chloe. Jackie was a vampire. got bitten and then I became a vampire and Michelle drank my blood ( to become a vampire, you need to get bitten and your blood needs to get drank ). If your blood isn’t drank by a vampire, you’re a half-blood which vampires CAN bite you again and you become a pure-blood. Vampires call humans hoobloos, I know, weird ! However, I was not used to this vampire teeth ?? Jackie was a vampire and she wanted to bite my friends.... I didn’t let her. Then she actually um.... vampires can make other vampires turn back to humans which locked Jackie up on a haunted, dirty, spider web room. It was hard for me to talk and I was in pain. I woke up in horror it was just a scary dream..... I thought. It was only 6 a.m. 

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Chapter 1

November 1st

OMG ! Another dance !! With my crush ! So as I said before, I have a big crush on Zachary Hanesay !! Well, his nickname is Zach. So, Mom had to go shopping with me and Stacey but since she needed a break of Stacey ( Stacey has been whining and doing her spoiled behavior a lot lately ), she made me watch her. Well, what am I exactly doing ? To be honest with you.... writing in my diary. I hope Mom doesn’t get upset with me.... 

Anyway, I just hoped there wasn’t another dance because I needed a break. This is my third month at WMS ( White Middle School ) and I made friends and enemies. 

I mean, months ?? Yeah, two months ago I had a fight with Paulina Hanoben Salan. I have to admit, I shouldn’t have taken it too serious ( what she told me on text ). 

ANYWAY, back to watching Stacey, I noticed that she was actually putting her hand on the mall fountain !! I mean, we are at the mall.... I was sitting on a wooden bench... outside Mom’s store Cook the Hook ! which that store sells cooking supplies and also microwaves, fridges and more cooking stuff.  The floor was white but it had this squared ?? Something like that ( the floor square line thingy was light brown ). 

So I was like, “ Stacey !! Stop putting your hand in there before you fall ! ” in a shocked, surprised and upset voice “ No ! I have ta take care of the baby dolphin and unicorn that are stuck there !! ”. I wanted to say, “ Stacey, unicorns DON’T exist and there is NO WAY for there to be a BABY DOLPHIN in a MALL FOUNTAIN ! ” but this girl can consider herself LUCKY that her SISTER is being thoughtful and respectful by NOT ruining her happy childhood ( which includes believing in unicorns which don’t believe in ). Instead of ARGUING with Stacey whether a baby unicorn exists or a baby dolphin could be in a mall fountain, I just grabbed her and pulled her away from that fountain ( she was sitting on the white-brick thingy to separate the fountain and floor to avoid water being on the mall ). But obviously, this spoiled little BRAT began her temper tantrum.... she was shaking her hands and legs like if she was doing a snow angel or something. The most embarrassing part was that she was screaming hysterically ( like how Jackie screamed last night after Zach took another video of her and posted it online ) ! I almost looked like a KIDNAPPER !! 

I just hoped this girl won’t annoy me again which she obviously did.... she was asking if we could go to this kiddie place called Marlyn Deck’s. I also don’t get it why kids LOVE that place so much ! 

Well, there was this Marlyn Deck’s which was non-kiddie. So she went to the non-kiddie Marlyn Deck’s which sounded weird because she usually wants to go to the kiddie one. We got there. 

Then she got on stage and said: 

“ My sister will perform a song. ”

OMG ! I could NOT believe that she actually said that ! She gave me the microphone. Instead, I sang Keep It Undercover by Zendaya. But when it was the end, I didn’t open my eyes and noticed that I fell down !! OMG !! I hurt my knee ! I so gave up this humiliation that my sister did to me. 

I heard a few claps. Then they all IGNORED me !! Then I was speechless after I saw a " someone " which is my biggest enemy in LA.... 


knew this girl was upset that last night she didn’t date Zach and that those little girls made fun of her. Also that she had to pay for what she did. This girl has ADDED music ( she edited the video ) ! Which was.....

We Will Rock You by Queen. She thought it was FUNNY that I was falling down all over again. 

I have to admit, Zach did FOUR videos in total that were made to make fun of Jackie. Then he POSTED it ONLINE ! Jackie SO hated him ! She was not alone... she was with Simone Glosar, one of her closest bffs. They both LAUGHED at the video ! “ Zoe, you’re so LAME ! ” I could NOT believe she ACTUALLY said that to me ! “ Yeah, you sound like those idiots in animated comedy movies who fall down ! ” this was SO heartbreaking ! Was Simone jealous that I was one of the smartest kids in my class ?? “ Jackie, WHY do you have to do that ?? ZACH posted your videos online, not ME ! ” I said blinking back my tears “ Well, YOU made him HATE me !! ” she snapped “ He actually HATED you !! All along ! All those years he HATED you ! Not even when was at the White Schools. ” I corrected her “ Well Zoe this is sweet revenge ! I warned you last time, remember ? Now keep calm and enjoy your humiliation ! ” I could NOT believe she actually told me that ! I mean, YES, I know she will ALWAYS be mean to me but this one was HEARTBREAKING ! I so hope my life won’t become miserable after this ! I left with Stacey and didn’t talk to them again that day. Those girls SERIOUSLY love to make my life miserable :( !! 

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Chapter 2

November 2nd

Today is Friday. Not to mention yesterday we had NO school ! However, yesterday Jackie got her sweet revenge on me ! Now I am wondering.... will there be a Fall Dance or what ? That might be the chance for me to ask Zach out and we might end up in a romantic relationship. 

I have done NOTHING but STUDYING ! Really ! Then I fell asleep on my desk. I woke up and wrote in this diary. I have too much things to study !!

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its stacey again

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