Dear Diary #1: The Little Girl Group


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Chapter 1

September 4th 

Today was the first day of school. I was very excited. I just moved to Los Angeles, California. My name is Zoe Florence Laine. I am the new student btw ( btw: by the way ). I got into a new school. I am thirdteen.

 I am so excited to meet new friends. I have short curly not-so dark brown hair, brown eyes and light skin. So when Mom took me to school, it had a black sign saying: ‘ White Middle School ’ and I was SO excited...

More than so excited. I knew that I was going to meet new friends.

Well, last year in my old school, I was the only one that didn’t have a CCP ( Cool, Cute & Popular ) group. I was normal. Every girl had one. Since my bff Lana decided to not be my friend anymore just because of her stupid little group, I was lonely. You must be thinking Come on, get a new friend, don't be shy but it was a hard decision to get a new friend. Lana was the nicest girl I knew in my old school and even worse, all my friends were in her side. I mean, I told my parents, Jacklin Laine and John Florence. They told me to just go get a new friend but it wasn’t easy: Lana was worshipped by EVERYONE and also admired by EVERYONE. 

So the fourth time I told them that I didn’t want to be in my old school anymore because it was a HORROR to be in there, they decided to make me go to a new school. Finally !!! I am FREE from the TERRIBLE days that I had to be in there. So when I got in there, it was full of kids chatting with these people and around these big  awesome red lockers. 

I was with my backpack and I walked. I saw a sign saying:

Principal's Office 

I got in there. There was a man with brown hair, brown eyes and not so light skin. “ Well hi Ms. Florence. Welcome to our school, White Middle School. I would like you to fill this in.... ” he gave me a paper. I filled it in...

                 Welcome to White Middle School 

Name: * Zoe Florence Laine *

Parents: * John Florence & Jacklin Laine *

Siblings: * Stacey Florence Laine *

 Welcome to White Middle School ! We are so happy to have you ! So you know, we are also White Elementary  School but we are in another building and also we have White High School ! 

For you to know, we also have a lot of rules...

1. Never call your teacher by her/his last name, if you do it, you get a suspension for one day ( it is disrespect for us and also, the teachers are used to be called without their last name ). 

2. Always call the teachers Mr. or Ms. ( you are allowed to for example, say your teacher is called Wendy, you must call your teacher Ms. Wendy ).

3. Never violate. If there is any violation done here, you get suspended for a few days. 

4. Never bring fidgets to our school. If any student is seen having a fidget on their hands, they will be suspended.

5. Do not bring peanuts. 80% of our school is allergic to peanuts. 

Never bring peanuts or anything that a classmate or teacher is allergic to. If you do, you will be suspended for two days. 

6. Never disrupt. If any disruption occurs, your teacher will send you to Mr. Hengon's office.

Any allergies ? Write them down... 

* Dogs.

 I agree to follow the rules and if I break them, I accept suspensions. 


Zoe Florence Laine *

*: stuff I wrote 

I gave it to him “ Thank you, Zoe. So my name is Austin Hengon. But please call me Mr. Hengon. So Zoe, have any questions ? ” he asked 

“ Um, do we have any language classes ? ” I asked “ Yes, we have French Classes. So did you bring your materials ? ” the question about if I brought my materials was obvious that I DID bring my materials. 

“ Yes... nine lined notebooks, one graphed notebook, one blue erasable pen and one red earsable pen. ” I said. “ Perfect. So you’re in... ” he said with a notebook that had some stuff written “ Ms. Janette’s class, eight grade. So there will um, do you want me to come with you or.... well, better I'll just give you the map and draw an x where you’re class is. ”

Wow, Mr. Hengon you're so lazy I thought but I should not judge him, maybe he needs to do work. He got a paper of the map of this school. 

He drew an x and gave it to me “ Thank you. ” I said “ You’re 

welcome. ” he told me. I grabbed it and left. I looked at the map 

“ Okay.... Ms. Jannette’s class... ” I said looking at the paper and walking. People turned around and looked at me like if I was famous or something. Some girls whispered stuff about me... I could hear:

“ Who’s that ? ” “ What one the world.... Hayley, do you know who she is ? I never seen her. ” “ Zach, do you think that she’s a new student ? ” 

I just nervously looked at them and looked around. I looked at the map. I passed four rooms. Ms. Jannette’s room is more forward. And then, I finally found it. Wait a minute ! Mr. Hengon didn’t tell me which locker number I had ! Gosh. So I went all the way back “ Um, Mr. Hengon, do you know my locker number ? ” I asked nervously “ Oh, apologizes that I forgot to tell you. Your locker number is 259. ” he said 

