The Big Mistake


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In Harriet Mensory’s life, she was very happy.... a thirteen-and-a-half-year-old who had a boyfriend named Kevin Nomerso. Harriet has brown long curly hair but her hair is light from her mouth to her tips. 

Harriet enjoyed being with Kevin. Kevin had brown dark hair, green eyes and light skin. He wears glasses. Those two have dating for a half of one year and are still dating. Harriet has been more than happy. 

Then one day, Harriet saw Kevin hang out with a girl named Annelies Prefect ( nickname Anne or Anely ) which obviously got Harriet worried if Kevin began liking Anely. She has light brown short curly hair, light skin and light brown eyes. She is BFFs with Harriet. This was JUST the beginning.....

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Hi. This is a new romantic fiction series I will be starting. Hope you enjoy. 


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Kevin always said nice things to Harriet. It could either be in text, letters or words. His romantic relationship with her was something he liked. Kevin visited her every Saturday. Harriet saw Kevin and Anely sitting together during class. 

I am having second thoughts of being Kevin’s girlfriend....( she wrote to her friend ). she texted her bff, Hanneli Jordevo about Kevin:

Harriet: Hanne, I think Kevin is getting closer 2 Anely :(

Hanne: Really ?? Why would Kevin do that ??

Harriet: idk !

Hanne: ask him 2 go out.... idk, maybe so u 2 could go 2 Starbucks or watch a movie  ?? Idk ! Like, do something w him this weekend.

Harriet: Thanks.

Hanne: U’re welcome :D !

So she went to text Kevin:

Harriet: hey kev.

Kevin: Yeah ?

Harriet: do u want 2 go out on the weekend ?

Kevin: i’m sorry Har but....

In sat, I have 2 go to the cinema w a friend....

Harriet: which friend ?? 

Kevin: umm.... do u REALLY want 2 know who it is ?

Harriet: Yes !

Kevin: Anely.

Harriet: why Anne ?? U 2 r spending 2 much time 2gether !

Kevin: well, what about u and Caleb ?? U 2 have gone out yesterday, wed, tues and 4 first time @ mon !

Harriet: r u jealous ??

Kevin: no, I have a q 2 ask U: r U jealous ?

Harriet: of what ??

Kevin: Don’t pretend ! U r probably jealous that me and Anely r friends.

Harriet: no... why would I ever be jealous ??

Kevin: u send a text saying: " why Anne ?? U 2 r spending 2 much time 2gether  ! " u r probably jealous !

Harriet: no I am NOT ! 

Kevin: Yes u r !!

Harriet: whatever, kev.... gotta go see Caleb now.... kisses !

Kevin: AGAIN ?!?

Kevin: Hello??  

Kevin was very jealous about Harriet hanging out with Caleb ( Harriet meant to show-off and make Kevin jealous when she texted whatever, kev.... gotta go see Caleb now.... kisses ! ). 

Caleb has blonde short hair, light skin and blue eyes. Yes, he rang the bell. Harriet walked and ran ( in the same time ) down the stairs to answer the door. She had these fancy stairs that were not straight, they were like a half of a heart and were on the right. They were metal.... on the top was a dark turquoise color and it was held from a wall on a part that was on the shape of a door even though there wasn’t a door. On the left, there was a fancy artifact ( probably made by an artifact ) table in the shape of a circle which was grey-ish. There was a big thing for the light in the shape of a thin rose that was like six inches away from the table. Harriet’s Mom loves having fancy decorations like the big light thingy. The door however had kind of like, two doors which one was on the right and another one on the left.... both could open. Harriet opened the one on the right. As another thing Harriet’s Mom likes, on the door’s right and left was a window on the shape of a rectangle. There was Caleb. He was wearing brown pants and a grey t shirt with no sleeves since outside was very sunny. “ Oh, hi Harriet. ” he said “ Hi. ” Harriet took her purse that was on the fancy chair close to the window on the left. She got outside close where Caleb was and closed the door. They began to walk. “ So ? You have a very fancy house. ” said Caleb with a smile “ Yeah... Mom loves being fancy. Yes, Dad is already used to it. ” she said. They were walking outside the red-brick sidewalk  that was outside Harriet’s house. “ How are you doing with Kevin ? ” he asked. When Caleb asked that, Harriet felt a little unhappy but she knew that it wasn’t Caleb’s fault. “ Not good... we had a little fight a few seconds ago... ” Harriet pressed the botton to cross the street. Cars were on the road.... the traffic light was green. Obviously, for the pedestrians, there was the red hand. “ Oh... ” Caleb was also staring down on the floor. This can be my chance.... Caleb ( as I never mentioned ) had a crush on Harriet but was feeling like if it was impossible to able to date her since she and Kevin had a romantic relationship. “ Um, I’m sorry about that... ” after the fight, Harriet was starting to like Caleb a little more... while she dated Kevin, Harriet began to like Caleb a bit. Then the traffic light turned red and then there was the signal for Caleb and Harriet to cross. “ It’s okay, it’s not your fault. ” they got to the other side but in this one, it had cement instead. Then they got to the other side to cross... waiting with another stranger who did, too. “ I also was having second thoughts of being with Kevin since he was been with Anne a lot lately which please don’t tell him about this but I am a little jealous... ” he looked at Harriet “ I lied to him in text when he asked if I was jealous. ” she said “ You know, what ? I totally understand you. You probably are afraid of loosing Kevin, are you ? ” asked Caleb “ How-how did you know ?? ” Harriet’s eyes were open in shock ( like, she was shocked that he knew that she was afraid of loosing Kevin ) “ I uhh... I think that was a lucky guess... ” Caleb was blushing a bit. He truely knew about her jealousy since during class, Kevin and Anely decided to sit on two desks that were close to each other. He saw Harriet on the back shooting dirty looks at them. They got in a big apartment store. It was white and it had three floors. He opened the door for Harriet “ Thanks. ” she said. Harriet got in, Caleb let go of the door and walked forward before it closed. The door was made out of glass and it had a thingy made out of metal for the people who aren’t able to open it ( people who use shower chairs with wheels ). That apartment store was huge. “ Okay, so where do you want to go ? ” he asked “ Hmm... what about let’s go to ( shrugging ) eat something ? ” Harriet tried to think where to go “ Let’s go get a smoothie. ” Caleb suggested “ Yeah ( shrugging ) sure. ” they walked up the stairs. Caleb ordered a banana smoothie and Harriet ordered a strawberry smoothie. “ Thanks. ” she told him. It was because Caleb payed for the smoothies and Harriet somehow didn’t bring her money. “ You’re welcome. ” on a plastic cup was her smoothie... on another cup was Caleb’s banana smoothie. They had a white straw. Harriet began to drink a bit while they walked close to the stairs but in the right and left of the stairs, you could walk there to see other stores. “ So, where do you want to go ? ” he asked “ I don’t know.... do you have ideas ? ” URGH ! How stupid of me ! I didn’t plan nothing to do with Caleb !! thought Harriet “ We could go watch a movie.... or maybe go visit somewhere like, not a store but a special event that is for ( shrugging ) a few days... ” their talk was interrupted when Harriet saw Kevin with Anely. Anely was grabbing an opened bar and Kevin was holding some crunchy pretzel sticks. Those two were chatting like bffs.... also laughing. Of course, this bothered Harriet although she knew that they were trying to call their attention. Harriet and Caleb ignored them and continued walking and talking. “ What about.... ” they ended up going to the cinema watching a movie.

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12 years later.....

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Hi everyone !

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About the Author

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