Dear Diary #4: The Super Sleepover


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Chapter 1

December 1st

Okay, so today is Saturday and.. the WMS ice skating! There is snow and it has been ever since me and my family were asleep. So what woke me up was not the snow, but it was a message:

Hey Zoh! Did u hear about the WMS ice skating? Will u come? I’d love 2 come w u!

Okay, so let me explain. James Javen and I began dating ever since Wendy Jones cheated on him using my used-to-be-crush named Zach Hanesay. Those two have something in common: 

- Breaking someone’s heart.

Seriously, these two are heartless! Especially that Zach Hanesay! He broke my heart really bad.

After going out with the most popular girl in WMS while telling me he likes me, he sounded like those heartbreakers tbh (to be honest). And btw, James confronted me after the major heartbreak. That is like so sweet! So I replied while blushing:

Yes. I’d LOVE 2 come w u bae. Oh and what if we start roller skating in the weekends? That would b nice. 

I really like this dude. Well, all the other girls do, too. They are insanely jealous about me dating James. But hey, it’s not like the end of the world. So we decided to go roller skating and then go rent ice skates. We were skating together. “ This sounds kinda scary... ” I said “ Don’t worry about it. You will be okay. ” I was worried about falling down and hurting myself. Then, I saw Zach and Wendy (shipname Zandy) rollerskating, too! Like, what a bunch of copy cats! “ Well hello lovebirds! ” that was Wendy, roller skating like if she was a car or something. “ And turtles! ” said Zach “ Shut up, Zach! ” I told him “ Is it seriously your first time roller skating?! So weird! And how come it takes you SIX HOURS in just roller skating a simple sidewalk?! ” I shot him a dirty look “ And how come it takes you SIX HOURS to be nice to someone?! ” Zach was going to reply but- “ SHHH! ” shushed James “ Well goodbye slow turtles! ” said Wendy like if she was a diva. The annoying teens on skates left far away. “ They seem to be so annoying! ” I said. “ They are and their attitude won’t beat us! ” he said.  

We continued rollerskating. I had my wallet and was ready to rent for two ice skates. 

So when we got there, I figured out what the skates’ color is: white. It was plain white. 

We got in the ice skating ring and began to ice skate. We wanted to hold hands but in the rules, that was not allowed. I saw Wendy and Zach holding hands. The police officer called their attention and mentioned this being part of the rules. They apologized and decided to not do that ever again. Chloe waved and I waved back. She was with Max, her possible boyfriend. I mean, I’ve seen them flirt once or twice but never kiss. She isn’t sure if she should date him. Paulina was with Sebastian. I do know these two are dating. They did just when Paulina became popular and to call attention, Sebastian kissed her which broke Mina’s heart. I feel bad for Mina. But I don’t feel bad for Zach, who broke my heart in the first place! James was the best! He cheered me up or confronted me. Unlike traitor Zach. 

Chloe and Max seemed to love each other, just look at how they skate and all of that seemed romantic. Zach kissed Wendy on her cheek. Me and James are used to them together because weeks ago, they began going out and Wendy began cheating on James. I figured out that Zach didn’t like me, he was just tricking me into getting cheated on which that sounds horrible. He was secretly already dating Wendy. Like, how could he?! Total traitor. We just continued skating. There were flowers on the outside of the ring on a white banner that the owner hanged up before even one foot walked to thre skating ring. It was just.. beautiful. While it snowed and was freezing cold, it was just the best day ever... after James confronting me yesterday! I just couldn’t!!! So in the talent show, Mika’s Maniacs or Mikaela’s Maniacs won. But now Mikaela has gone mature and not immature. I met her once and she was really nice in her mature way. She was into video games but that was what calmed her down. Hearing rock guitars got her way too excited and less of a tomboy. She is a tomboy and says she never will be a girly girl. 

I think I am in between because I never act like a tomboy and I sometimes wear girly clothes. I am also a perfectionist. It was so fun and the funny part was when I fell down and did a split. Everyone and me laughed about it. Even Wendy. But the black cloud didn’t which I shouldn’t pay attention to. I got up ( James helped me and I thanked him ). He was cracking up while he helped me. 

When it was over, we walked back home. We said goodbye and it was the end of the morning.

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Hey there!

Hope you enjoy it.

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Chapter 2

December 2nd

Since tomorrow there would be school, I began studying for the French test. But the world began sending messages:

TheCameraCutie: Cameron! Ice skating w u was so good!

TheCameraDude: oh yeah!! ❤️

TheCameraDude: did any1 else go? Who was ur date?

TheSmartest: me

TheSmartest: I was w James 💝🧡

TheSmartest: I look forward 2 go ice skating 

TheCameraCutie: I went w Cameron

TheCameraDude: Yea

TheCoolDude: I came w Wendy 💚💛

ThePrettiest: Yes bae


Oh so:











What do u all think?