“ Thank you. ” I told him “ Your welcome. ” and so I had to walk again to that hallway. I saw the same people. So I just walked around and was nervously silent. They still looked at me. I had my supplies in a bag and my notebooks on my hands. My lunch and snack was in my sky blue backpack that I was using it. I got to locker 259. I did not know the code. I was worried. So I bumped my head and went back. “ 3010 . ” he said  and I headed back. So I got there and putted my notebooks on the floor and putted the code. I opened it and grabbed my notebooks. I organized them from largest to smallest. Under was a squared hole. It was obviously for my backpack. I took off my backpack and putted it in there. I had this box that was in the size of my materials and it was to put them in there. 

It could close and you had to put this thingy up to secure it. So that was it, I closed my locker and locked it with the lock. After I came in to the 

classroom. My cheeks were red. “ Well Welcome ! You seem to be the first student to come in. I’m your teacher, Ms. Janette. I am pleased to meet you. ” she said smiling. We shook hands “ So your name is...”

“ Zoe. Zoe Florence Laine. ” I said. “ How old are you ? ” she asked 

“ Um, I’m fourteen and a half. I will be fifteen soon. ” I said “ Oh nice. 

So if you’re interested to keep a diary... I know tons of girls like to keeps diaries. I don’t know about boys but they can keep one,too. ” she said. “ Oh, thank you. ” I said “ You’re welcome. Here, come pick one. ”

I mean,  a teacher NEVER gave me away a notebook for me to keep it as a dairy. So here it is, this is what I am writing on. I don’t write " dear diary " because that’s not my style. My style is " Chapter ". 

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Chapter 2

 September 5th

Yesterday was so good. I was excited to write to you yesterday and I still am. But something weird happened yesterday at the beginning of Science: So I was walking by to get my materials, until this group of girls came by “ Oh my god ! Jackie, look at her clothes ! ” “ Eeww, she just TOTALLY would NEVER have a boyfriend, she is too ugly. ” 

“ What is YOUR problem ?? I am wearing normal clothes,geniuses ! ”

I told them “ Well, I mean, did the store you  bought them was called 

UglyClothes4Girls ? ” Jackie asked. All of them laughed. They are SOO mean “ And was the store you went to buy those  clothes called Clothes4MeanGirls ? I mean, seriously. ” I said. I know how to get over mean girls, I’ve been to this problem before. “ Well, that store doesn’t exist. ” she told me “ And nor does UglyClothes4Girls. ” I told them

 “ Well, there NEEDS to be a ugly store for you, where they sell these HORRIBLE clothes you wear. Go to Girlina, that store has better clothes than these horrible clothes you’re wearing. ” she said “ Well I actually AM wearing clothes from Girlina by the way. ” I told them “ And plus, YOU are wearing clothes from Girlina. ” I knew it. Her pink t shirt has a small G in a part which stands for " Girlina ". “ Well, yours is SO ugly. ” she said

 “ Yours is even worse. ” I told her. I left with my Science materials and went to the Science Room. I knew the mean girl’s name. It was Jackie. Jacklin J. Raible Models. I mean, the " j " was for Jane. Her second name is Jane. So if someone uses Jane or Jackie, it is the same person. Jackie said that she wants to be called " Jackie " and not Jane. I hardly got any friends today. Well, except that before lunch, I was getting my lunch. Two sweet girls came to me and said: “ Hey, would you like to seat with us at lunch ? ”. I wonder about Snack. So today the teacher allowed us to eat Snack whenever we want to. But btw, Jackie just today began glaring at me, being rude and so on. I mean, what did I do to her ?? I’m innocent. Jackie has her stupid girl group. And btw, people are whispering stuff that I did something SO wrong about Jackie. Not the entire school worships her, only the classroom.... HALF of the classroom. You know what ? I’ve been BEGGING Mom to buy me a cellphone. I wanted one since Kindergarten which is a fact. So I have a younger sibling. She is Stacey Florence Laine. 

Stacey unlike me is blonde haired. And she is not annoying like most siblings. She is six years old btw. But sometimes, she can be pretty annoying. Yes, she sometimes CRIES and screams. That’s when she is punished without her iPad. I instead have NOTHING. Well, it was MY decision when Mom came with me and Stacey to buy our iPads....            

Mom said: “ Are you sure, Zoe ? This is your chance to get an iPad. ” 

I shook my head “ No thanks. ” but NOW, I really feel like I did a bad decision that day. Stacey is always told that she is very cute by strangers around the streets. Mom says “ Thank you. ” Yeah ! And what about ME ?? I know I’m older and that I’m probably NOT cute but you can say: “ Oh, I really like your clothes ” I thought. I was jealous. I turned around with a mad face with my cheeks red. And btw, Stacey NEVER said: “ Thank you. ” and the ONLY ONE who did was Mom ! So when I went sit with those two girls, I REALLY had fun. They were very nice. It must’ve just been because I was new ( probably ). So when I sat to their table, a red haired with freckles and green eyes said: “ Hi. I’m Paulina but everyone calls me Pauline. My last name is France. I know, right ? France is a place in Europe. So you’re... ” “ Zoe. Zoe Florence Laine. I’m pleased to meet you. ” I said “ So this is Jenebine. ” Jenebine ? Is that even a NAME ? Whatever. Who knows but it looks like a nice name I thought. She pointed to a girl sitting on her right “ Hi. ” Jenebine said “ She’ll be moving to Boston in a few days. I know, it’s just SO sad to have to say goodbye to a friend. ” she said “ Oh, um. Do you know Jackie ? She was SO mean to me before lunch. ” I said “ Oh yeah... most people hate her... ” she said in a tired voice “ I hate her so much. All Jackie does is be in her dumb group, sitting in a table right over there... ” she said pointing at a table that was right at our left “ Okay... don’t say it really loud, or no else we’re in trouble. ” I whispered with a very worried voice and a very worried face “ What ? ” shruggled Paulina “ No one really cares about her, only her bffs. ” it sounded like if Jackie DID hear us because the girls that were sitting in her table stood up and went to ours. “ Paulina... ” but it was too late, Jackie and her group were up looking at us “ What’s up ? LOSERS ! ” Jackie asked rudely mean and with her evil mean smile “ Um, we’re not the losers. The losers sit right at that table. ” Jenebine said pointing at another table“ Jenebine Haser, a total loser. ” her group laughed “ Um, excuse me, you are no diva by the way, you are too ugly for it. ” Jenebine said. Well, she has long black curly hair.Her hair is 10% curly, kinda. She has brown eyes. Is she a diva ? Nope. She is the OPPOSITE of a diva. “ No... ” Jackie said softly “ You’re too wrong. ” she said softly but her No was softer “ You’re an idiot. You should sit at the loser table with John Jabine and Jack Florder ” said Chloe, one of the friends of Paulina. We all laughed, except Jackie and her little group. She’s actually Jackline Raible. “ Ugh ! You know what  ? There will be one day that-” “ You’ll be a loser and guess what ? John Jabine and Jack Florder have a crush on you. AND well, when will your marriage be ? Shall it be in a hundred years ? So the Raible family DOESN’T continue ? Then that will be your end.... the end of your family. ” I said. Okay, that was mean, I shouldn’t have said that. She was angry and she just was red like a tomato and she was back to her normal skin a few seconds later. She closed her eyes and then opened them again “ Augh ! Fine. Just... leave me. ” she turned around and went back to her table. Oops, did I just HURT someone ? But SHE was mean FIRST so I have the right to defend myself. After lunch, I finished my food, I packed everything back to my tapper. I went with my brand-new friends to my locker and putted it back. We were back to class. So we did go back. But something weird happened when I went back to class. So a boy with brown short hair, not-so curly hair, brown eyes, light skin and a blue t shirt came in. I was staring at him all the time. I learned that his name is Zach Hanesay. I was thinking of us being boyfriend and girlfriend. 

I WAS TOTALLY CRUSHING ON HIM !!! OMG ! That... that literally was my FIRST crush EVER. Well, at my old school, I didn’t crush on no one. So then, something weird happened, he stared back !! Omg !! That got me nervous. Really, really nervous !!! He sat at my left. At my right was some other boy I didn’t really have an interest on. I stared at him without blinking my eyes, he did that, too !! Eee !!! He half smiled. Like, moved his um, like, you know smiling without showing your teeth ? But moving half um, a smile, without teeth, moving a part upper. I smiled. Jackie was glaring at me. Zach got a little piece of paper and his pen. He wrote something and then passed it to me. I looked at it. It said:

Hi. What’s your name

I wrote:

Zoe Florence Laine 

I passed it back to Zach. He wrote:

My name is Zach Hanesay 


He gave it to me. I wrote:

Oh. Nice to meet you, Zach. 

I passed it to him. He wrote: 

Wanna talk after class ? 