TheDumbest: wah??? How did u know that Jacob was coming next year???

TheCameraCutie: A lot of people told me









Oh so many!

TheCoolDude: @TheSmartest let’s see if you know more people who are part of the chat!

TheDumbest: Zach STOP!

ThePrettiest: baby, let’s not fight with people.

TheCoolestHandsomeBruh: seriously Zachary! Get a life!

TheCoolDude: 😡

TheCoolestHandsomeBruh: and I don’t think you are a “cool dude”

TheCameraDude: totally! 

TheCoolDude: why do you say all these things?

TheCoolestHandsomeBruh: bc you deserve it!!!

TheCameraDude: oooooooooooooooo!!

TheCoolDude: shut up!

TheCoolestHandsomeBruh: you are MESSED UP, Zachary!

And James deleted a message that only he was able to see or maybe even Zach:

Zoe will be mine, not yours.

So he went to text Zach in private on a private chat. I am not liking his attitude.

I texted him not in the group chat.. just where we usually text.

ME: James...

JAMES: Wassap bae?

ME: what are you doing?

JAMES: um.. 

ZACH: hey!

ME: Zach? What the hell are you doing in here??

ZACH: ....

JAMES: we were just arguing..

ZACH: 4 the science fair!



ZACH: -_-

ME: WHAT IS GOING ON?! Why can’t I know?

ZACH: bc it’s about u

ME: WHAT about me??


JAMES: baby, calm down. It’s not the end of the world. 

ZACH: it’s just I want you back..

ZACH: and we were arguing about that

JAMES: and i said okay.

JAMES: jk!

ME: James I don’t like those jokes!

JAMES: sorry. 

JAMES: I actually asked him if he was happy with Wendy.. he said he was.. but he still wants you.

ME: after how you have been TREATING me?! 

ZACH: Zoe. Please.

ME: SORRY but I am staying with James!


ZACH: Zoe.. can we at least just be friends?


ZACH: but..

ME: I am taking you out of this chat. 

And I did. I took a deep breath. Zach IS so stressful. Then before I could even text a WORD to James, Stacey came in. “ Hello, Zoe. Do you want to practice right now? Oo! Who are you texting? ” she was getting close to where I have been chatting. “ ‘ SORRY but I am staying with James’ ?? ‘ be happy you at least aren’t single’.. who are you fighting with? ” she asked “ Zach.  It’s long story short. ” I sighed “ So, what happened? Jack is now avoiding me and I asked him why and he said that his ‘stupid’ big brother became a ‘jerk’ and he is telling him to avoid me. ” I was so angry at Zachary! Seriously! This guy has NO LIFE! And heart! How could he do that to my sister and his sibling ?! “ Okay, so anyway, me and James were just going out, normally like friends and then Wendy and Zach appeared at a store eating. Then they accused him for cheating on Wendy and Zach accused me for liking someone else. And please don’t tell Dad but I have a boyfriend. James kissed me in the hall the other day and Zach is now so upset. He wants me to be with him but I rejected him which is in this chat. ” I said “ But.. how come is he there if you don’t like him? ” asked Stacey “ He got in there by himself, to be honest. ” Stacey did not seem happy. “ And now, Jace, he likes me. So does Jack and Mike and.. and this kid that I don’t know his name.. he smiles and stares at me too much. What does that mean? ” I was quiet for a while. If I told Stacey he may think she is pretty, she would start going out. And I feel bad for her that she would be like Juliette from Romeo and Juliette. It is unfair. But like Mom always says: 

Life sometimes is so unfair, but everything happens for a reason.

It is true. Stacey wants to kiss him but she knows she will be send to The Welcome Center. And if they try to do it secretly, they know that there is a chance for them to get caught. Really. Those two don’t even know what love really is. Stacey says that she thinks that Jack is cute and very cool. 

Jack thinks that Stacey is beautiful and likes her eyes. He says she looks like a flower. 

But they still won’t understand though. Dad won’t be happy to know that Stacey wants to start going out with boys this young. She says that he looks handsome and wants him more than a friend.

Today I had to pick up Stacey and she was now hanging out with an unusual person at school: Jack.

She usually hangs out with Olivia Eesha and Sara Henso but now with Jack Hanesay? No.. way!

And Jack, he usually hangs out with Tom Alvin and Seb Golaver. Their little friends are very surprised and worried if this becomes a little romance. Olivia, the romance-lover wants that to happen, and the only one. She did the ship name: Stack. Because, if they do another one, it will be written as: Jacey which Jace would not like. I see Jacob picking Jace up everyday. And this thing that Jace has for blowing kisses to girls, I guess Jacob taught him that. I always avoid Jacob. Always. Although he is best friends with my boyfriend. Because, I know he likes me. Too obvious. And if he starts kissing me, James won’t be happy AT ALL! 

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