I wrote: 


I began copying what Ms. Janette was writing on the board. After, I putted my pen down and stared around. “ Okay. Is everyone done coping what is on the board ? ” asked Ms. Janette “ Yes. ” everyone said “ Wait. No, no,no. ” Mikaela Bangington said. She is like, a screamy show-off. She yelled on top of her lungs “ DO NOT EARSE THE BOOOAARD !!! ” WHAT is WRONG with you ?? Can you CALM DOWN ?? I thought. She got on top of the desk that she was sitting “ DID you hear me, little missy ?        I said: ‘ DO NOT EARSE THE... BOOOAAAHHHHRRRD !! ” everyone including me, Zach, Jenebine, Paulina, Jack, Jackie and so on covered our ears with our hands. I felt like if I had someone WAY MORE than a show-off in the classroom “ Excuse me, Ms. Bangington... First, GET... DOWN... OF.... YOUR... DESK THIS INSTANT !! It is absolutely NOT acceptable to get on our classroom furniture. I will email your mother although you are NOT a little ten-year-old. Even a ten-year-old already knows that getting on top of classroom furniture is UNACCEPTABLE ! ” Mikaela jumped off dabbing. I mean, is she crazy ??? “ Mikaela Bangington, please go to Mr. Hengon’s office...  ” and although she was mad at Mikaela from her behavior, she said it in a calm voice “ NOOOOOOOOOOOO !! ” okay, she WAY passed a show-off. She is now in the level: " maniac " which is a fact. “ GO right now ! ” said Ms. Janette and upset Mikaela silently went to Mr. Hengon’s office. So that was it,  the class continued without the class show-off.

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Chapter 3

September 5th

 I got out of class to my locker. Zach came out “ Hey. ” he said softly 

“ Hey. ” I said softly “ What’s up ? ” he asked “ Not much, just... putting my materials back to my locker. ” I said “ Do you like dogs ? ” he asked 

“ Um, I’m actually allergic to dogs. ” I said “ Oh.. um, I have a dog at home. His name is Pesky. My Mom chose that name but I like to call him Johnsy although it’s not really a name. ” he said “ Oh. Cool. ” I said 

“ Well, I guess we’ll have to head back to class but we have to first put our materials back to our lockers. ” he said “ Oh um, yeah. ” so that was the end of our talk. Other people got out. I saw Jackie glaring at me. Was she jealous that I made a new friend or " boy " friend ? I need to first know Zach a bit better. I just like his hair, eyes and personality. When you have a crush, there must be something that you have to like about him/her, if there’s nothing, then that’s not a " crush ". I went to the bathroom. I saw a black skin girl and dark brown hair, brown eyes getting bullied by idiot Jackie. So I’m not the only one that gets bullied by Jackie ? I spied  “ I went first. You better get outta my way or you’ll see. ” Jackie said “ But.. I got first. ” the girl said softly “ Too bad, girl. Oh, and by the way, WHO designed your clothes ?? Santa Claus ?? Tooth Fairy ?? Or maybe even the Easter Bunny ?!  ” all of them except the girl and me laughed “ Um, excuse me ?? ” I said coming in “ Got a new BOYFRIEND ?? ” Jackie teased. All of them except the girl  and me laughed “ Um, excuse me, he is not my boyfriend. We are knowing each other FIRST, genius ! ” I said “ And just because you’re obsessed with fashion, that doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to be mean to someone. And plus, you’re not even a popular girl in here. ” I rudely said. Jackie got closer to me “ And eew, you smell GROSS ! ” I said “ Yeah, I could hardly breathe AT ALL being around you, Jackie. ” the girl said. Jackie rolled her eyes and left with her " mean " girl group. “ Are you okay ? ” I asked her “ Yes, thank you so much. What’s your name ? ” she asked “ Zoe. What is YOUR name ? ” I asked “ Mina Henso. ” she said “ Oh. Um, I didn’t really have to use the bathroom. ” I said “ Oh, I’ll go, then. Thank you so much. “ she said. And got in “ Bye. ” I told her waving “ Bye. ” and I left. Zach was waiting outside “ What was going on ? ” he asked with his books and materials 

“ Oh um, this girl named Mina was getting bullied by Jackie. I went to defend her since other girls were in Jackie’s side. ” I explained “ Oh, um. Cool. Wanna go to class together ? ” he asked “ Yeah. ” I said. I opened my locker and got my materials. Finally. So I went with him to class. I saw Jackie’s jealous eye. What was HER problem ? So I could feel what she was trying to message me: I will get a boyfriend, too so don’t think that you’re going to have your little happily ever after ! I answered back saying um, EXCUSE ME ?? I am not searching my stupid little happily ever after and we are not even princesses. Go find your own ! She just glared at me. I ignored it. So I sat with Zach. We copied what said on the board. After was the time, I walked to put my materials back to my locker. 

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